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The episode start with:

Mohan and the rest of them are trying their best to pull as quickly as they can, Tulsi is also standing on the balcony praying to Bihari jee so that he gives strength to Radha, and Dadi is also constantly praying in the mandir. Kadambari gives instructions to Ajit and everyone else to assist Mohan. Kadambari instructs Ajit and everyone else to assist Mohan. Radha begins praying so that they are pulled without

Radha informs Mohan that they are falling down, hearing which Pandit jee asks them to pull hard, Radha is still falling and they are not able to do anything, when after a while Mohan instructs them to hold the rope from the back, Radha assures them that they are fine but requests them to pull them as quickly as they can, Mohan explains he is going to pull her out right now, and he once again starts to pull them both while they all are chanting the Radha responds that they all have made this effort; they continue pulling when Tulsi asks Radha to not lose hope as they will definitely bring them both out. Mohan congratulates Radha, stating that she has finally accomplished it. Mohan is able to pull Gungun out of the well while they are all still holding the rope. He immediately hugs her and asks if she is okay. She starts crying, so he hugs her while Radha is still in the well. Gungun finally manages to place her hand on the floor, seeing which they all get really excited. Damini, Kaveri, Hriday, and Lata are all tense. As a result of them successfully rescuing Gungun, everyone starts cheering for the two of them. Mohan gives her to Kadambari while kneeling and asks Radha to give her hand because he would not let anything bad happen to her. Radha, with a smile on her face, explains that she has Mohan by her side as her Bhagwan, so she is confident that he would not let anything bad happen to her. Mohan hands her over to Kadambari. Mohan starts pulling once more, and just as Radha is about to come out of the well, she sees the effort that they are putting in, and Mohan asks her to give her hand. He raises his hand forward, but Radha is really tired, and he manages to hold it, seeing which Damini gets really tense, but then the rope is about to break, and Radha is out of breath, and the rope finally tears, so Radha falls into the well while they are all pushed When Radha loses her balance and falls into the well, Damini is astounded; Mohan is also taken aback; and the Major, who was already incensed, becomes even more so; all of them are taken aback by the events that have transpired. When Radha trips and falls into the well, she eventually reaches the bottom. Tulsi makes a request to Mohan, asking him to carry out any task.

While Mohan is grieving for Radha and kneeling against the walls of the well, Radha passes out while Mohan is calling out to her. Mohan puts her hand to her head and sees blood running from it. Radha then falls unconscious while kneeling against the walls of the well. Mohan falls to the ground. Dadi is praying in the Mandir when all of a sudden she gets this really tense feeling so she wonders why she is getting this feeling. She prays while wondering if everything is okay by the well. Pandit jee is also unable to believe what has just occurred. Ketki calls her to ask if she is okay. Radha does not respond to their questions. When Mr. Trivedi tells Pandit Jee that they would definitely be able to save Radha and asks him to keep his emotions in check, Pandit Jee is mystified as to what just took place. At the same time, Damini breaks into a grin when Kaveri warns her not to be quite so sure of themselves.

Mohan is seated when he remembers what Radha said, which is that she has him by her side and that she knows he would not let her die. Mohan is certain that he would not let her pass away. Mohan gets up and calls the doctor, telling that Radha is unable to breathe. The doctor responds that she is still breathing, but he does not know for how long. Hriday believes that the person who was not supposed to be alive came out when his lottery ticket leapt in. After Kadambari alerts Mohan to the fact that Gungun is unable to breathe, he asks her about it, and she tells him that she wants him to save Radha. After Mohan reassures her that he would do everything in his power to save Radha, he orders the doctor to check on Gungun. When Mohan responds that he will remain here since Radha needs his assistance and that Radha believes he is her Bhagwan, he is unable to let anything bad to happen to her because of this belief. This causes Kadambari to turn. Damini asks Hriday to remain here because he is the fiance of Radha, and she thinks that he must be a little anxious about their future together.

