Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th April 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Gehna enters Surya’s room and is left in a state of disbelief as he sees Surya and Swara sleeping together in an inappropriate posture. She sits down irrationally as she thinks of the wonderful times she had with Surya before the two of them were married. When Surya finally comes to, he is surprised to see Swara sound asleep next to him. He remembers Swara taking him home when he was in a condition of intoxication. Gehna escapes the room by running. The police enter the scene. Suhani inquires about the inspector’s purpose for arriving. Inspector, he was notified of a report of illicit conduct taking place at her residence. The group of people led by Daadi walks to the living room. Surya inquires as to who it was that called him here. Gehna claims that she phoned him and told him that she wants to lodge a complaint against her sister Swara for using her husband Surya to her benefit. The inspector inquires as to whether or not she implies a boy was abused by a female. Gehna gives in and makes a request to detain Swara. Swara is apprehended by the constables and taken into custody. Swara begs Suhani to intervene and requests that Gehna refrain from lying to her.

Surya pulls over the police and tells them that his wife believes he is having an affair with Swara, and if that is the case, they both agree to it, therefore he withdraws his complaint against Swara. Daadi gets horrified watching Surya’s conduct and walks to her room. Gehna is reprimanded by the inspector for wasting the time of the police, and the inspector then leaves. Swara mocks Gehna by claiming that she triumphed in the competition and stole Gehna’s spouse from her. Gehna is ridiculed by Suhani, who claims that Gehna’s own sister wrecked her life, that she would never have Surya, and that she will suffer for having Sikandar imprisoned. Gehna remembers witnessing Surya and Swara in a vulnerable situation and thinks to herself that she would not take defeat from Suhani and that she will respond to her in a manner that is suitable.

Surya receives a bear embrace from behind from Swara. Surya rebuffs her advances and demands to know why she would dare to touch him. She claims that he was intimate with her last night but is behaving differently today. Surya claims that even in his wildest fantasies, he would never have a romantic connection with a female like her. She claims that the two of them started dating over the weekend. Surya forces her to leave his room by shoving her. After what seems like an eternity, Gehna finally enters Surya’s room and glares fiercely at the bed. She hurls the sheets and pillows onto the floor, where she then sets fire to them. After that, she goes and sits beside the bed and sobs loudly.

The state of Praful’s health worsens. The doctor examines him. Hema gives Kanak a call to tell him that Praful’s health is failing due to Surya’s influence. Kanak wonders what did Surya do. Hema revealed to her that Praful had taken out a mortgage on his home and given the money to Surya; Surya had promised to repay the money in two days but has not done so as of yet. Kanak is stunned to learn that, and she immediately assumes that the mother-son combo are engaging in some kind of game. She also believes that she would not spare Suhani, who is an elderly woman. She goes to Swara while thinking that she must be aware of something when she does so. They are given a bowl of soup by Gehna. Kanak shouts at her to leave the area, saying that she would contact her if more assistance is required. Gehna leaves smiling. Swara is concerned that something is not right. Kanak inquires of Swara on her knowledge of the reason for Surya and Suhani’s decision to mortgage the Desai property. Swara is sick with diarrhoea, so she often runs to the restroom, and then she scolds Kanak for ordering a subpar soup. Kanak claims Gehna did it. Swara dashes out to the restroom once again.

Gehna extends an apology to Suhani and acknowledges that she has lost. Suhani claims that she has just come to her senses. Gehna claims that she has come to the conclusion that she cannot get Surya. Suhani has come to terms with the fact that she loves Sikandar more than she loves Surya and is willing to sacrifice Surya in order to free Sikandar from prison. However, she is aware that Surya would not believe her even if she conveys this information to her. Gehna compliments her. Suhani gives her the order to go and believes that her last assault is still on the way, something that Gehna is unable to accept. Gehna plays Daadi the audio recording of Suhani’s confession to him. Daadi advises her to let Surya listen in on this conversation. After seeing Surya’s treachery, Gehna has said that she is sick of all of this. Daadi inquires as to whether or not she is ready to concede defeat. Gehna claims that she would show Surya the truth about Suhani and then leave this home; at that point, Surya will understand what it means to be defeated.

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