Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th April 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

The door of Surya’s room is knocked on by Swara. Surya inquires as to why she is here at this particular location and time. She claims that she hurt herself and is in need of a band-aid, everyone else was asleep, and she was the one who woke them up. He tells her to wait outside while he goes inside to grab a band-aid for her wound. She approaches him, then stands behind him while making an attempt to touch him. He becomes irate and demands that she take the bandage and leave the building, asking her why she came in when he had previously told her not to. She takes a seat and raises the hem of her garment to expose the wound on her leg. He comes up behind her and asks her to exit the vehicle. Power turns out. She clings to him closely and confesses that the nighttime gives her the creeps. He continues to talk to her as if nothing unusual is going on until she leaves the room and closes the door in her face. She wonders up to what point he will remain susceptible to her enchantment. Gehna discovers that one of the light fuses is gone. She screams out in agony after stepping on a nail. After repairing the fuse, Suhani teases Kanak, telling her that if she doesn’t mind her own business, she would destroy her picture. They both chuckle as they go their own ways.

Next day, as they are eating breakfast, Suhani acts as though she is concerned about Surya by asking if it would be okay for her to make aloo parantha for him. Surya says no. Gehna stumbles in while holding juice glasses and has an unsteady step. Daadi comments on the bandage that is wrapped around her foot and inquires as to what happened to her. While testing the electric fuse the previous night, Gehna claims that she stepped on a nail. Surya inquires as to why she is continuing to work despite her injury. Gehna inquires about who will cook the meal then. Kanak is given the task of preparing meals, and Surya instructs Gehna to relax. Gehna smirks at Kanak and Suhani and goes away. Surya is provided with breakfast by Swara. Surya inquires as to whether she doesn’t believe it would be better for her to take care of her sister rather than her sister’s spouse. Both Suhani and Kanak disapprove of Gehna, and they decide to discipline her.

Gehna waters plants. Surya approaches her and inquires as to why she didn’t go ahead and relax. She claims that she enjoys chatting with the plants and flowers in her garden. He moves closer to her as he walks. She directs a stream of water at him with the pipe. Both of them end up soaked after playing in the water. A song titled “Sang Tere Paniyon sa” may be heard playing in the background. She starts to feel uncomfortable and he quickly responds by covering her with his jacket. When Suhani, Kanak, and Swara see it, they have feelings of jealousy. Kanak implores Sunahi to take action on her behalf since, if nothing is done, her strategy would be obliterated by the sea.

Gehna overhears Suhani’s chat with Sikandar over the phone after some time has passed. She is stunned to discover that Surya is not Suhani’s real son and that her husband adopted him. The shock causes her to drop a bucket. When Suhani hears a sound, she steps outside to investigate. Once Suhani leaves the room, Gehna goes incognito and examines Suhani’s belongings for the adoption documents pertaining to Surya. She was taken aback when she discovered adoption papers in the security locker and stood there reading them. She has come to the conclusion that Suhani and Sikandar are using Surya for their own personal gain. When Suhani arrives home, she discovers that her cabinet is open. She looks for the keys to her locker and finds them on the floor. Gehna hides behind bed. Suhani hangs up after receiving a call from Kanak.

Gehna is under the impression that she ought to discuss this matter with Daadi, so she makes her way to Daadi’s room, but she does not find her there. She confronts Kanak and inquires as to whether or not she has seen Daadi. Kanak inquires as to the cause of her strained appearance before revealing that Daadi has gone to the temple. Gehna dashes out of the room. Kanak is under the impression that another exciting story is on the horizon. Suhani walks to Surya. Surya inquires as to the reason why Sikandar is not picking up the phone. According to Suhani, Sikandar believes that they have forgotten about him, much as Surya believed that Suhani had forgotten his birthday. She then behaves and says that she thinks her two children are equal and that she is willing to hurt herself to show that she is right. Surya puts a halt to her and asserts that he would persuade Sikandar even if it requires him to physically restrain him. According to Suhani, such strategy is not going to be successful; thus, they need to reassure him that they are not interested in Sikandar’s property but are interested in getting him out from prison.

Surya inquires as to what he need to do in response to it. Suhani requests that he change Sikandar’s name to the owner of all of the property. Surya inquires as to whether or whether Sikandar is more concerned with his possessions than his relationships. Suhani uses emotional blackmail on him while claiming that he is only behaving this way because Gehna is influencing him. Surya denies. She then requests that he sign the documents for her. He is about to sign the documents when Gehna walks in, grabs the papers away from him, and informs him that he is not allowed to sign them.

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