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The episode start with:

Dadi slaps Hriday angrily and calls him a sinner after Hriday mentions that the rate of someone like Radha always goes up, and that he had to throw the child in the bore well in order to bring Radha to them. Dadi asks how Hriday could have the audacity to talk about Radha in such a manner on the phone.

Tulsi is heard saying that she initially believed that her daughter would never have a mother, but then Radha came along, and even though they all tried a lot, she is still going to leave this house tomorrow, and Tulsi says that the relationship between Mohan and Gungun will once again come to an end tomorrow. Radha and Mohan are currently sitting beside Gungun as she sleeps. Mohan declares that he does not know how he will break the news to Gungun that she will be leaving this house the following day and that they will have to go on without her. Dulari gives Radha a call and tells her that Kadambari has already shipped the wedding clothes for her, and that she needs to get ready as soon as possible.

She did not believe that he was someone like this, even when Mohan and Gungun tried to warn her, but she is not going to bear it anymore, so Dadi turns to go and tell Mohan the truth, but Hriday hits her on the head with a metal rod, and she falls unconscious on the floor. Dadi is furious and asks him if he has ever thought about selling her granddaughter, but she did not believe that he was someone like this.

Radha does not understand it and asks how can she get married, he turning to ask Mohan if he knew about it, Mohan asks if she did not know about it when Radha says would she have asked him this question if she knew about it, she exclaims they would have to think about Gungun. Dulari exclaims if she tells the truth, she always used to get irritated by her but is really happy after what she did for Gungun. Radha does Mohan explains that Lata jee would not be willing to change the wedding date because she is obligated to marry Hriday either now or at some point in the future. He explains while he is holding Gungun’s hand that he was with her when Raha did not come into their life and that he will remain by her side even after she has left, making a vow to take care of her. He also says that he was with her when Raha did not come into their life. Radha is gazing at Mohan, who is currently holding the hand of Gungun, and the two of them are both looking at each other. When Gungun finally opens her eyes, she notices that they are both looking at each other in silence. Radha can’t stop thinking about how Mohan rescued her from the well and even hugged her before declaring that he would be there with her if she was there because if Radha was there, Mohan would be there too.

As Gungun once more turns his attention to Radha, she tells him that she is not going to get married. Upon hearing this, Gungun breaks out in a grin, but Mohan is taken aback. Radha then explains that she will never get married to Hriday. Mohan does not comprehend, so he inquires about the purpose, and Radha responds by asking when she lies. Mohan does not believe Radha’s response, and in a state of excitement, he declares that they should not consider getting married. Mohan expresses his delight at seeing Gungun awake and explains that she informed him of some significant information shortly after opening her eyes. Radha explains that she does not feel as though she should be getting married and that from the very first day she has had the sensation that something is living behind her.

Radha reveals to Mohan and Gungun that she does not believe Hriday is the right person for her, and Mohan explains to Gungun that Radha will no longer be marrying Hriday. Mohan also assures Gungun that he will speak with Dadi, despite the fact that she may reprimand him for his decision, because he believes that fighting with him has become a habit between the two of them.

Mohan responds that there is no need to talk with him because he is not a nice guy, and they should not talk with him. Radha responds that she would be the one to talk with everyone, but she wants to talk with Hriday first because he is the one whose life is being ruined. Tulsi, noticing that Gungun is tense, makes an attempt to inquire as to what is bothering her by saying something along those lines. Radha leaves, assuring Gungun that she will return after speaking with Hriday, and Mohan finally gives in and agrees that she should go talk to Hriday. Gungun tries once more to stop her, but Radha leaves, and Mohan gives in.

Hriday places Dadi in the corner before removing the gold chain from around her neck and asking her if she ever considers taking it to her grave. He is shocked to see Radha standing behind him, and when she asks him what he is doing here all by himself, Hriday responds that he felt like staying alone and also wanted to make a call. Radha then asks him what he is doing here all by himself, and he says that he feels like staying alone and also She reveals it is better to not marry someone whom they do not love as it is not marriage but a promise so they cannot get married, she explains that she needs her the most, and Hriday takes the name of Mohan, but Radha replies that she only meant Gungun. Radha explains that she wanted to say this in front of the entire family, but now she wants to talk with him.

Gungun in the room yells the name of Radha, and Mohan responds that Radha has gone to do what they have been trying for a very long time. Tulsi then asks Mohan to see that Gungun is attempting to communicate with him in some way.

Radha is stunned and asks Hriday why he is talking to her like this. Hriday explains that ever since he came, she has only talked about Mohan jee and gone after him. She is the one who agreed to marry him so they would surely get married. Radha responds that it is her decision whom she wants to get married, but she will never marry someone like him.

Mohan inquires as to whether or not he believes that talking about Radharani will result in him getting married to her, given that only deserving people get married to someone who is similar to Radharani.

She pushes him away and explains this is why she was feeling restless as Bihari jee knew that he is not worthy of her. Hriday exclaims that her Dadi promised to get them married, and Radha responds that she only worries for her happiness and that she would have surely slapped him if she saw him talking to her like this. Hriday exclaims that her Dadi promised to get them married.

Gungun hesitantly explains that Hriday is not a fool but a criminal to Mohan, who does not understand, so Gungun explains that he is the one who put her in the bore well. Mohan is unable to believe it when Gungun explains that she saw the photo of him in the newspaper, which is why he ran after her and then finally threw her in the bore well. Gungun recalls that Radha proceeded to refuse, but Mohan replied that Hriday would not accept it. As a result, Mohan rushed after Radha to try and stop her.

She tells him that she would never give him this chain because it was a gift from her Grandfather and she never takes it off, and she explains how she can plainly see that he is lying. Radha turns but then notices the chain of her Dadi in his pocket. She turns and asks him about it, and he informs her that she gave it to him as a gift for their wedding. Radha turns but then notices the chain of her Dadi in his pocket. She turns and asks

Radha tries calling her grandmother, who begins to wake up and asks Radha to run away because he is not a nice person. Radha slowly walks over to the corner where her Dadi is lying on the floor, and just as she is about to call her, Hriday pulls her from behind and covers her mouth. Radha tries calling her grandmother again. Her grandmother begins to wake up and asks Radha to run away because he is not a nice person. Hriday asserts that he is worn out from playing this role and that he will definitely carry out the task for which he has traveled all this way. They both begin to battle until Dadi also grabs one of Hriday’s legs, but Hriday strikes her in the face and then pulls Radha away from Dadi while she yells for her Dadi.


Mohan reveals to his mother that he has told Hriday that he is a bad person because the latter tossed Gungun into a borewell. Mohan is seeking for Radha, but Hriday has taken her hostage in the meantime. Radha struggles to get away from the situation. Hriday concusses herself after hitting her head on the dashboard of the car.

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