Radha Mohan [27th November 2022] Written Update

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Radha Mohan 27th November 2022 Written Update

In Radha Mohan, Radha sits with Mohan who explains that if someone tells her that her relationship and faith in Bhagwan will improve or that Gungun will call him dad, she will not believe them, but she has made everything so easy since he came into her life. Radha thinks now is the right time to tell Mohan Ji the truth about Damini, Mohan says she knows that she really hurt Radha but Damini is her childhood friend, they both even used the same collage but Radha started liking her.

In the process, she married tulsi to start a new life and then waited for her and even when tulsi died damini always took care of her family and business so she knows she will never do anything wrong, Radha thinks she can’t break her trust. just like that, and he needs to find proof.

Mohan returns home with Radha and Gungun, Damini stops him and goes with Tali, exclaiming that he has saved the lives of so many children and even talking about her so that the whole town can become a victim of evil. The Eye will do its Aarti but stops him by explaining that someone else saved the children’s life and deserves it, Damini asks who he is. Mohan talks about the one who saved his life.

He cries when he sees someone else getting hurt, and he never stops helping people who are sure nothing bad will happen next to him, he protects others without caring about himself, and always faces challenges at the maximum level. Force. Mohan turns around holding Radha’s hand. Aarti explains what will happen to Radha and brings her to Damini. Ajit also agrees with Mohan, who explains that Aarti should belong only to Radha.

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Damini says that not Radha can be resurrected from the dead, but Mohan says that thanks to Radha she was able to earn and always work for the good of this house, protect them as Durga maa and even bring happiness. Peace as Lakshmi maa. However, when it comes to Saraswati maa she is a little weak as she always skipped school, she asks why is she making fun of her in front of everyone when Mohan says they usually joke in front of everyone but there is one more. Mohan on the left stands next to Damini and takes the thali from him and starts Aarti.

Radha stops him by explaining that he is his Bhagwan, Mohan replies but he is doing everything Bhagwan does, so he should let him do it, the whole family smiles. Mohan performs Aarti to make Radha feel emotional.

Mohan is standing here smiling saying she forgot to cry, Tulsi wishes she will announce to Radha that even she will be Mohan’s wife in future, everyone is smiling but Damini pulls her aside and explains that she will be happy to receive all the compliments but whatever she does she can’t be the bride of this house radha is Damini’s wife.

She says she should not forget that she doesn’t believe in her lies anymore, she realizes that it all started after Kaveri ruled herself as old women and if she tells Mohan Ji truth then she won’t even marry him two centuries from now, Damini asks why she thinks she will believe him, She asks why you don’t believe her.Damini threatens Radha when she asks Radha what she said to Radha after marrying Mohan, saying she will have to come up with an excuse but come up with many excuses.

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She leaves, instructing him to meet her in her room in ten minutes. Radha says she will not only have to explain herself but also have to answer her questions. Kaveri assures everything will be alright but Damini explains that Radha does everything even when she is scared and this time it will never happen if she doesn’t marry Mohan, Kaveri assures her that she will do anything to betray the one married to Mohan.

Mohan in the room asks if he is happy by turning the portrait, Tulsi approaches him and remembers how he even explained that he was in pain when he saw her face, Mohan says people will think why he is turning his portrait as he says, they tend to see them. when she was about to die all her life but she wouldn’t let him near her, Radha asks if she took her name. When Mohan wonders how he can stand by the person who left him when he is about to die, he says it was just his thought, but he comes and asks him to come back to Radha and Gungun.

He thanks her for everything and explains that if she broke up with Radha and Gungun, she would never forgive herself, just like she would never forgive him. Tulsi says this is what hurt her, she doesn’t know why Bhagwan put them in this position because she always prayed not to leave him but now she is praying it never comes to her.

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