Radha Mohan [22nd November 2022] Written Update

Radha Mohan 22nd November 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Radha Mohan 22nd November 2022 Written Update

In Radha Mohan, Radha’s hands touch Mohan’s as the children in the ward lift the stretcher, Damini notices the clothes and worries thinking they are the same as Radha’s, but wonders how this is possible, refuting this thought before returning to the hall. .

When they arrive at the door, the boy on the ward receives a call and they both decide to leave, thinking they can even send someone else to complete the formalities, but for now they must go to the wedding. Radha starts rocking the stretcher with her covered arms, Kaveri gets scared when she sees her and cries out that there will be many ghosts in this hospital because many people are dying, starts to pray in circles for mercy, doctor comes and asks, she assures it’s okay is everything okay? Kaveri thinks she should calm down first because her daughter will definitely never forgive her if the wedding doesn’t work out.

Pandit ji starts mushrooming while Damini is sitting next to Mohan in the mandapa. She thinks she will finally marry him and no one can do anything, Pandit ji asks both of them to do Varmala ritual, Radha wonders how she can stop this marriage, if she gets up Kadambari kicks her out of hospital, she performs Damini Ritual, Radha is too desperate to do anything because she has to stop this marriage He prays that it doesn’t happen.

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Damini brings Varmala to Mohan, Ajit asks how Mohan will perform the ritual while he is unconscious, Damini completes that ritual himself while handing Varmala into Mohan’s hands. Kaveri helps him while they complete it.

Rahul starts pushing Ketki again demanding her to come in, slaps Rahul when Tulsi asks, Ketki hits him without thinking it’s her brother, Ketki says she didn’t hit him when Rahul asks if it’s a ghost, Tulsi gets up Both between them, hurting both If he tries to give, then he cries out that he will see what he can do, Rahul closes the door while leaving the house, Tulsi can’t get past the protective shield, Ketki and Gungun asks him to open the door, Ketki asks Gungun will come and they both run to the back door, but Rahul also tells Damini and Mohan. He closes the door thinking that he will definitely get married today.

Kadambari instructs Damini to complete the ritual Damini has trouble raising her hand but she thinks they need two to three hours for the wedding so what if she wakes up earlier Kadambari also asks what happened while the doctor goes to check on her, she explains. That Mohan Ji’s pulse was weakening and that they would have to give him an injection.

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The doctor explains that he will definitely return her but Kadambari says he can get an injection here as it is wrong to take the son-in-law from Mandap, Damini instructs Pandit who assures him that it is not a sin if they have to break it. Kadambari agrees to the rules on an urgent matter with her decisions, when the doctor starts breaking up with Mohan, Damini orders her to give him an injection, but she says he assured her that she won’t do it, Radha wonders what happened to both of them. Talking about it, he’s sure something went wrong there, so I swear to get there before anything bad happens.

The doctor leaves with Mohan, who reaches the hall with the ward, instructs him to go to the ward while he takes the patient himself.

Standing at Mandap, Damini writes to Partap to send Mohan back after a quick injection, saying there should be no mistake. Partap agrees to this, the doctor comes to the room with Mohan, when Partap gives him a syringe and medicine, the doctor explains that he has to give an injection after filling it. When Partap is about to give an injection, the doctor says he has to go out first.


Kaveri walks down the aisle wondering why Damini wants milkshake, not knowing there are ghosts in this hospital, Radha arrives while searching Mohan’s room.

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