Radha Mohan [2nd December 2022] Written Update

Radha Mohan 2nd December 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Radha Mohan [2nd December 2022] Written Update

In Radha Mohan, Radha drinks water, feels uncomfortable after getting up, and even starts coughing as she gets dizzy as she walks around the corner. Walking towards the room, Mohan thinks that Radha is trying to tell him something but she doesn’t listen, Tulsi yells that she won’t let anyone speak and after talking with Radha she will find out the truth about Damini and won’t leave her. one. vote.

Radha sits up in pain, Damini and Kaveri relax as Mohan still walks to the room, Tulsi screams that she knows that everyone who loves her is just Radha, tries to call the sleeping Gungun, Kaveri hears someone, gives signal Damini hides, Mohan goes to the room. He thinks Gungun sees Radha as his Yashoda Maa, but even then he didn’t give her a chance to speak. Radha finally sits down next to Gungan but is still in excruciating pain before finally passing out on the bed due to the pain.

Mohan enters the room where she sees him sleeping, starts looking at him, thinking that he is doing too much work, so he fell down. unconscious. Mohan gently puts his feet on the bed, sitting next to him, apologizing to him, saying that she should listen to him the same way he listened to himself and Gungan, if they can sleep peacefully, then it is thanks to his efforts, since he succeeded. creating a relationship between father and daughter, otherwise there would be no relationship between them, he has no idea what it means to him.

He bids him goodnight and is about to leave when his hands drop he thinks he sleeps like a baby and as long as he takes care of everyone during the day why not.

Radha Mohan Today’s Episode Online:

Mohan takes the hand he placed beside him, turns to close the door as a white matter comes out of his mouth, but Mohan leaves.

When Dulari hesitantly announces that he wants to say something and slowly calls out that there is a ghost in the house, Kadambari asks Dulari if he has anything to say, Kadambari says he should say it out loud, so Dulari reveals that there is a ghost. A ghost in the house, because everyone was in the hospital, when they turned on the TV, it was hardly possible.

A very strange thing happened and even the ghost locked Rahul in the room so he thinks they should call the elder, Kadambari warns him not to speak in front of anyone because he is even there. Kadambari, a child in their home, wonders what Tulsi is doing and feels compelled to tell Damini about it.

Damini tells Guru maa that Tulsi is on Radha’s side and might even take his side one day. When Guru maa explains that he warned him earlier that Radha was the cause of his problems, he asks Guru maa to marry him to Mohan, but Damini explains that it was him. He made Radha fall into a deep sleep, but she will definitely kill herself if Tulsi finds out she is behind this. Guru asks if she brought anything, Damini gives her a piece of cloth from Mohan. Guru maa screams that he wants something else, Damini grows out Mohan’s hair, which he bought to start the ritual.

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Damini watches her as she covers both of them, forming a locket. Guru maa gives Damini the first ritual of the wedding, Kankanduhara, and this will be protection until it is completed.Kadambari asks why she thinks so, she takes Tulsi’s portrait and says she should forget her, says that Mohan feels it is impossible but she shouldn’t do it because today she is going to marry Damini, Kadambari reminisces about Damini’s threats. did her and how she will have her in prison.

She says she needs to move forward for Gungun as she needs a mother, Gungan worries about Radha sleeping so soundly. Kadambari asks him to get ready as they have to perform the ritual. Gungun tells Radha to sleep peacefully.

Mohan wonders why Radha didn’t come, Tulsi asks her to go and check on her but as soon as she goes to her room Kaveri asks where she went turns to leave but she says she needs to get ready but Mohan is all goes the same. room. Kaveri mentions that she will be a mother-in-law for the first time.
Mohan enters the room looking for Radha, but she is still asleep, worried about meeting Radha.


Panditji asks Damini and Mohan to tie the Kankan thread together. Damini remembers how the old woman told him that the Kankan thread would not allow Radha to be with Mohan. Gungun tries to wake up Radha, says how can one sleep with such loud music. wake up or Damini and Mohan will get married.

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