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The Episode Start With:

Mohan yells for Radha from the other side of the well, and when she comes to, she looks up at him and asks, “Were you sleeping?” The rest of the family is happy to discover that Radha and Mohan are both well. As soon as Mohan takes her hand, she breaks into a happy smile. The major gives them instructions to provide the safety harness, and Mohan tells them that she can sleep in the house. Radha retorts that she had no doubt that he would show up when he questions whether she had given him any other options, at which point she invites them to come because they are still buried. As a result of the fact that she is unable to see Radha and Mohan on the camera, Kadambari starts to feel concerned about their whereabouts.
Mohan is tugging Radha towards the other end of the tunnel with all of his power, and Kadambari and they all plead that he at least make some noise so that they may know he is alright. However, there is no answer from him, and Hriday becomes quite concerned about the situation.
Mohan is slowly pulling Radha, but after a while she gets really tired, he assures her that they just have to do it a little longer as they have almost reached the location. In the meantime, the rest of the family is still calling Mohan, but he is not at all responding. However, Mohan eventually comes out, and they are able to see him crawling, after which they are relieved. Kadambari cautions him to move gently through the process. Mohan instantly begs Radha to give him her hand, and he also manages to pull her out of the well, at which point everyone is happy to see that he has succeeded. When he asks Radha if she is okay, she begins to breathe more hard than usual.
Mohan is waiting when Kadambari asks him to put the harness on, Hriday and lata jee also go to witness them both coming out of the well, Mohan holds Radha close and asks them to pull; she is just looking at him as they are being pulled but he doesnot notice anything, she keeps on gazing at him, and they are both stunned when the wires move down. The Major informs him that they are going to send the safety harness so he must lock it against Hriday, too, gives off the impression that he is delighted.

Radha is just looking at Mohan as he slowly takes a step back from her as Kadambari immediately hugs Radha, Tulsi thanks Bihari jee while Radha is just looking at Mohan as he slowly takes the step back from her, Hriday exclaims he is glad she is safe, and Kadambari explains that what she has done today for them could not have been done by anyone else. Radha is just looking at Mohan as he slowly takes the step Kadambari adds that she knew that her Bihari jee would not leave her side, and she asks Radharani if she is aware that Mohan battled a lot with Bihari jee when Kadambari fell into the well. Radharani stares at Mohan, but he tells her to turn away from him. Mohan first inquires as to whether or not she is okay before asking why she felt the need to jump in the well, given that they would undoubtedly retrieve Gungun from the water, but what if something were to happen to her instead? Does she not value her life in any way? Radha retorts that even he did not care about his own life and that he did the same for her as she did for Gungun. Mohan says that he wants to slap her, but he is unable to control his emotions, so he hugs her tightly. Damini is unable to bear the sight of them both hugging, so she leaves the room. Dadi smiles and agrees with Radha. She says that whatever happened to her doesn’t matter, but she couldn’t let anything bad happen to Gungun. Mohan says that he feels like he should be able to control his emotions, so he hugs Mohan does not leave Radha, and upon witnessing this, Radha embraces him for the very first time. This causes Damini to become even more enraged, but the rest of the family is happy.

The rest of the Trivedi family is laughing, but Damini and Kaveri are both taken aback by what had happened. They also provoke a great deal of wrath from Hriday and Lata jee.

Mohan asks her whether they should go back or if she wants to look for oil in the well. Mohan begins to go, but she stops him when Kaveri whispers to Damini that Radha may be preparing to take the seven circles in the well with him. Mohan then asks her if she wants to look for oil in the well.

Radha explains to him that he should arrange for them to see one other once more because he brought them here because of her. Mohan’s attention is drawn to Radharani, who is seated on the wooden desk.

Mohan is strolling behind Radha while holding Radharani in his hands. He arrives at the temple and places Radharani near Bihari jee with great care. As he comes to stand next to Radha, everyone joins their hands in front of them and begins to pray. She says that because he was evaluating Bihari jee, he should know that he even passed the test. Radha explains that even if humans leave the hand of Bhagwan, but they never leave the humans, so if there are no problems in life, then it is very easy to believe, but the real strength is when they are surrounded by a lot of problems, Bihari jee is not delighted to test them, but he just wants to see the level of their faith so Mohan jee should tell her in what situation has he not proven himself, they should in fact tell if they as humans were Damini is convinced that Mohan will not applaud Bhagwan with a pure heart despite Radha’s explanation that he issued the task to Bhagwan, who successfully completed it. Mohan makes a leisurely turn to face Bihari jee and Radharani. As he does so, he begins putting his hands together in front of them, which causes Damini to be taken aback. When Radha sees this, she breaks out in a smile, which completely surprises Tulsi. Mohan proclaims that he did not believe in him because he believed that Bihari jee constantly takes them away from him, starting with Tulsi and then Gungun, and now Radha. When Radha hears this, she is astonished and turns to Mohan for clarification. She asserts that she does not comprehend how or when she rose to such prominence in his life that he likened her to Tulsi jee and Gungun. She asks him to explain. Mohan declares that he would not have to look at himself if something terrible had happened to Radha today. He is sorry for arriving and acting so rudely, but it was only because he was nervous and did not know what to do. He is thankful, however, that you proved him wrong and sent the two individuals who were missing from his life without whom it would not have been complete. Mohan argues that he has demonstrated that he is not a Murti, but rather the Bihari jee of Radha, and that he possesses the strings since it is because of him that they exist; if Radha is present, then Mohan is the only one who is still living. Damini is surprised but Tulsi is smiling. Mohan declares that if Radha Mohan are there, then there is a full scenario, and Tulsi declares that he should also comprehend that his wife and the mother of Gungun is just Radha. Mohan declares that if Radha Mohan are present, then there is a whole situation. While Radha is staring at him in the Mandir, Mohan once again clasps his hands together.


Radha is heard in the recap saying to Hriday, “I can’t marry you.” Hriday begins to suffocate her with his hands. Mohan hears from Gungun, who informs him that Hriday is a thug, that Hriday tossed him in the well because Gungun had seen a photo of Hriday in a criminal setting, and that Mohan should go help Radha or do something else.

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