Radha Mohan [24th November 2022] Written Update

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 Mohan 24th November 2022 Written Update

In Radha Mohan, The doctor conducts an examination, when Mr. Trivedi is given the form he asks, when the doctor explains that it is very difficult to save Mohan Ji and that even if he is saved, it is possible that he will not be able to speak or speak. to walk. Doctor says it’s a form of consent, Mr Trivedi says it’s to confirm that they won’t be held responsible if anything happens to him. Doctor gets on his knees asking Mr Trivedi to hurry because they don’t have much time but says he can’t. How can she sign this consent form as she always prays for her child’s health and even donates? do it.

She explains that it is really difficult for the mother, who tells that she has only made decisions to improve her life without knowing that her son will fight for his life. The whole family asks her to control her emotions, Radha takes her hand and asks her to sign the papers, when Radha asks her to believe Bihari Ji. Radha Kadambari sign her autographs, still shaking, the doctor leaves with the consent form.

Radha cries out that the doctors are doing their job so she has to do her duty, Radha explains that she knows how Mohan Ji will be healthy again, Damini stops Radha by saying she doesn’t want to make a scene as they all throw her out. In order not to be a part of this family any more, Radha says Damini is someone who can talk like that and if she wants to fight him then she can do it after it is over.

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Damini says she can’t even speak in front of Radha. but now he gained more confidence by arguing. Radha cries out that Damini can think whatever she wants but no one can stop her from helping Mohan. Radha pushes Damini, who falls into the bench before leaving. When Damini tells her she is fine, Kaveri asks if she is okay.

Radha gets off but does not see the car, she sees the scooter, thinking she will do something bad that needs forgiveness, assuring that the man will return her to the same place. Radha is riding a bike and her owner calls her a thief.

Damini asks the doctor what happened to Mohan, when he says nothing will happen in his life, the doctor says he has to stop misbehaving first as the doctor has already warned him that such a drug could kill him, but he is very sought after. to inject. Damini threatens to burn the entire hospital down, but as the doctor leaves, Kaveri stops him, Damini enraged.

Radha reaches the house but when Radha announces that she has to take Gungan to the hospital, Rahul prevents her from entering the house, but Rahul asks her to stop Mohan and Damini’s wedding.

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Rahul tells that she wants Mohan Ji to marry Damini, Radha replies that Mohan Ji is fighting for her life in the hospital and if someone can. save him, I’m Gungun, Rahul still doesn’t let go of his hand, Gungun begs Rahul from the balcony to let him go.

Radha cries out that she will take Gungun when she sees the stone and if she can’t open the door with the key she will break the lock with a stone, Rahul pulls Radha again saying Damini is right saying that he is the cause of all the problems. She blames Radha saying that she is the cause of all the events happening in their house, Rahul cries out that she will avenge all the humiliations she has experienced today, but Radha stands determined that Rahul can’t pull her out, she explains that times have changed since Bihari ji is already inside her and will defend herself.

She bites his hand to let Rahul go, pushes him away and tries to open the door again. Rahul slaps Radha, causing her to fall to the ground. He asks her what she thinks of him and promises to teach him a lesson, but he sees Radha picking up the ax.


Rahul asks if he has a will, he teases her for killing him when she says it’s about Mohan Ji today, he might even kill someone for her. Rahul mocks him again, swings his ax.

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