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Kaddu bua must give the locker keys to Suhani. She is told by Urmila that she does not need to give Suhani the keys. Kaddu bua, discouraged, claims she forgot the importance of being a guest in this home and gives the keys back to Suhani. Suhani chuckles as she adjusts her keys in her waist and replaces her key chain with her old one. Sikandar claims that now true justice has been served. Gehna boards a taxi. The cabbie inquires as to her destination. Wherever fate leads her, she says. Agastya pulls over in front of the cab, approaches Gehna, and demands she exit the vehicle and go with him to his house. Gehna asserts that she doesn’t wish to be a burden to him. He explains that Surya called and begged him to take her to his house, adding that she is his buddy and not a burden. She accepts and sits dejectedly in his car.


Kaddu makes the choice to leave Seth’s home. She is asked not to go by Raju and Surya. Kaddu claims that she is leaving the house because she wants them to respect her forever. While Surya continues to beg her to reconsider, she leaves. Suhani says Kaddu and Gehna thought they were smart, but she outsmarted them as she joins Sikandar and Sarika in their celebration. Indignant with Surya’s wrongdoing, Sikandar threatens to punish him. Suhani requests that he unwind while they free Urmila from the house and seize her half of the land. Sikandar is told to confess the truth when Surya enters the room and grabs him by the collar. Sikandar keeps his collar up as well. Sikandar is being punched by Surya. If he will beat his brother for Gehna, Suhani stops him.


According to Surya, Sikandar caught Gehna and made Kaddu leave the house. Suhani claims that the guilty party was punished. Inquiring as to why the locker key bead was in Suhani’s bag, Surya declares that he will reveal the truth. Sarika becomes anxious as she fears Suhani will now be revealed. Suhani claims she has no idea how it got inside her luggage. According to Sikandar, Gehna placed a trap for Suhani in her bag. Gehna is also to blame, and Sarika questions why he cares for her when he wants to divorce her. According to Surya, they are still married. Suhani makes an effort to manipulate his emotions. In a challenge to look into the situation and clear Gehna’s name, Surya claims that Gehna is as important to him as Suhani. Hearing that stresses Suhani and her colleagues out.


Agastya brings Gehna to his home where he anxiously hides items. What is he hiding, she queries. What can a bachelor hide, he asks apprehensively. He hasn’t changed since his college days, Gehna claims, and she will make things right in his house. When she arrives, Agastya replies that of course. Gehna inquires as to his meaning. He requests that she make him something to eat because he claims to be hungry. When Surya calls him. If Surya is calling, Gehna asks in a joyful tone. Agastya claims that Gehna is okay, steps away, and encourages Surya not to be concerned. After expressing gratitude, Surya requests to see Gehna. Agaystya affirms that he is welcome to meet his wife. And again, Surya thanks him.


Then, after inviting Gehna to partake, Agastya eats some food she had prepared. When Surya is hungry, Gehna claims she is unable to eat. She also claims she wants to establish her innocence and bring Rajesh, Dimpy, Urmila, and Surya back home. She can begin a new life if she wants to, according to Agastya. Without Surya, according to Gehna. Agastya tries to incite her against Surya by claiming that he failed to defend her. The family, especially a mother, is difficult to fight with, according to Gehna. She said Surya went above and beyond to assist her, and she will never forget it. She asks him if he will be of assistance. He promises to support her until she passes away.


Suhani becomes anxious as she considers Surya’s challenge. She makes a call to her assistant to find out how long it will take. Sikandar queries if anyone is expected. Suhani claims that Gehna and her sister are sautans. Gehna is asleep while Agastya looks at her. When Surya sees him. Gehna is sleeping, so Agastya begs him to enter cautiously. Surya promises to babysit Gehna for one time before leaving. Agastya concurs. Gehan is seated next to Surya. In her sleep, Gehna grabs his hand and begs him not to leave her. In an emotional outburst, Surya declares his love for her.


Gehna visits Sikandar’s office as an interviewee in disguise and looks for a clue. She discovers Sahukar’s card and interprets it as such. Someone continues to touch her shoulde

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