Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th April 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Suhani extends an invitation to Sikandar to dine with them all. Sikandar tells his family that he has made arrangements for a party to take place the next day, and he claims that he does not want to eat this plain meal. He demonstrates the party attire to Surya and tells him that both brothers would dress similarly to Ram and Lakshman at the party. Surya is in agreement. Sikandar exits. Suhani doubts Sikandar’s aim. Sikandar claims he chose to murder Surya. Suhani has said that Surya is her son, and that she would not let anybody to murder her son. Sikandar says Surya needs to die. Suhani has said that she would send Surya away from them to a distant land, but that she will not allow him to murder Surya. She is warned by Sikandar that she is living a rich lifestyle as a result of him, and he tells her that he cannot for Gehna and Surya to get back together. He provides her with poison and instructs her to carry out the execution of Surya herself. Suhani starts to feel concerned about Surya.

In a state of fear, Gehna requests Paresh to either find a way to break her out of prison or to tell Surya about Sikandar’s intentions. Paresh questions why Surya would listen to him given that he didn’t pay attention to her when she warned him about his mother and brother. She insists that something has to be done and that they cannot allow Surya to perish. He tells her to take a deep breath and promises her that he would take care of the situation. She is under the impression that she must get out of prison and do whatever it takes to rescue Surya. The next morning, Gehna is reminded of Surya’s instruction to confess to the murder of Anant and free Sikandar from prison. When the Constable opened her cell door, he instructed her to wash herself before breakfast. When Gehna finds Babli don asleep, she wakes her up by splashing water on her face and purposefully provoking her. As a result, Babli becomes belligerent and assaults her. Gehna continues to provoke her while pushing her away from him. She is pierced by Babli. Gehna crumples to the ground while muttering, “Surya, she is coming.” The officials at the jail hurriedly took her to the hospital.

Both Surya and Sikandar got ready for the party wearing gowns that are quite similar to one other. Surya receives a call informing her that someone has stabbed Gehna, and she immediately makes her way to the hospital. Suhani hears from Sikandar that love can drive a person mad, and that if he lets Surya live, Gehna and Surya would get back together, and then Gehna will put Suhani back in prison, thus Surya must be killed.

Gehna regains consciousness as she is being treated in the hospital. She mutters that she needs to see Surya and then makes an attempt to flee the facility. The doctor is able to stop her and cautions that the authorities should be notified if she attempts to flee. She begs him to see things from her perspective and agree. After taking off his disguise, the doctor reveals his true identity to be Abhay. She is taken aback to see Abhay and demands to know what he is doing in this location. He describes where else the doctor need to go and claims that he will be where his kajal is located. She yells at him that she is Gehna, and that she will not get treatment from him. He informs her that she is a prisoner at this time and offers to assist her in escaping captivity on the condition that she move in with him. He tells her that he still loves her very much and gives her the option to either live a happy life with him or terminate her life. She decides that she will accompany him. When he hears it, it makes him pleased. According to her, she will require two hours to meet with Surya. He claims that he is unable to pick out the name of another guy while she is speaking it. She tells him that she has an unfinished work that she has to do and that she will return to him in two hours. He agrees.

Surya goes to the hospital and, after asking the receptionist where Gehna is being treated, makes an attempt to access her room. The constables refuse to allow him in, citing an order from the doctor to deny entry to anybody for the next three hours. Gehna flees the hospital by exiting her room via a window and making her way outside. Surya is kicked out of the hospital by the police. Arjun travels to that location and removes him from that spot. Gehna has taken cover in the dickie of their automobile. They finally get there. Arjun begs Surya to smile because there is a party at home to celebrate Sikandar’s homecoming, and Sikandar would feel guilty that he is more concerned about Gehna than he is about himself. Arjun tells Surya to smile because there is a party at home to celebrate Sikandar’s return. They proceed into the home.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th April 2022 New Episode Written Update on

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