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The episode start with:

Mohan kneels in the mandir as Radha continues to pray while holding her hands, Mohan lights the diya in the mandir as the rest of the family also begins praying, Damini and Kaveri are both really furious seeing that Mohan has changed, he kneeling sitting reciting the mantra, which amazes Radha. Radha continues to pray while Mohan kneels in the mandir. When Kadambari finally catches sight of her son, she is completely taken aback. Radha expresses her gratitude to Bihari jee because, today, he was the one who arranged the encounter between Mohan and the other Mohan, and because, today, he provided Mohan with another chance at life.

Damini explains that Hriday threw Gungun in the well to end her own life, but now his life is in danger as a result of this, and it is best for him to run away because if Mohan finds out the truth, he will bury him alive in the same well. If he does not run away, Mohan will bury him alive in the well. Hriday explains that he came to this place for Radha and that he will not go without her since she is the most important thing here and he does not leave anything unfinished. When Kaveri arrives, she says that he attempted to kill the daughter of Gungun so that Gungun would be forced to kill him himself. Hriday explains that if he stays, Mohan could kill him, but if he departs, the people with whom he has made the arrangement over Radha will definitely kill him. Mohan could kill Hriday if he stays. Mohan could kill Hriday if he leaves. If Mohan comes to him wanting retribution, Hriday will tell the truth about herself, and she has threatened to do so. Damini explains that she wants to kick Radha out of this house, but after everything that has happened today, she does not believe that Radha will leave this house. Kaveri also asks what she is going to do, at which point Damini explains that she is going to do something that Radha would not have thought of.

Hriday tells Dadi that he is still not feeling well thinking about what Gungun has been through so he will come after some time. Dadi tells Hriday that she knows both Gungun and Radha have suffered a lot today but it doesnot seem nice so they should come and meet her. Dadi starts pulling him so that he thinks that his truth might come out b.

While Gungun was comforting Mohan with a hug, Hriday walked into the room. This caused Gungun to become extremely anxious upon seeing Hriday, and she immediately began comforting Radha with a hug. This caused everyone in the room to become concerned and ask what had transpired and why Gungun was crying. Gungun is constantly thinking about what Hriday said to her the night before throwing her in the bore well, Gungun keeps on crying while hugging Radha, Mohan standing exclaims this is not right so Kadambari assures there is nothing to worry about since they are all here, Rahul also requests her to not be worried since they are all here beside her so she must tell the truth, and Gungun finally sits up beside Radha o. She becomes quite anxious as she takes in their collective appearance, and Radha implores her to tell the truth given that they have gathered here to show her support.

Gungun slowly raises her hand to indicate towards Hriday, who is standing; he becomes worried seeing this, and even Damini is really anxious; Hriday hides behind Mohan, who also becomes tense; however, Kadambari explains that she wants to communicate with him, so he must come to sit in front of her. Mohan ascertains her that he is present to provide assistance and that she is not in danger. Radha inquires as to the cause of her sobbing, while Gungun remains silent throughout the exchange. She drifts off to sleep on Radha’s lap as she tries to rouse Gungun, but Gungun does not respond to her efforts.

Hriday is relieved that his secret has not been discovered, and the doctor asks them to stand aside so that he can do the checkup. The doctor is examining Gungun, but after a while he explains that she is suffering from PTSD, which is an acronym for post-traumatic stress disorder. He says that because she has recently emerged from a significant traumatic event, she is unable to speak as a result of the stress, and she may get scared quite frequently when thinking about the incident. However, they should not bring up the incident and should only speak politely with her. Mohan asks the doctor why she is unable to speak, and Kaveri demands to know whether this indicates that she is no longer alive, but the physician reassures her that she is OK and that she is merely suffering from mental anguish, and that the best treatment for her condition will come with the passage of time. Mohan asks the doctor how long it will take for her to forget it, and the doctor responds that they are unable to provide any information regarding the time frame. Mohan breaks down in tears out of nowhere, and Shekar is there to comfort him, telling him that they need to give her some space because he prevented such a significant event from happening. Mohan confesses that she is only a child, and it is hard to believe everything that she has been through. Hriday believes that even the Bihari jee is on her side, therefore he blocked Gungun from speaking and insisted that the two of them get married as quickly as possible.

Hriday asks his mother not to worry about the marriage because his mother just talked about the marriage because the days would come in which they cannot perform the wedding, and Dadi responds that they can set a date after those days have passed. However, Dadi will not allow them to get married until Gungun is healthy again.

Tulsi comes up from behind and tells Kadambari that Damini is the one who prevented her from saving Gungun and is now even sending Radha away. Damini tries to convince Kadambari that they should get Radha married because she deserves her happiness and must not suffer because of them. She manages to convince Kadambari that her relationship with Mohan is really weak and that they need to get her married. Kadambari speaks to each of them and explains that it is not fair that Radha should continually suffer because of their family, therefore it was decided that Radha would get married the next day. Mohan is reminded of the promise that his mother made to her, and as a result, he believes that this marks the end of their time together with Radha.

Tulsi exclaims today She was unable to save her daughter because Damini intervened, and as revenge, she is planning to make Damini pay for it by preventing her plan from ever being realised.

During the night, Radha informs Mohan that her doll, Gungun, is wearing clothes that are quite worn, and that she will bring new clothes for Gungun the following day. Radha then signals Mohan to sit on the bed with her, and the three of them make every effort to comfort Gungun, but she once again begins sobbing. Mohan is concerned about how he would take care of Gungun on his own. He believes that Gungun has lost her smile and that she is also planning to depart tomorrow. Mohan comforts Gungun, who is still shaken by the experience, by giving him a hug. The three of them are looking at Dadi as she stands in the window and watches them. She notices that she has tears in her eyes and so she walks away.

Dadi is very concerned as she sits on her bed. The sun begins to rise, but Dadi is still thinking about what will happen if Radha gets married, and if she gets married to Hriday, then what will happen to their previous relationships? She believes that it is not right, so she must talk to Hriday about it.

Hriday is talking on the phone and says that the price of Radha has just doubled. Since he was the one who put the girl in the bore well, which was reported on in the news, he must be paid twice as much as the original price because it was his action that caused the price to double. After being suddenly slapped by Dadi, Hriday turns around to gaze at Momi with a frustrated expression on his face.

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