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The Episode Start With:

Radha says that he would play the flute for Tulsi jee when she was unable to sleep, and that now he would have to do it again, but this time for Gungun. She is confident that Gungun will experience the same sense of calm as Tulsi jee did when she listened to him play the flute for her. When Mohan sees Gungun leave the room, he becomes distressed; when Radha sees him leave, she becomes frightened; when Kaveri sees him depart, she wonders what she has done; and when Damini sees Mohan become distressed, she reminds her that she is aware that he does not play the flute. As Mohan approaches from the back, he makes a remark about how he would play the flute for Gungun. When Kaveri looks around, she sees Mohan standing there with the flute in his hand, and everyone is taken aback by this sight.
When Radha sees Mohan playing the flute that she crafted for him and gave to him as a gift, she can’t help but crack a smile because she knows he appreciated her efforts and did not destroy the instrument. Mohan approaches Gungun and Radha, and while sitting on the bed, he explains that whatever Radha has said for Gungun is the truth, and if, according to her, Gungun would feel nice if he played the flute, then he would surely do it. Damini and Kaveri both become envious when they see Mohan accepting the decisions that Mohan has made.

Mohan begins to play the flute, and when Radha sees him, she is able to understand how he is feeling while he is playing it. Tulsi smiles when she hears the sound of the flute, and Gungun, after a while, begins to feel really calmed, and then he hugs Radha even more tightly before finally falling asleep. Damini is taken aback, and Kadambari begins to smile. Mohan is always playing the flute while sitting next to Gungun while she sleeps, and Gungun always has a grin on her face.

Kadambari indicates to Damini and Kaveri how they should leave the room, and she only allows Radha and Mohan to stay in the room. Damini asks Kadambari if she should also stay in the room with Mohan and Gungun, but Kadambari tells her to let it go since Radha and Mohan will surely take care of everything. Damini then turns to look at Radha, but she feels really envious of her. Mohan and Radha are the only ones allowed

Mohan is putting all of his effort into playing the flute, and Radha can’t take her eyes off of him. Tulsi is trying to get Radha to realise that Mohan is the person she wants to be with by asking her if the music Mohan is playing has also affected her heart. Radha goes to him after a while with a cushion. She tries her best to take the flute from his hand but stops to look at his face. She continues staring at him even while pulling the flute from his hand. She slowly picks the dupatta from his hand before lifting his head to place the cushion. Mohan finally stops playing the flute and then falls asleep sitting on the bed. When she sees him sleeping, Radha can’t help but crack a smile; she comes over and sits next to him, playing the flute.
In the morning, Mohan, Gungun, and Radha are all sleeping in the same room. Mohan wakes up when the cushion rolls off the bed, and when he realises that Radha would have placed it there, he wakes Radha up as well because he notices that she is sleeping on the wet side of the bed. Gungun also wakes up. Mohan says that the bed is damp, Radha explains that she is aware that the bed is damp, and Gungun explains that she did it because she was afraid the night before. She assures me that there is no need for concern because she has already notified the doctor about the situation. Radha nervously requests Mohan to not be angry with her because she wanted to change the clothes of Gungun but she had grabbed her hands so tightly that she was not even able to move. Mohan adds that she knew about it and even then, slept on the wet bed. Radha is confused as to what Mohan means when he asks what she is composed of, as she does not grasp what he means. Mohan explains that she slept on the wed bed that Gungun had done so did she not feel bad, Radha asks why would she feel bad since Gungun is just a child, Mohan responds that she is not her daughter and only a mother can do this for their children, Radha responds that it is not the case as all those who love children would do it, but Mohan disagrees and says that only a mother can do this and she did it for Gungun. Radha says that it Mohan explains that he started hating Tulsi when she left him, not because of him, but because Gungun would be deprived of the love that a daughter gets from a mother. He even started hating Bhagwan because he felt this was an injustice with Gungun, but then Radha came into their lives, and she has given Gungun the love of a mother. Radha is the reason why Mohan stopped hating Tulsi and started loving Radha. Mention that she has not accomplished a really significant thing, but rather that she has only done what she is capable of, and that he has a bigger heart than she does. Tulsi asks Mohan to see Radha with how she wants him since she knows he would not obtain a more suitable partner than Radha, and even Gungun will not have a better mother. Mohan interrupts her and prevents her from saying anything else. Tulsi asks Mohan to see Radha with how she wants him.

