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The Episode Start With:

While Kaveri looks for the snake, she can’t help but wonder where it went. Meanwhile, Mohan, who is standing on the bed, tells her that he is aware that she is aware that he is really afraid of lizards and cockroaches, particularly the reptile since it is so horrible. Gungun picks it up in her hand and mentions that the cockroach is more scared of him. Mohan responds that this is not anything to be looking at so she should throw it out of the room. Radha asks what does he mean so he reveals that he is afraid of snakes. Radha asks what does he mean so he reveals that he is afraid of snakes. Gungun explains that she would take him to the garden, and then Gungun turns to scare Mohan, who immediately becomes paranoid, questioning whether or not she has become angry so that they must throw it out. He threatens to not leave her alone. Mohan doesn’t understand, so he turns towards her. Gungun asks him to observe how her cheeks have grown red, and he starts staring at her as Gungun further reveals that her eyes are like that of pigeons. This causes Radha to become concerned, but Mohan doesn’t understand, so he turns towards her. Mohan also notes that there is a flaw, and Gungun gives him the advice to inquire about it from her because he is her Bhagwan, and she would never lie to him. Radha makes an effort to forewarn Gungun, but when Mohan inquires as to why she appears to have changed, Gungun proposes that she should tell Mohan the truth herself. Mohan is baffled by it, and then Gungun threatens to reveal the portrait that she has made, but Radha runs after her and rips it out of her hand, which frightens Mohan, who then questions how Radha can leave him in such a state, and he asks Gungun why she is smiling. Radha’s actions cause Mohan to question why Gungun is smiling.
Radha starts running with the portrait when she finally stops and looks at it recalls how Mohan argued with Bihari jee stating how he felt that he always takes the people away from him but now he has sent Radha into her life, Radha then recalls how Mohan fought with Hriday when he kidnapped her, but she does not notice that the snake is coming up behind her. Damini and Kaveri are there, and they exclaim that the snake also knows who Shekar enters the building as he continues to call Radha, but she does not reply to his calls. Shekar then inquires as to what Radha was contemplating and assumes the identity of Mohan. She tells him that he is talking nonsense since she is unable to think about him, but Radha is unable to respond and begins stumbling after he leaves to find Mohan on his own. Radha goes when Kaveri says that Radha is now thinking about Mohan, and Damini adds that they must be frightened about the snake. Radha leaves when Kaveri claims that Radha is now thinking about Mohan.

Shekar enters the room and asks Mohan who he is waiting for, so Mohan explains that he is talking about Radha. He informs Shekar that he has prepared the test papers for her but she ran away. He explains that she does not take care of herself. Shekar asks why he is so worried about her, and Mohan responds by asking who else would take care of her besides him. Shekar mentions that this is what Ajit says. Mohan stands in the room Mohan’s patience is wearing thin with his jokes. Mohan states that Radha does not take care of herself and is consistently concerned about the well-being of others. Shekar, who is seated, asks Mohan why he is concerned about Radha since she does not take care of herself. Shekar says that Radha is essential to her, to which Mohan responds that she is indeed significant. Shekar sits and challenges Mohan, asking why he is concerned about Radha. Rad

Tulsi walks beside Kadambari as she walks through the hall and mentions that he also feels the same way about her but is never going to reveal his feelings. She is confident that if Kadambari forced him to reveal his feelings, he would be willing to accept it. Kadambari thinks that she should first talk with Mohan about what he feels.

Shekar is speaking to Mohan, who is sitting with him. Shekar asks for permission to speak what he is feeling, and Mohan grants it. Shekar explains that he was just going to marry Damini so that Gungun could have a mother, but after what happened, the entire world has accepted that Radha is the best mother for Gungun and even suitable for him, so why does Mohan not marry Radha? After hearing this, Mohan is stunned and starts staring at Shekar. Tuls

