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The Episode Start With:

After Damini reaches her home, she quickly makes her way to her bedroom, where she quickly places the black bag on her bed before rushing into the bathroom. While she is doing this, she is thinking about the warning that she received from the person who told her to be careful because it is very dangerous.

Mohan walks slowly towards them as he enters the room. When Gungun sees him, she breaks into a smile. Mohan, who is standing in front of the bed, asks Gungun if she is okay. Gungun responds that she is okay and then asks Mohan if he is okay. Radha continues to comb Gungun’s hair. Gungun asks Mohan why he played the flute for her in the middle of the night. Mohan responds that he can do anything for her, but now she also has to do something for him; she must sleep early in the night and be a nice girl. Mohan says that he is also perfectly fine. Gungun asks Mohan why he did that. Mohan says that he can do anything for her, but now she also has to do something for him. Mohan asks Radha what she intends to do today and what her plans are, and Radha says that she will simply clean the house and prepare the food. Mohan tells Radha that he knew she would say that, but that she must also learn English, and that he has given her responsibility, so that today will be her test. Radha does not comprehend this, and Gungun tells her in English, hearing which Radha is stunned and asks how she will be able to do it. Mohan respond

After Kadambari enters the room, she closes the door and asks Tulsi to give her a sign if she is present. Kadambari explains that she has come to take her advice because ever since Radha came to this house, Gungun has always eaten with her and she even sleeps by her side. Therefore, does Tulsi believe that Radha is capable of becoming a suitable mother for Gungun and is a nice partner for Mohan? Tulsi expresses to Kadambari that she is overjoyed that she was able to observe what she has been observing for such a significant amount of time. Tulsi responds that it is because she never wanted to take the responsibility of Gungun but just become the wife of Mohan. Kadambari explains that Damini is a nice girl and that when Tulsi died, she was the one who took control of everything including the business since Mohan had left turned away from them all. However, she has not been able to convince Gungun in all those years.

It is mentioned by Kadambari that this would also be inappropriate with Damini because she had intentions of marrying Mohan, but what about Gungun? Only Radha is able to look after her. As a mother, she is acting in an extremely self-centered manner; nonetheless, she is in a difficult position because she cannot deny Damini the things that she wants because doing so would break her daughter’s heart. Tulsi, seeing the rose flowers, lifts them from the vase and throws them over Kadambari. Kadambari is stunned by this and explains that although she cannot see or hear Tulsi, today she feels as if a mother is talking to her own daughter. Kadambari asks Tulsi for assistance because she is unable to decide what to do in this situation. Tulsi sees the rose flowers. Tulsi is able to respond because she has been coming to this location for quite some time to ask as a mother, first for Gungun and now for Mohan. Kadambari explains that she is genuinely delighted to think that Tulsi is also considering the same thing; yet, she is concerned about what would become of Damini if Radha were to enter Mohan’s life. She believes they need to take each and every step very carefully, and she needs to find out what Mohan thinks about her. Tulsi claims that he loves only Radha but does not know how to express it. Kadambari claims that there is nothing for her to worry about because they will surely take care of her.

Mohan walks over to Radha and hands her the examination. He tells her to finish it as soon as possible while he prepares the second examination. Radha asks him whether she should do it right away, to which he responds that his name is not Abhi but Mohan. Radha says that she is aware of this fact. As he takes a seat in the chair, Radha’s gaze immediately shifts to Mohan. Radha asks Gungun who she is when Gungun questions if she does not see the television. Gungun explains she had her make the portrait of Mohan so does this mean she loves him. Radha asks Gungun to not talk like this as Mohan would become really angry if he heard them talking. When Mohan turns around and sees Gungun’s stunned expression, he grabs a piece of chalk and slaps her over the head with it. Gungun is also stunned when Mohan tells them that they shouldn’t cheat, so he motions for Gungun to come and stand next to him. When Kaveri enters the room, she is taken aback when she sees the black box. She believes that her daughter is going to give her a large and costly present, and as a result, she has a better understanding of why her hand was hurting so much. Kaveri has also gained a better understanding of how much her daughter cares for her. Damini abruptly closes the box and asks Kaveri what she is doing. Kaveri begins to scream about the snake, but she stops when Damini asks her to. Kaveri becomes impatient to view the present and decides to open the wooden box in order to look inside. She can give her an easy death, but what is the need to bring this snake? Kaveri argues that instead of bringing a snake, she might have brought a puppy or a cat as a pet. Kaveri wonders whether she got furious because they typically gift sarree, but she brought a snake. She reveals that the last time three snakes entered their house, and so if this snake bites her then no one will suspect her. Damini explains that this is to put an end to Radha’s life, and Kaveri questions what she means by that. Damini tells Kaveri that the snake would bite her, and then she would die, and no one would suspect her of having done anything wrong. After hearing this clam down explanation that her daughter is extremely intelligent just like her, Kaveri nodded in agreement. When Kaveri asks what will happen if Tulsi does something wrong, Damini remains standing while responding that she has previously discussed the situation with Guru ma. Kaveri starts smiling and saying that now the death of Radha is certain, after which they would dance, she causes the box to fall on the ground and the snake comes out, they both jump on the bed when Damini questions whether or not she has become angry, and Kaveri explains that she was just dancing but seeing the snake slither away made her stop. Damini thinks about how Guru ma said this is a nice plan, and she was also worried about if Tulsi does something wrong when Guru When Damini sees the snake dash out of the room, she becomes concerned. She asks Kaveri what she has done because the snake can bite anyone at this point. Kaveri responds by saying that she hopes Kadambari and Radha both perish because that would solve all of their issues.

Radha begins staring at Mohan, which even Gungun notices. Mohan looks at Radha and explains that she should not keep staring at him since the answers would be written on the sheet. Mohan once again turns to see that Radha is still staring at him when he explains that she is not going to understand it like this so he will do what she doesnot like, he walks over to her with the ruler and explains that he will do what she doesnot like. Gungun explains Radha is astonished to see that Mohan is holding her hand and is holding her while he is looking at the cockroach. Gungun asks Mohan what happened when he informs him that there is a cockroach. Mohan immediately jumps up on the bed when he sees something in the corner of the bed. He even pulls Radha with him. Gungun asks what happened. Mohan tells Gungun that there is a cockroach.

Gungun explains that it is just a cockroach who is really cute, Mohan asks her if she is mad, asking where they brought this girl from, and she knows that he is really scared of the cockroach and the lizard, but that he is most afraid of the snake. Just as Radha begins to smile upon seeing him, the snake crawls into the room.


Mohan’s friend says to him, “You were marrying Damini because you wanted a mom for Gungun, but after borewell’s scene, Radha will be the best mom for Gungun, you two should marry.” Mohan’s friend is referring to the fact that Mohan was planning to marry Damini in order to provide a mother for Gungun. Dadi tells Radha that when Mohan is by your side, it appears as though he will make you happy and that he is the ideal partner for you.

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