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Gehna is teased by Suhani, who threatens to expel her from the house after 12 hours, saying she shouldn’t have been given even that much time to establish her innocence. Sarika promises to assist Gehna with packing her bags. Suhani is cautioned by Urmila to temper her arrogance because Surya may obtain some evidence. Gehna and Urmila will leave this house, according to Suhani. Gehna is harshly ordered to begin packing by Sikandar. Gehna makes her way to her room after feeling discouraged. She sobs as she thinks back on her time spent with Surya. She sees Surya consoling her in her dreams. A song called Ratti Ratti Reza Reza is playing in the background. She chooses a photo of herself and Surya and prepares her luggage. After realising it was all in her head, she had a hallucination that Surya had stopped her.

saath-nibhana-saathiya-2 written-updatesaath-nibhana-saathiya-2 written-update

Gehna carries her bag to the living roo and prays to the deity to take care of Rajesh, Dimpy, Urmila, and Surya and to keep the family together while she is away. She is taunted by Suhani to stop thinking so much and leave the house. Kaddu bua issues a warning to her. Urmila and Kaddu bua hear Gehna’s impassioned speech. Kaddu apologises to her while crying. Gehna encourages her to refrain from saying sorry because her hands should be blessing her instead. For the first time, according to Kaddu, she was unable to bring someone to justice. Gehna claims that she is not to blame. Even though Kaddu claims Gehna is innocent, she must leave this house. Gehna consoles her before heading out the door.


Surya walks in. To him, Gehna rushes. She is lifted up by Surya, who declares that since she has been found innocent, she shouldn’t have to leave the house. To break Gehna out of her impersonation, Suhani insists she must leave the house at any costs. Surya arrives home dejected. Sikandar remembers receiving a call from a Sahukar employee and prays Surya didn’t obtain any evidence. Rajesh enters next. Gehna pats the man’s feet. Rajesh warns her that leaving the house would be a loss and wishes her happiness in all her endeavours. Surya expresses regret to Gehna for not establishing her innocence. He should constantly stand by her, according to Gehna, who calls him brave for fighting. Surya swears to clear her name and reveal the villain while keeping an eye on Suhani and Sikandar. Suhani and Sikandar smile as Gehna slowly exits the house.


Since nothing was stolen while the keys were in her possession, according to Suhani, they should be returned to the person who was supposed to receive them because Kaddu failed in her duty to respect each instruction and hand up her locker keys. Kaddu gives Suhani the keys after stating that Suhani is correct in believing that she has failed to fulfil a responsibility for the first time in her life. Return keys are not required, according to Dimpy. Kaddu claims that she is merely a visitor and has come to appreciate her place in the home. Thank you, Suhani.



Gehna disguised as an interviewee visits Sikandar’s office and searches for clue. She discovers Sahukar’s card and interprets it as such. Someone continues to touch her shoulder.

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