Mohan says that he has never seen Radha in that manner before, and Tulsi asks him to look at Radha the way that she wants him to as well as Bihari jee. Mohan asks Shekar if he wants him to destroy her life because the burden of his past life is still with him. He was blamed when Tulsi committed suicide. Shekar asks what is he talking about when Mohan explains that he is broken from the inside and even though he has started to feel better a little, it does not mean that he can be with her. Shekar explains that Radha cares a lot for both of them. Mohan asks Shekar Mohan explains to Radha that she needs someone who will enjoy the world with her, not like him, because she has her entire life ahead of her. He recognises the fact that Gungun loves Radha, and that she also loves him back, but he cannot ruin her life. Radha and Mohan hug. Tulsi tells Kadambari that she needs to make Mohan comprehend how Radha feels about him because he does not realise what she feels for him. However, Kadambari says that Mohan is correct, and that she cannot destroy Radha’s life just to ensure that Mohan continues to be happy. Tulsi is persistent in her desire that she refrain from listening to Mohan, but she eventually leaves.
When Kaveri and Damini are walking, Kaveri tells Damini that if the snake bites her, Damini should eat the dry fruits that are in the room. Damini asks her to stop talking like this because they all would understand the truth seeing the boots that Damini is wearing. Kaveri suddenly starts shivering because of fear, and when Damini asks what has happened, she tells Damini that the snake is under her feet. Damini becomes enraged when she realises

As Radha enters the hallway, she yells out that Gungun does not comprehend what she is trying to say, so it is imperative that she prevent Gungun from watching television. Dadi calls Radha and asks where she is going, so Radha tells Dadi that she is going to the room of Mohan jee because he asked her to give the test, even though she feels as if she has forgotten all that she has studied up until this point. Dadi is surprised by Radha’s response. She assures Radha that they will not ask her to come with them and not even give her any vow, but she would surely request her to always think about what is in her heart, and she explains that Mohan is the right choice for her, and she must think about what she believes to be right. Dadi asks Radha to sit with her and explains that she and her father are going to leave for their village the next day. She explains that she and her father will not ask Radha to come with them, and Dadi believes that Mohan would be the best partner for her, Radha inquires as to the topic of conversation, to which Dadi responds that she is aware of what is going on in the minds of her granddaughters and that she is confident that Mohan will look after Radha with the utmost care. Radha turns her head to look at Dulari, and upon seeing her, she requests that she stay very still. When Kadambari comes running in and demands to know what’s going on, Radha stops her and won’t let her move. Instead, she slowly picks up the skin that’s been hiding under the sofa and explains that it’s the dead skin of a snake, which indicates that the snake has entered their home.
Radha immediately stops Mohan and reveals that there is a snake in their house. Mohan jumps onto the sofa and remembers how he told Radha that he is really scared of them. Mohan smiles and explains that Radha is trying to make fun of him as he told her that he is scared of a snake. He assures her that he is not afraid of anything, but when Radha shows him the dead skin of a snake, he rushes on the sofa once more Mohan is perplexed as to how everyone can appear so composed after seeing the shed skin, and Radha explains to Mohan that if the skin is in the home, then the snake must also be there. Radha warns Mohan to calm down just before he is about to lose his balance and collapse.

Ajit is in the room with Ketki when he asks her to hand over the belt. She tells him that she is not his maid and then, when he asks her to perform what the wives do, she promises that she will do it as soon as he stops doing the tasks that a girl is responsible for. Ajit is unaware of the exact timing of the snake’s entry into the drawer.

When Mohan begins to show signs of worry and orders everyone to take a seat on the sofa because they need to maintain their safety, Kadambari queries what he is doing. Mohan queries whether or not Radha is a doctor and whether or not she understands everything. Radha explains that Mohan’s heart would be tormented if the snake shed its skin in the house, and she cautions everyone else to be careful. Mohan reveals that he recommended that they could leave this Haveli and stay in a penthouse instead of staying here. Damini offers a theory as to how the snake could have escaped the premises. After shedding their skin, snakes become extremely sedentary, hence this cannot occur, according to Radha’s explanation.

Mohan and Radha both resist when Kaveri reminds them that they inflict a great deal of agony to the snakes and that is why they must not call the person who would control the snake. Kaveri claims that they can even call the person who would control the snake. Mohan requests that Shekar contact the animal rescue team so that the snake can be let free in the jungle.

Gungun comes in and asks if they are all playing a game so that she can also participate with them. Mohan tells her that the floor is lava in the game, but she does not comprehend what he means by that.

Ajit is in the room and says that he will personally take the belt, but as he is wondering how it got to be so heavy, he is stunned to see that it is a snake. Ajit throws it with all of his might, and the snake lands in front of Gungun. Everyone in the room is stunned after seeing it, and they ask Gungun to remain still, but she begins to scream.

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