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The Episode Start With:

Hriday gets out of the car, and as he walks to the other side, he exclaims that he has finally brought the lottery ticket to get cashed so he praises himself. He then yells at Radha to wake up and forces her into the godown, but Radha hits him on the knee while following her, causing him to fall down. Hriday becomes furious when he realises what has happened, but he is able to catch Radha before she is Hriday becomes enraged as he wonders whether she is going to slap him, but he is surprised to see that she is holding a wooden stick instead of a hand. Radha asks Hriday if he thought that she would not be like Durga maa, and then she hits him and asks how he had the audacity to raise his hand on her Dadi. Hriday responds by saying that he would even raise his hand on her.
Gungun beating Hriday exclaim both Mohan and Gungun warned her not to marry him since he is not a nice guy but she was blinded by his act of being a nice person, she is constantly beating him thinking how Bihari jee showed her so many signs but she refused to believe them. Gungun beating Hriday exclaim both Mohan and Gungun warned her not to marry him since he is not a nice guy because he is not a nice guy but she was blinde After Gungun proclaims that Radha ought to beat him even harder, Hriday eventually manages to catch the stick, and the two of them begin pushing Radha toward the automobile. Gungun then wonders where Radha went. Hriday claims that she became very irate when he attacked her Dadi, so she is concerned about what she will do if she learns the truth about what he did to Gungun. In response, Hriday is told that he took Gungun to the market and then dumped her in the bore well at the end of the day. Radha hits Hriday once more before starting to beat him with the stick. Radha questions how did he dare even think of harming Gungun as she is just a child. Radha proclaims that she is going to take revenge for all of the time that Gungun spent in the well because Hriday does not differentiate between the elderly and the children. Radha makes a solemn oath that she will cause him even more suffering in return for every single tear that she sheds. Hriday succeeds in holding onto the stick once more before luring Radha away with it and causing her to fall to the ground. Hriday is able to spot Gungun hiding in the trunk of the car, and as a result, she announces that she followed Radha all the way to this location specifically so that she could observe what he is capable of doing.

Gungun is retrieved from the trunk by Hriday. She makes an attempt to approach Radha, but Hriday stops her by placing a glass over her neck and admonishing her that she will certainly pass away here even if she was rescued from the bore well. Radha begs Hriday not to hurt Gungun, and he tells her to let go of the stick. Gungun begs Radha to come to her rescue, so Radha tosses the stick towards Hriday, pleading with him to abandon Gungun.
When the Trivedi family watches the CCTV footage of Hriday pulling Radha toward the car, Kadambari wonders what he is doing, Mohan is shocked to see Gungun also getting into the car when Kadambari mentions that Gungun jumped in the trunk, and Tulsi wonders what kind of a person Hriday has become because she previously thought so differently about him. Tulsi prays that they are both safe and asks that they be protected from harm.

Shekar, after hanging up the phone, explains that the police found out his car was seen around the old market half an hour ago, but they did not know anything after that and the car was not even captured in any camera. Mohan exclaims where are they going to find them both as there are a lot of ways from there. Shekar explains that the police found out his car was seen around the old market half an hour ago. Kadambari wonders what is going on in their house as they are suffering from one problem after another. Mohan replies that they will fight this problem because even if the police are not able to find him, how did he dare touch Gungun and his Radha? Mohan vows to kill him after he finds Hriday, and Kadambari looks at him in shock while both Damini and Kaveri are also concerned. Shekar explains that the police have set barricade around the

Hriday smacks Radha but then apologizes, stating that the package cannot be damaged any longer because his lottery ticket needs to be in pristine condition. Hriday then tells his men to tie her up very shortly after that, after which he asks him to hold Gungun.
Hriday does not answer the phone; Damini wonders why he is not answering the call given that Mohan is obviously angry; and Kaveri wonders what will happen to them given that even their lives are on the line. Hriday does not answer the call. Damini is confident that something of the type will not take place because she is unable to let Mohan leave her life, even if it means taking care of Hriday, Radha, Gungun, or all three of them.

Hriday is standing in front of Radha when a man calls him from behind. Hriday explains that the package is ready, so the person asks if the package is the same as what he said. Hriday asks about the money, so the person says that if the package is ready, then he would surely get the money. Hriday begins checking the money out of the bag. Hriday places the money in the bag without noticing that Radha has cut the rope that was tied around her hands. Radha is able to pick up the glass without them noticing, so she begins cutting the rope that was tied around her hands. Hriday finally places the money in the bag without noticing that Radha has cut the rope.

Radha manages to cut the person’s hand with the glass just as he is about to touch her, which stuns them all. She even threatens Hriday, telling him not to even think about coming close to her, and she promises that she will die, but she will not allow these criminals to touch her. Hriday instructs them to take her, and the person starts walking towards Radha with a smile and reaches in front of her. Hriday cautions her against using these dialogues because, if he does, he would bring Gungun closer to him, at which point she will ask him not to do anything to Gungun. Hriday then cautions her against leaving the glass because, if she does, she will have to be present when Gungun is put to death. Hriday asserts that they would have heard the narrative that the life of the magician rests in the parrot, which means that the life of Radha is associated with Gungun. Gungun is a parrot. She is clueless over what will occur with Gungun. If she does not toss the glass, Gungun will struggle and weep if he is not allowed to throw it.

Radha is in the process of putting the glass down when she remembers what he had said about how the package must not be damaged because otherwise the price would change. Radha exclaims that if she heard him then there is no guarantee of their lives, and that if anything were to happen to Gungun, she would take her own life, so what will she do of a dead body? Hriday cautions her to refrain from doing so because she does not deserve to die. Radha gives her word that she won’t do anything else, but there’s a catch: first, Gungun has to be brought back to his own house, and then she has to have one final conversation with Mohan jee. The individual cautions Hriday not to place his trust in her because she first cut him, and then she battered him. Radha takes a vow on Bihari jee, but Hriday insists that she should take a vow on Mohan’s name instead. She promises Radha that she will not kill herself and that she will not cut herself, but only if he first lets Gungun go. After that, she promises she will not kill herself.

He informs Hriday that Radha is not lying now because she can never sign a dishonest vow in Mohan’s name. Hriday agrees to let Gungun depart, so the guy throws the knife at him. Hriday is warned once more by the person to not believe her.

Gungun runs to embrace Radha, and the two of them start sobbing uncontrollably. Hriday is also impacted, but after a while she begs for a cloth. Radha reassures Gungun that there is nothing to worry about because she will go back home, and Gungun refuses to leave without her. Radha argues that she cannot lie to Mohan and trust that he will be able to manage the situation; instead, she needs to go back and tell him the truth about whatever has transpired. Hriday starts to feel anxious, but Radha is working hard to make Gungun comprehend what’s going on.


Radha tells Hriday, “I cannot marry a horrible person like you.” Hriday grasps her firmly by the hair and pulls her in. Mohan manages to get into the warehouse. Radha becomes thrilled seeing him. Mohan shouts how dare you touch my Radha? It’s over for you now.

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