Rajjo [24th November 2022] Written Update

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Rajjo 24th November 2022

In Rajjo, Ajun saying he won’t kick Rajjo out of his house. Pushkar asks him what he wants to do. Arjun says that he is showing Rajjo that he thwarted his plans of him and now he will marry Urvashi. She can’t do anything.

Pushkar requests Arjun to end this matter by kicking her out of the house as he signs her on the divorce paper. Madhu agrees with Pushkar. Chirag asks Arjun why he is creating a scene when she will legally separate from her.

Urvashi agrees with Arjun and says that she too wants a maid to bring her sandals and serve her. Arjun requests her to serve Urvashi. Urvashi goes to inform her parents about her marriage. Arjun requests the family to prepare for his and Urvashi’s wedding as they will celebrate it in a grander way.

Pushkar asks Urvashi why he didn’t force Arjun to kick her out of his house. Urvashi says her isn’t easy to get rid of, so he has appointed her maid so that he can keep an eye on her. Pushkar warns Urvashi to be careful with her. He’s leaving.

Urvashi thinks Rajjo should be careful with her and considers teaching him a lesson. She asks Arjun to let her go to meet her mother and assures him that she will come back. Arjun refuses and asks her to stay with Urvashi.

Rajjo Today’s Episode Online:

As Rajjo refuses to comply, Arjun requests her to immediately pay back 3 lakhs of her money which he spent on the blank check he gave her. He says that he made her personal maid Urvashi in exchange for that money. He forbids her to leave the house, especially to meet her mother.  She refuses.

She is shocked to hear this. Arjun leaves. Arjun cries and regrets his behavior. He blames her for his behavior change. He looks at the divorce papers and says that she will marry Urvashi and then her name will be completely erased from her life.

Rajjo calls Nagu Kaka and informs him that he will not be able to go to meet Manorama. He cries a lot. Sia asks Chirag why she is crying. Chirag says that Arjun will marry Urvashi. She both says that she doesn’t like Urvashi and that Rajjo is the best of her. She asks Chirag to make this clear to Arjun. Rajjo cries as he hugs Sia.

Manorama pretends not to recognize him. She acts like she can’t breathe properly and she walks away. Pushkar calls Manorama. He stops, but pretends to avoid a stone hitting his feet. He decides to become Manorama’s doctor.

Rajjo Latest new Full Episode:

Urvashi calls Rajjo and asks him to massage her legs. She obliges. He asks Rajjo to wipe his feet with Rajjo’s dupatta. Rajjo uses Urvashi’s duppata to clean Urvashi’s feet. She brings the scrub used for washing dishes to clean Urvashi’s feet. Urvashi gets scared and asks Her to leave.

Arjun sees this and requests Rajjo to obey whatever Urvashi says.  She obliges. He massages Urvashi’s leg by pressing his feet on it. She wonders why Arjun cannot see the truth from Urvashi.


Precap: Arjun angrily breaks a vase of flowers. Rajjo says that Arjun cut his heart into pieces as he broke the vase. He tried to make him understand, but he didn’t understand. He says that Arjun deserves a partner like Urvashi. Chirag asks if she is not impressed with Urvashi & Arjun’s marriage. She says no. Chirag gives him the oath of Arjun. Arjun asks Chirag why he is in Rajjo’s team.

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