Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th May 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th May 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th May 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Surya throws a celebration, and when Gehna and Surya go down the stairs together, everyone applauds and cheers for them. When Sarika sees Gehna wearing an expensive red dress by a designer, she feels envious. Daada compliments Gehna on how beautiful she looks before performing the nazar ritual for her. Daadi jokes although he is looking gorgeous. After Gehna and Surya have bestowed their own blessings, Shreya will do so. They are given presents by their guests. Suhani instructs waiter to kidnap Gehna. Waiter and his colleagues come up with a strategy. When Gehna had a collision with Suhani on the way to Virendra’s picture, she makes an explanation for herself and goes in that direction. Suhani glances at her furiously and goes away. Surya approaches Gehna on foot and inquires of her of the surprise present he gave her. She assures him that he will have it in a short amount of time before leaving the room. He asks her whether she is experiencing feelings of nervousness. She reassures him that she is and then heads to her room, certain that she would be able to locate Surya’s biological mother today.

Mpre, She looks everywhere for Surya’s birth certificate, but she is unable to locate it. She dials the number of the servant and asks them whether or not they saw anybody enter her room. He replies in the negative, but then he recalls that Sarika removed four to five saris from Gehna’s chamber. After Gehna remembers that she hid the certificate between two saris, she becomes anxious and hurries to Sarika’s bedroom. Sarika is not a fan of saris and often tosses them on the ground. The certificate is another example of this. She chooses the certificate option. Suddenly, Gehna bursts in and demands that she hand up the document. Sarika rejects and demands her red sari. Gehna replies in the negative since Surya gave it to her as a present to be worn to the celebration. Sarika gives the certificate a go at reading it. It is considered poor etiquette to check on the belongings of others, so Gehna takes it and goes away. Sarika resolves to acquire Gehna’s crimson sari. The certificate is kept secure in a locker by Gehna.

Surya asks Daadi about Gehna. Daadi claims that even she is unaware of the whereabouts of Gehna. Gehna has made his way back to Surya. Surya inquires as to where she has been. Suhani is the one who delivers the visitor and Gehna is the one who meets her. Urmila gives Gehna a call while they are both waiting outside for her. Gehna makes an attempt to flee. Gehna is required to accompany the visitor, as per Suhani’s insistence. And Gehna once again makes an excuse for herself and leaves the room to go see Urmila. Urmila delivers sweets to Gehna and Surya as a part of the nazar that she conducts for her. She also blesses Gehna. Gehna introduces Surya to the woman. Urmila offers prayers on their behalf. Gehna states that she will go at this time since Surya is waiting for her and will provide her with information on her next step.

Gehna makes his way back to Surya and sends a signal to him. Surya inquires as to what it is she need. She claims that she needs to make his mouth more palatable. He behaves badly by claiming that he is always prepared. She shoves a laddoo into his mouth and tells him that a loved one gave it to him as a gift. He claims that he has to kiss in order to burn off some of his calories. She denies. He issues a dare to kiss her when they are at the party and likes the delicious sensation it gives him. After that, he requests the DJ to start the celebration. The DJ makes an announcement about the fourth month wedding anniversary of Gehna and Surya. Surya makes the request to Suhani and then reveals that Gehna and Suhani would be doing a dance together on this very important occasion. Gehna advises them to put on a dancing performance for Surya’s pleasure.

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