Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th April 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Surya passes out as a result of the poison’s effects on him. Gehna is concerned about Surya. Daada Daadi is informed by Suhani that she is unable to poison Surya. She is slapped by Daadi, who then questions her how she could attempt to harm her own kid. Suhani swears she didn’t do anything. Sikandar charges Gehna of poisoning Surya. Gehna requests that Dadaji dial the number for the ambulance. Sikandar threatens to put Gehna back behind bars and makes a call to the authorities. Gehna brandishes a fork at him as a threat and tells him that she will turn herself in to the authorities as soon as she has taken Surya to the hospital. Suhani is knocked out after being struck on the head from behind and falling to the ground. Even if Surya makes it to the hospital, according to Sikandar, he will still murder him. Gehna is whisked away by Abhay after he tosses a smoke bomb at her. Both Sikandar and Suhani are taken aback by the fact that Gehna is absent.

Surya is brought to the hospital by his family. Suhani confronts Sikandar with questions about who put the smoke bomb inside the home as well as the whereabouts of Gehna. The Inspector has just entered. Dadaji urges him to arrest Suhani for poisoning Surya. Suhani claims that as Surya’s mother, she would never consider attempting to harm or murder her son. Dadaji cautions her to stop all of her dramatic antics. Sikandar requests that the inspector not take them too seriously and then asks Arjun and Sarika to bring Daada Daadi back to their house. The Inspector inquires as to who was there at the time of the occurrence. Sikandar claims that Surya betrayed Gehna and led to her detention in connection with Anant’s murder case; nevertheless, Gehna managed to get out of jail and exact her vengeance on Surya by poisoning him. Suhani requests the inspector to quickly capture Gehna.

The Desai family is watching the news when they find out that Gehna managed to get out of prison, poisoned her current husband Surya, and then fled the scene. Jamuna is certain that the report is false, and she is concerned for Gehna. Hema asserts that there is no way Gehna could have fooled Surya. Kanak is concerned that Praful won’t be able to cope with the information if he finds out about it. Praful enters in the door and attempts to watch some television. He is stopped by Paresh, who tells him to go to his room and rest there. Door bell rings. Kanak and Hema are both terrified that Gehna has returned. An inspector of the police comes in and inquires about Gehna. According to Praful, she has to be in her in-laws’ house. Jamuna implores Praful to go to his room for some shut-eye. The inspector reports that he was successful in obtaining a search warrant against Gehna and instructs the squad to look for her. Praful inquires as to what Gehna has been up to. The inspector claims that Gehna managed to get out of prison and then attempted to assassinate Surya.

When Gehna comes to, she realises that she is in Abhay’s vehicle. She yells at him to pull over immediately. Abhay says he will not stop the vehicle and that she should thank him for rescuing her from the party and saved her life. He also states that he will not stop the automobile. He is thinking back to the event. Gehna begs Surya to allow him to make the trip back to him. He tells her that they are going to start a new life together and that she should never use Surya’s name again. He then reminds her of their agreement. Gehna yells that she has to go to Surya as soon as possible. Abhay’s automobile is pulled up for a check by the police. Gehna replies that she will exit the vehicle and go through the forest to get to his location. Abhay cautions her to conceal herself behind the seat or else he would report her to the police. She is secretive. He hands his identification card to the investigating officer and explains that he is in a race against time to get to the hospital in order to save the life of a patient. The inspector gives him the all clear. Gehna approaches Abhay with a request to let her go. He chuckles and then asks who Surya is before saying that they will begin a new life together. Gehna takes control of the car’s steering and manages to get out of the vehicle. Abhay gives pursuit and finally manages to capture her. She asks God for assistance in her prayers. A snake bites Abhay. Gehna expresses gratitude to God before making his way out of there.

Suhani confronts Sikandar about her suspicions that he poisoned Surya. Sikandar claims he only helped her do her assignment. Suhani is concerned that Surya will recover and begin the inquiry once he is well. Sikandar asks her why she is concerned given that she has been a victim of many such cons in the past. Suhani is concerned that Gehna will cause some kind of issue. Sikandar promises her that he would soon murder Gehna and Surya and tells her to go back to her house so that she may wait for his good news. Gehna wears a veil when she checks into the hospital in order to conceal her identity. Suhani has a conflict with her but is unable to determine who she is. When Gehna gets close to Surya’s room, she discovers that the police and Sikandar are waiting outside.

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