Dadi looks over her shoulder and sees Kadambari walking alongside Gungun. She breaks into a smile and sends up a prayer to Bihari jee, thanking him for saving Radha and Gungun. Tulsi comes running and asks why Gungun isn’t opening her eyes, so everyone takes Gungun into her room and requests that the doctor check on her there. While Tulsi is ready to contact her, he begins to examine her, and he continues his examination even after Tulsi stops touching her.

When Gungun eventually opens her eyes, everyone starts smiling when they see her, and the doctor reassures Damini and Kaveri that the child would be well. Ketki then tells them what will happen to Radha. Damini and Kaveri are frightened.

Mohan encourages Pandit jee not to worry since he will definitely save Radha, Pandit jee sits down crying when Mohan asks if he trusts him because he swears to save Radha, and Hriday also acts out wanting Mohan to save Radha. Mohan saves Radha. The Major appears and says that it will be very challenging to save Radha because she is unconscious and there is even blood coming from her skull.

Dadi comes in and praises Bhagwan for saving Gungun. She then asks where Radha is because she cannot leave a child in such a state. Kadambari hesitantly explains that Radha herself fell in the well while trying to save Gungun. Gungun is lying down on her bed when Dadi comes in and praises Bhagwan for saving Gungun. They are all given instructions by Kadambari to follow Dadi, while she will accompany Gungun and remain behind.

While Mohan is extremely concerned, Dadi makes her way to the bore well. Once there, Dadi begins to cry, and then she goes to Mohan to explain that Radha places a great deal of trust in him and considers him to be her Bhagwan, which is why he needs to save her. Since she was responsible for saving Gungun’s life, Mohan promises that nothing bad would happen to her, and he also promises that he will do everything in his power to rescue Radha. In a fit of rage, Damini demands to know why Mohan is continually talking about saving Radha when it would be preferable for her to perish in the well.

The Major asks them to increase the oxygen level because Radha is not able to breathe properly. Mohan takes the mike in his hand and starts talking with Radha, asking her to wake up since she always keeps talking with him, but now when he is asking her to wake up she is not even responding to anything. The reporters start saying that the woman who saved the life of Gungun is herself trapped in the well. Is this the rule of the world that the saviour has to pay the price even when they

Mohan is unable to say anything, and in his wrath, he walks away, which causes everyone else to get concerned; so, they all pursue him and inquire where he is going. He thought that Mohan would come straight to him seeking his help but he has not come here to plead as he thinks that he is just a stone murti in this house, but that Radha believes in him and always talks about him so he calls her mad but she believes in him and remembers how he gave her a Geeta when they were children so when his own relatives are hurt, he feels the pain but he does not show it. Mohan goes to the Mandir and Mohan reveals that he became so preoccupied with his life that he unintentionally caused tension between him and his own daughter, but Radha was able to end all of the tension that existed between them; he would not let her give her life for him, but the question is what can he do since Radha did a lot for him; would he protect her life or rather just play the flute; he in reality has no hope, but Radha believes that Mohan truly loves his Radharani, Mohan walks up and takes Radharani from the temple, which causes everyone to gasp, and Kadambari asks him to stop doing this because it is a sin. Mohan walks over and declares that he is taking the Radharani and if he wants her back then he should help him save his Radha, he can do any miracle otherwise like he is alone, so Bihari jee would also be alone. Kadambari requests him to not fight like this when Mohan replies that it is just a test as Bhagwan tends to take their test but now he would have to give it, if anything happens to Radha today so he would


two cops are having a conversation about the plan. They explain that they have a blueprint regarding the pit, that there is a pipeline connected to it, and that if they make the right hole, then they will be able to access Radha. Mohan makes an attempt to dive down into the hole. Everyone tries to prevent him from leaving. Mohan exclaims, “I cannot stop because Radha is waiting for me inside,” before hurling himself headfirst into the chasm.

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