Although Mohan advises her not to call him her guru because he has no idea why she considers him to be such, the fact remains that she has been quite helpful to him in the past. He explains to her while kneeling in front of Radha that they always have to stand by their Bhagwan and that she is her Bhagwan. If this means that they take away all of their problems, then he believes that she is her Bhagwan. If this means that they are always there to fill their lives with happiness and are the one who protects them from falling and gives them strength in times of difficulty, then he believes that she is his Bhagwan. When Radha finds the portrait that Gungun created and pulls it out from under the bed, she thinks back to the time when Gungun created the painting for a potential spouse for her.

When Mohan says that he has only ever bowed in front of two people—his mother and the Tulsi—Radha begins to cry since he is about to bow in front of her. His mother and the Tulsi. While standing at the door, Kadambari casts her gaze over Mohan and mulls over the question of whether or not Radha should be Mohan’s partner given that the two of them, together with Gungun, are destined to create a family. Tulsi insists that she is correct in her assessment that Radha is Mohan’s most suitable option.

When Radha sees Mohan kneeling in front of her, she begins to cry. Damini, on the other hand, becomes enraged when she hears what Kadambari is considering at the moment.

When Damini walks into the room, she sees her mother doing the dance, so she turns off the television. When Kaveri asks her why she did so, Damini tells her that after seeing how nicely she was dancing, she can also participate in the dance India dance. Damini explains to Kadambari that Radha is the one dancing, and that Kadambari is considering arranging a marriage between Radha and Mohan as well. Kaveri is confused by what she is saying because Kadambari has promised to have her married, and even Mohan is engaged to her. Kaveri wants to know what she is talking about. Kaveri questions how Damini can be so calm as Kadambari would ruin their plan. Damini vows to not let it happen as she would end the fate of Radha. Kaveri exclaims that it cannot happen as they both have tried everything but she manages to come back safe and sound. Damini vows to get her killed this time since she wants to spend the rest of her life with Mohan. Kaveri instructs him to do so. Kamini responds that she does not feel the same since Damini is confident that she can take on any adversary for the sake of Mohan. Damini then makes a call to someone and explains that she wants to meet him.

Mohan explains that the tears in his eyes were caused by the dirt that was in his eyes. Radha then asks him why he is crying, but he refuses to answer. She explains that she can see the tears clearly, so he must not be lying. Radha also kneels in front of Mohan. Mohan explains that the tears in his eyes were caused by the dirt that was in his eyes. Mohan tells her that she is the only person who can make him so happy that he starts crying, and he threatens to cut her hair if she tells anyone else that he was crying. Mohan says that he does not know why he feels this way, but he believes that everything in his life, including both happiness and pain, is connected with her. Mohan cleans them, but when he sees Radha crying, he explains that even her eyes have been filled with the same dirt. He gets up to leave, but before he does, he turns around and threatens to cut her hair if she tells anyone else about what happened. When Mohan sees Tulsi and asks her why she is laughing at him, she responds by saying that he can even now not express his love, and that it sometimes comes out as fury. Mohan then mentions that he was talking to Tulsi, and she says that he will never be able to do so. Radha, upon seeing Mohan’s hand, immediately begins to reflect on the fact that Mohan had just told her that she is her Bhagwan; yet, she restrains herself and does not allow a tear to fall.

Gungun is awake in her bed and calls Radha. Radha wipes off her tears but refuses to accept that she was crying, assuring that nothing has happened. Gungun explains that something strange happened, and Radha, who is sitting on the bed, asks what she meant. Gungun asks why Radha was looking at Mohan as the heroine watches the hero, and Tulsi mentions that she did the same thing when she fell in love with Mohan. Gungun explains that even Mo After that, Gungun discusses Rishi and Lakshmi, and Radha threatens to cut the cable to her television if she does not stop viewing it. Gungun then talks about Rishi and Lakshmi. After that, Radha tells her to stand up so that she may get some air.

Damini is standing when the person hands her a cage that is covered. She takes out the money, but he advises her to be careful as this is really dangerous. Damini responds that no one is more dangerous than her because she knows how to handle such things. The person then leaves as Damini begins to smirk while she is thinking about her plan.


We left off with Damini bringing a snake into the house and telling her mother that Radha would die after being bitten by the snake. Her mother exclaims that this is wonderful before dropping the basket. Snake climbs out of the basket and exits the space she is in.

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