Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd April 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Gehna inquires of Jamuna of Praful’s well-being. Jamuna reassures her that he is well and then asks her why she made such a significant sacrifice for them. Gehna expresses her contentment at having been of assistance to them, stating that her life is centred entirely on them. Gehna intervenes to prevent Jamuna from placing a curse on Surya. Jamuna inquires as to whether or not she still loves Surya. Gehna stands quiet.

Surya thinks about Gehna in his head since he misses her. Turmeric is something that she puts on his wounds. After that, he comes to the conclusion that it was only his imagination, and out of irritation, he hurts his hand. He ponders the reason why Gehna is gaining control of his thoughts. He instructs the nurse to bring Praful some fruits. The nurse has just informed him that Praful would be released from the hospital today. He is grateful to her. When Praful is on the verge of losing his balance in the wheelchair, an accident causes the ward boy to push his wheelchair instead. Surya comes to Praful’s rescue and afterwards apologises to him. He then gives Praful the assurance that he does not need to worry about anything since he has resolved everything and the Desai home is once again Praful’s.

He is met with joyous blessings from Praful, who then inquires about Gehna. Surya spreads a false narrative that Gehna is praying for his well-being as part of a puja. Praful reveals that he is aware of the conflict that has arisen between Surya and Gehna as a result of the pregnancy problem. He then requests that Surya forgive Gehna, stating that he can feel the love that Surya has for Gehna in his eyes. He claims that even Surya should consider himself fortunate because Gehna adores him. Surya nods yes and goes away. Surya is discharged from the hospital, where Jamuna gives him back the fruits he sent and tells him that they do not want his false pity. She then enters the hospital to see Praful after telling him that Gehna should be released from prison since she is not guilty.

Kanak reveals to Surya that Suhani made a commitment to give her Gehna’s diamond necklace in exchange for her assistance in separating Sikandar and Gehna. Kanak further reveals that Suhani and Sikandar are both crafty individuals. He gives her fair warning that he does not need a character certificate from her on behalf of his family. Kanak claims that she despises Gehna because she always tells the truth, which is both Gehna’s worst flaw and her greatest strength. After that, she turns her back on him and asks him to consider what Gehna has to say.

Gehna is provided with meals while she is incarcerated. She is given the command by the inmates to meet their leader, woman don Babli. When Babli sees that Gehna is paying her no attention, she becomes enraged. Her assistants are able to put her at ease. Gehna pays them no attention and begins eating food instead. Gehna is bothered by aides, who ruin her meal by adding water to it. Another plate is given to Gehna. They knock her to the ground and admonish her to comply with them. Gehna sips water and walks away.

Surya is thinking back on what Kanak had said. Sikandar gives him a camera as a present and tells him to continue to have fun in life while he takes care of everything else. Surya discusses his desire to work for the family company while thinking back on the first time he and Gehna met. Sikandar denies. Surya is reminded of the statements made by Kanak and Sikandar’s adversaries by their thugs, and he inquires of Sikandar as to the reason why he does not want him to join the family company. Sikandar makes an attempt to provide justification, but Surya insists that he will definitely join the firm and then leaves the room. Sikandar confides in Suhani that he has a sneaking suspicion that Surya is keeping an eye on them. After some time has passed, Sikandar eventually finds Gehna in prison, where he threatens her by saying that he would murder Surya. She strongly advises him not to get near Surya at any cost. He issues a challenge to her, saying that he would kill Surya the next evening, and then he walks away.

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