Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th May 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th May 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th May 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Gehna tells Suhani that she and she should both dance for Surya’s enjoyment, and he tells Surya that the ladies he loves the most would dance for him. Suhani and Surya both join in the dancing. Gehna and Suhani on Sajna Di Vari Vari jaoongi mai.. song. They are also joined by Surya. While Urmila watches them dance, she is reminded of Suhani pulling her away from the edge of the cliff. After the dancing performance, Gehna excuses herself and heads towards the room as Sarika insists on helping her change while dropping chutney on her sari and thinking of grabbing Gehna’s luxury sari at any cost. Gehna replies in the negative and then heads to her room to change.

Surya conducts a search for Gehna and inquires of Suhani as to whether or not she has seen Gehna. Suhani believes that she must be around in some capacity. Surya turns down the lights because he believes he has figured out how to contact Gehna. Suhani is informed by the waiter that he is responsible for kidnapping the girl. Suhani sees Gehna with Surya and wonders who the waiter may have abducted at that point. On the song “Jo Tum Na Ho,” Surya and Gehna do a dance together. Suhani places a call to the waiter and asks who he has abducted. During the video call, he displays Sarika. She requests that he let Sarika free. Sarika hits waiter. Suhani smacks Sarika next for wearing Gehna’s sari. Sarika claims that she wished to wear this crimson sari and obtained it in this manner. She goes on to explain that Gehna seemed comfortable and was concealing some paper behind her back. Suhani questions her recollection of what was written on the page. She suddenly realises that it is Surya’s birth certificate and issues a demand to her for a new sari. Suhani suggests that this is the reason why Gehna was at a municipal office and then inquires about the whereabouts of the document that Gehna was keeping. Sarika says in a locker. A certificate is retrieved by Suhani from a locker. There, Gehna makes its way. While Gehna begs Suhani not to destroy the certificate, Suhani goes ahead and burns it. She chuckles to herself on Gehna as her strategy gets destroyed along with the paper.

Sarika makes an attempt to incite conflict between Surya and Gehna by claiming that Gehna accidentally left the sari in her room, which is why Surya wore it. Surya replies is alright and wonders about Gehna. Sarika claims Suhani is not in his room. According to Surya, who claims he is inquiring about Gehna, Sarika has lost her mind ever since her spouse was arrested. To prevent him from entering the room, Sarika pretended to injure her ankle and yelled in agony as he approached. She is assisted by Surya. Gehna mocks Suhani and hands her many copies of birth certificates and DNA reports to destroy, claiming that she has many more copies available and that Suhani would not be able to prevent her from disclosing the truth today.

Gehna has made his way back to Surya. Surya claims that he was looking for her so that they could have supper together. She tells the visitors that she has something special planned for him and then asks them to leave. Following that, she hands Surya his birth certificate. Surya is perplexed as to why someone else’s name, Urmila, is inscribed in his mother’s name rather than Suhani’s. According to Gehna, the reason for this is because Urmila is his biological mother.

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