Radha Mohan [25th November 2022] Written Update

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Radha Mohan 25th November 2022 Written Update

In Radha Mohan, Damini is standing next to the guards, Radha and Gungan are shocked, Radha informs Gangan that Damini is standing there to prevent them from entering, Gungan asks how to get past so many guards, Radha says that Bihari Ji said they should get through them all. An extremely strong problem Gungan asks what he meant when Radha announces that she will find out very soon, Radha starts the bike and when Radha tells her to step aside, Damini orders all the guards to stop her otherwise she doesn’t know either. what will happen.

As soon as Kadambari leaves the room, she runs to the doctor, the doctor apologizes explaining that the poison has spread throughout her body and therefore it is impossible to cure her, she advises Kadambari to call the rest of the family because she needs to meet them. Last time, Kadambari questions what he said, explaining that as soon as Mohan calls him, he will definitely get up. Kaveri enters the room when she wonders where her daughter went after she ruined everything.

Kaveri rushes to see Damini standing with the guards as Radha heads straight for the door, she manages to enter the hospital and Damini’s dupatta trips on the bike causing him to fall, even breaking his bracelets.Kadambari, who is sitting next to Mohan, asks him to wake up, but he does not answer and lies unconscious on the bed and cries next to him.

Radha starts pulling on Damini who is hurting her hair but Radha doesn’t stop and just takes her to the room while Damini kicks her out of the hospital, dupatta cries and Damini can breathe a sigh of relief, Kaveri wonders what happened to her daughter.

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She constantly makes her way to the hospital ward while everyone else has to get out of the way, Radha comes into the ward when Kadambari asks how she got there, Radha explains that Mohan Ji cannot listen to anyone, but he will definitely listen.

The gun is what it really is. she loves him, Kadambari is relieved. The director comes with the guards and asks what is going on. Radha asks them to give them one last chance as it is the only way to save Mohan, Damini reaches Kaveri and asks what is going on. , Kadambari tells him to stop and then fights for her son’s life and explains that only Radha has a plan that can save her. He begs management to let him do it. The boss orders the guards to take the scooties out.

Kadambari asks Mohan to see who has come, Gungan cries as both Ajit and Kadambari announce that his daughter has arrived. They all notice that his pulse is dropping rapidly, Gungan is stunned.

Mohan sees Tulsi in his dream, he cries as he slowly approaches her, immediately asking if she is okay, which stuns Mohan who starts crying as he hugs her. Radha calls Mohan and says Gungan needs her so she should wake up but still no answer, Red says she has her hands in front of her so she needs to wake up, Mohan with Tulsi who asks her asks why.

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She does so when she leaves him alone, but now back to her eternal love, Tulsi says she can’t do it as she needs to get back to her guns.

Gungun once again asks Radha to tell Mohan to wake up, he turns to everyone and asks him to wake him up, Gungun promises that he will never get mad at him and also that he will drink milk on time but he has to wake up. up.
Tulsi says that even though she had a dream, it couldn’t come true. he is still by his side and always stays by his side, even after he swore that he would not see anyone, he must return to Gungun. Mohan asks him to take her with him, but Tulsi says that she is not alone because she is looking forward to her.

Everyone cries for Mohan, begging him to wake up, when Ajit rushes to call the doctor. Kadambari tells him to hurry up, they all start crying as he is unconscious. The doctor runs to Mohan, Radha asks him to hurry up and ask what happened to Mohan.

After the doctor checks the vitals, he explains that nothing will happen and they will not be able to save Mohan, this shocks everyone, Damini stumbles because she cannot control herself. Kaveri asks him to control his emotions.

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