Radha Mohan [30th November 2022] Written Update

Radha Mohan 30th November 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Radha Mohan 30th November 2022 Written Update

In Radha Mohan, Dami is standing in front of Radha, Tulsey holds his hand, screaming that Radha was afraid, and felt that he was holding his hand. Now he says that the ghost hit him, so he must make a drama somewhere else, Tulsey is struck by the fact that he knows that Domini is trying to make the existence of Radha, but he knows that Radha is the right person, so he will recognize the truth.

Radha said that Durini would no longer work on him, but he was ready to ruin everyone’s life for his advantages and is even ready to kill the lives of all children. Dinini is divided to reveal the truth before everyone, Damini believes that this cannot happen because he will not allow his plans to fail.

Radha is looking for a cadambari, so he can tell him the truth about the roof, otherwise no one can control Mohan Ji, he cannot find him in the room, but then he hears how Adit and the kettes went like Bhagwan. He defended Damini that Domini explains that from such a thing The great accident, Damini and Kaverhi, look at Radhu, explains that Kaverhi needs to look at Tulsey, preventing Radha from going to the cadambari, asking how the cavity can do this, so he runs to his room. Gungun, Tulsey follows him.

Radha calls the cadambari when he leaves the house, Damini quickly grabs his mouth before drawing up to the corner, leaves after returning to the Kadambari house, but Radha shouts that he will not tell Mohana’s truth, but his actions are not like it, Damini asks him to anyone Do not tell the truth.

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Because Gungun even has a beautiful mother, and he allows him to stay in this house, but Radha replies that his lies will not stop him this time, but Radha tries. If Damini tells the truth, to leave when he threatened the truth, it would be really worse, Radha said that there was not a single worse than him.While Kava enters the Gungun’s room during sleep and tries to get the Gungun blanket, but Tulsey stops him and pushes him, thinking that no one can think about causing his daughter’s harm.

When Radha asks Lamini Mohan to stop him, he beats in Cavia, threatening that his hand should not even think about telling the truth to Mohan, but Radha Caurion bends his hand, Damini begins to go to him, but Tulsey Radha makes his fall, thinking, that he cannot ruin his plan. Once again, when he explained that he was the mother of Caurer, he must make sure that his daughter was looking correctly, but instead of trying to finish his life with twenty children, he stood next to his daughter, shouting that he was trying to say to say Something else to explain the cave, then I will not forget that Cauchea is his old. Talsey told Radhe to go and tell Mohan the truth.

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Tulsey pushes Domini into the room and closes the door, asks him to open the door, but Tulsey constantly spans Damini, not because he does not have a personal struggle with Radha, but he tries to tear Mohan from him. Tulsey shouts that Mohan never belongs to him, shows that Dami is even trying to kill him, but death is only a slight punishment for him, because if Mohan finds the truth, he will no longer marry him, it will be the greatest punishment for him his.

Rahul comes to ask Caurion when he explains that Radha threatens to tell Mohan to tell the truth, so he must stop and stop him when he thinks that Rahul Radha will tell him that he is trying to do in the hospital, so he must stop him. Kavery will teach Tulsey open the door.

Radha sees Mohan in the room and thinks that he will be bad because of what to tell him, but he should know the truth, otherwise it will be wrong for them, Rahul Mohan removes Radho when he feels that he is looking for him. Intellectual or bad, like Damini.

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