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The Episode Start With:

Radha requests that Gungun grab a hold of her hair while she rotates, and the major applauds Radha after Mohan confirms that this is Radha’s method. As Radha starts to groan in pain as Gungun grabs her hair, she turns around and gives Gungun instructions to hold her hair. Gungun then begins to recite the line that Radha had taught her. They are able to see Gungun trying and encourage him to do so; nevertheless, as Radha groans once again, they all ask her to remain quiet and ask her to stop making noise.
Kaveri asks Damini how they can do it, and Damini responds by saying that first they have to take care of Hriday and wipe off all the proofs regarding their connection. Kaveri asks Damini how they can do it, and Damini responds by saying that their strength is that they both really trust each other, but what if they manage to create disbelief between them both? Damini calls someone, mentioning s. Damini whispers to Kaveri how she believes that

Gungun is climbing step by step by tugging the hair of Radha, and they can all see her while tears are flowing through Radha’s eyes. Radha is being tormented by Gungun.

Damini says that she is also a daughter and never puts the life of her mother in danger, but what about Hriday who still makes his mother do such things, so what if Hriday gets arrested, so will she also go to jail with him? Lata asks why she called her here, and Damini says that she wants to talk with her. Lata jee asks if she wants to beg for her life, even though nothing she can say will save her life. Damini replies Immediately, Lata je states that she does not wish to go to jail, but she does not know what other options she has given that Hriday controls everything. Damini tells her that she is able to put up her hand, after which she places a bag on the table and says that the money inside alone belongs to her, totaling 1.5 million dollars, and that she will be able to spend the rest of her life in comfort. Lata Jee starts to leave, but Damini stops her and questions why she is in such a hurry. Before leaving, she would have to delete everything and erase all of the proofs that Hriday has against her; otherwise, she would also have to spend the rest of her life in jail. However, Lata Jee says that indeed they would go to jail, but Damini and her mother would not. She asks if Damini wanted to create differences between them both by offering her money, but she should

Dadi is about to leave but Pandit jee informs her that Radha is fine as she jumped. Dadi doesnot understand when he explains that when all of the efforts to save Gungun failed, she also jumped into the well after tying the rope around herself. Mohan is holding the rope and asking Gungun to do it carefully. Dadi asks the pandit if he is telling the truth and if Radha is okay; the pandit assures her, so she prays to Bihari jee; the pandit informs her that this is because of her prayers that they are safe; therefore, she must continue praying; Dadi prays once more to Bihari jee so that he should always make sure that he has his blessings on them both and not leave their side; finally, Dadi prays to Radha that

Radha asks Mohan to pull them up when Kadambari sees blood coming from Mohan’s hand. When Kadambari sees the blood coming from Mohan’s hand, she asks all of them to help Mohan so that they can begin pulling both Radha and Gungun out of the well. The Major praises Radha and mentions that she did a miracle, so Mohan smiles and says that she herself is a miracle.
She questions what is going on between them both as they both consistently come here to talk in privacy and even when Gungun fell in the well, they both came after three hours. She threatens to tell Mohan the truth about them both and she knows what he would do to her if there is even a single proof of her involvement then she is aware of what would happen to her. Damini and Kaveri turn to talk but are stunned to see Kaveri standing in front of them. She questions what is going on between them both Ketki explains that she was also gone for a few moments, Damini tries to defend herself by saying that she was also present when they were checking the footage, Kaveri asks what proof does she have that Damini erased the footage, Ketki mentions that only three people have the keys to the room, and since Mohan and Maa are unable to do anything, then the only person left is Damini. Ketki gives them a stern warning to disclose the truth, but Kaveri prevents her from laying blame on them by threatening to show the footage of when she drank the milk. She then inquires as to whether or not Damini still possesses that tape, to which Ketki responds that she does not know what they believe about themselves but that it is very incorrect. Because she is also a member of their family, Kaveri tries to reassure Gungun that she would never intentionally hurt him in any way. Ketki adds that all those who love Gungun are still standing, but they only are the ones who are here, and even they have issues like any other family, but the love for Gungun is the one thing that binds all of them to one another. Ketki overhears Mohan calling for Gungun, and as a result, he leaves after giving them a warning.
While Mohan and the rest of them are pulling Gungun out of the well, even though Radha is really relieved that everything is going to be fine, Damini is tense because she is thinking that if Gungun comes out of the well, then her plans will be disrupted, which is something that she cannot allow to happen. Someone pulls him from behind, and she asks Rahul what this behaviour is and why he is behaving in this manner. When Damini makes an attempt to leave, Ketki tells Rahul that both of them are the ones responsible for this predicament, and that they are the ones who led Gungun to fall down the well. Damini wonders if he is upset because she is not involved in any of this. She also wonders how he got so much love for his niece when he is not on the best of terms with Mohan. Rahul responds by saying that his relationship with Mohan is their personal matter, which both of them will eventually solve, and that she needs to stay out of it. Damini insists that she is not involved in any of this. When Damini tries to leave, he shoves her against the wall and threatens to suffocate her. Damini slaps him in the foot and then runs away. When Ketki asks Rahul how he is doing, he reassures her that they will figure out how she is related to what happened.

Radha and Gungun are both being hauled out of the well at the same time. Mohan reassures them that they just need to hold on for a little longer and that they will certainly be out once some time has passed, and Radha smiles.


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