Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th April 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Kanak and Swara lie to Surya that Gehna shot Suhani. After hearing it, Surya runs out from her house in astonishment. Swara and Kanak celebrate. Gehna brings Suhani to hospital. The doctor examines Suhani and determines that a surgery will be necessary. After arriving at the hospital, Surya inquires of the attending physician on Suhani’s prognosis. The doctor inquires as to who he is. Gehna claims he is Suhani’s son. The doctor gives Surya his word that he would do all in his power to rescue Suhani, and then he takes Suhani to the operating room. Gehna is dragged out of the hospital by Surya, and he places her into his vehicle before driving away. Gehna inquires as to the destination of their journey. Swara is able to discern that Surya is concealing, and she wonders where he is bringing Gehna. The way Surya drives the automobile is dangerous. Gehna feels fear and begs him to stop the automobile before it is too late. He brings the automobile to a halt in the middle of the wilderness and then takes her out of the vehicle.

Gehna inquires as to what she has done. He claims that every day he believes she would not descend low, but she surpasses her limitations every day; he never anticipated that she would shoot Suhani out of hate. She confronts him with the question of how he can even think that. He claims that he can never forgive himself for meeting her and falling in love with her since she destroyed his family, and he begs her to never show her face again. She claims that he is misinterpreting her and that she has done nothing wrong. He claims that trusting her was a mistake on his part and that he now wishes he could murder her. He wishes that her death would come immediately, exactly at that moment. While she is pleading with him to take her with him, he gets into the vehicle and drives away.

Surya has returned to the hospital, and she is now waiting outside OT. After the procedure is complete, the doctor lets Surya know that Suhani is no longer in any immediate danger. Surya expresses his gratitude to the doctor and tells him that he did a tremendous service for him. The doctor reports that he has just concluded his shift and that he is able to meet with her once some time has passed. Kanak is uneasy that the elderly lady has once again avoided passing away. The doctor inquires about Gehna and explains that Suhani is alive today due of her; she was the one who took Suhani to the hospital alone at the appropriate moment, which ultimately saved her life. Kanak screams that Gehna shot Suhani first and then pretended to save her life, claiming that she has never seen a lady with such cunning in her whole life. Daadi cautions her to watch what she says and adds that everyone in this place is aware of who the sly one is. She gives Surya a tongue lashing for blaming Gehna, and she urges him to examine in his heart whether or not Gehna is capable of doing this. Surya remembers Gehna giving him an idol of Sri Krishna as a present for his protection. He also remembers Gehna blaming him for abandoning her in the wilderness.

Gehna has challenges in forest. She is struck by a falling tree. She hears a vehicle approaching and, supposing it to be Surya’s, yells out that she is present. Swara exits the vehicle instead with the thugs and seems to be concerned about her safety. She comes to her aid and gives her some water to drink. Gehna expresses her gratitude to her for save her life and makes an attempt to embrace her. Swara halts her and inquires as to whether or not she believes she came to assist her. Gehna just stands there in disbelief. Swara comments that she remembers having the same emotions before going to prison and then asks Gehna whether she believes that Gehna came to rescue her. Gehna inquires as to what it is that she requires. Swara has said that she would eliminate Gehna and take Surya away from her. She gives Gehna the order to have her assassinated and reassures her that she does not need to be concerned about Surya after Gehna’s death. While Swara is driving away in the automobile, the goons pull Gehna along with them.

Surya thinks back fondly on the time she was able to spend with Gehna. Daadi comments that it is clear from his expression that he done something wrong, and then he inquires as to the whereabouts of Gehna. Inspector steps in and tells Gehna that they were able to apprehend the people who shot Suhani with the aid of the CCTV video. Now, they want Gehna to identify the people who were responsible for the shooting. He has been disturbing Gehna and following the advice of others, so Daadi tongue lashes him for it. Surya is questioned by Swara upon his arrival about his well-being. He then walks away after pushing her. Kanak comes up to Swara and tells her that he is leaving in a hurry but that he doesn’t know where he left Gehna. Swara tells him that it doesn’t matter how quickly he gets there; he can’t help Gehna. Her thugs make an attempt to consume Gehna alive with fire.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th April 2022 New Episode Written Update on

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