Radha Mohan [28th November 2022] Written Update

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Radha Mohan 28th November 2022 Written Update

In Radha Mohan, Radha standing on the stairs mentions that Ketki is right and Mohan and Damini should not arrange their marriage, she comes and asks if the marriageable age is over, Kaveri warns her not to talk about all family matters, Kadambari this house belongs to Radha and when Mohan recovers, his the wedding will be a big celebration that they will arrange. Mohan comes up from behind and reveals that the wedding will take place on the day of the decision, Kaveri now thinks her daughter has come up with a plan.

She rushes to hug Kadambari, who assures her that no one will take her away, Tulsi explains that Damini is behind absolutely everything, Radha runs to Mohan and asks how to see her off rituals. Mohan explains in court that Gungun is the most important thing in his life when he is unwell says Radha is innocent so he doesn’t know people tend to risk all their self esteem to win a case he leaves screaming that they must hurry.

Damini looks at Radha with a smile and sees how she is going to stop the wedding, thinking that now she is stalking him.

Radha Mohan Today’s Episode Online:

Radha says that she is also Barsana’s daughter and she will definitely find a way to stop this wedding.

She opens the door but is shocked to see a woman standing in front of her, Radha says she didn’t know Dua when she said they didn’t meet in person but comes here after sewing a wedding dress, Radha mentions that she is a Woman. The dress she made is said to bless the couple.

Mohan tries to explain the truth but Gungun says they are rude, he immediately takes a photo of Radha and Mohan for a prayer catalog, he explains that today is their 3rd wedding anniversary, so his father had a party, he was Mohan and Radha, but he says he came to the party. Dua leaves after making a wish on both of them.

Damini warns him not to be too smart but Partap says he must come and meet her otherwise Damini won’t believe but he will tell the whole truth about Damini.

Radha Mohan Latest New Full Episode:

The police arrive to question him, Radha wonders why Damini is so nervous and who she is talking to.

Radha answers the phone when Inspector Mohan Ji asks why he didn’t answer her call, Radha asks him to tell her how he will relay the message, Inspector explains that Partap has regained consciousness so they can start investigating the incident and someone feel it. after hiring him to plant the bomb, Radha Mohan left screaming that he would tell her the information.

Partap, sitting on the bed, thinks he is deceiving many people, but Damini deceives him, the lights in the hospital go out, which scares him, and someone comes to the door, Damini speaks as if asking why you called him, Partap says that he did a great job for himself, first kidnapping Radha from the forest and even planting a bomb. but instead he explains that he left him for dead, Partap yells that he should give him the money and then leaves but does not answer. she cries, saying that she will beat him and therefore he will ask for money from someone else, demand the name of Mohan.

The inspector asks him to tell the truth, Partap replies that he did it just for fun, Mohan says that it was not just a theft, but he planted a bomb, so he must reveal the truth, he explains to the inspector that such people will never tell but with his own manner, after which he began to speak.

Radha Mohan 28th November 2022 Written Episode:

Mohan threatens Partap that he will serve a very strict sentence, but if he names the person, he will defend Partap himself and even hire a good lawyer, so Partap must decide whether he wants to stay free or in prison for life. Mohan again demands what he desires by hitting him, which scares Damini, the inspector also asks why he is acting like a deaf man, Mohan orders the inspector to take him away, warning that he will send him to jail for fifty years, Partap agrees to tell the truth. .

Partap is about to reveal, saying that he did all this on her orders, he points to Damini, which makes everyone shocked, and Partap says once again that he ordered him to do all this, Ketki takes the name Damini.


Radha slaps Damini and says that now you will put on handcuffs. Damini gets angry and says how dare you and tries to slap her but Tulsi’s soul stops her hand she says Radha is not alone because I support her now and she grabs Radha’s hand. Radha feels different in her hand and thinks of Tulsi.

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