Radha Mohan [5th December 2022] Written Update

Radha Mohan 5th December 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Radha Mohan [5th December 2022] Written Update

Radha Mohan December Written Update:

In Radha Mohan, Mohan asks Radha what he said to Damini and who fell, Radha walks slowly towards Mohan and says they did not fall, but she reports that she will fall because they want her to dance but she is really tired and not even lost. If he danced after sleeping for that long, he would fall.

Gungan comes and asks Radha why she is making up stories, because she has to tell the truth, Mohan says she wants her not to be afraid and tells the truth, Radha hugs Gungun and explains that they cannot stop the wedding and she should let him.

When Radha explains that Mohan and Gungun’s relationship is the same and they are fighting, but she will take care of everything, Kadambari comes and asks what is going on. Kadambari asks Ajit if he is looking for the person to connect the sehra, Ajit says he canceled the wedding as usual as he thought the wedding will be cancelled.

Damini suggests why they should hire if there is someone in the house, Ajit says he doesn’t know when Damini explains what Radha means, Mohan says he can’t connect immediately but Radha assures he will. Radha for Mohana Ji thinks how Mohan told Yashoda maa for Gungun on the bus, the two of them spent a lot of time together.

Radha Mohan Today’s Episode Online:

Mohan leaves in anger and Damini tries to pass by him too, but Radha stops him saying that he hasn’t said anything to Mohan but that Damini should not let anything happen to the poop.

Damini says this will only happen as long as he does nothing to stop the wedding or even keep control of Gangan. Radha admits she’s missing, so Kaveri threatens to do nothing until the wedding and then she’ll bring Mr Trivedi herself. He came back with a bottle. Kaveri and Damini vow not to let this wedding happen as Radha cries out that she has learned how to behave by staying with them, but she has to save Mr. Trivedi first, and Tulsi is glad to hear that, Radha leaves.

Radha tries to talk to Gungan but does not answer him, Radha tries to apologize when Gungan explains that she thinks Radha is with her but is still alone. Radha mentions that Damini did something very bad and the decision was made on her Radha thinks. At a quarter to four in the morning there is a puja in the Mandir. Gungan asks if she wants to learn anything about Mandir, Radha assures she can handle it.

Radha Mohan Latest New Full Episode:

Leaving the house, Radha wonders how to get to the warehouse, sees Dulari coming with the scooter and asks her for the keys, Kaveri and Damini exclaim that when they see Radha leaving, she feels like Mr Trivedi has targets even though it’s really just a vehicle. Kaveri cries out that they have to laugh slowly to achieve her real goal, otherwise Tulsi learns the truth when Damini screams, she can even then because everything happens outside the house.

Kaveri realizes this and decides to laugh loudly, Damini calls. Asking if the surprise is ready, Partap warns him so that everything goes according to his plans. Partap says that there will be no mistake this time, as he should even avenge what he did to him in the hospital. Partap enters the warehouse and instructs his men not to give too much alcohol to Mr. Trivedi so that he does not die because they even have to surprise Radha.

Everything is for the evil eye, especially for Kaveri and Damini’s eyes, Kaveri asks if she told Ketki anything but Ajit says she said nothing bad can happen to her while Mohan is around, they all turn to go, but Gungun their Kaveri can’t go to him like that, he whispers.


Goon traps Radha in glass box and starts filling it with water. Damini looks at her through her phone and says, today you will be dead and my new life will start. Radha shouts for help and calls Mohan. Mohan thinks it feels like Radha is calling me, where is she?

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