Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 (28 June 2022) Written Episode Update[SNS2]

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 (28 June 2022) Written Episode [SNS2] on

Surya expresses his gratitude to Agastya for hosting Gehna. Agastya asks his friend to take care of himself and responds that he can at least do something for him. Surya adjourns. Gehna calls Surya while still in bed and inquires as to whether Surya has arrived. I’m sure she’s dreaming, Agastya says. Surya must have come here, Gehna becomes adamant, so she goes looking for him. She is given water by Agastya, who urges her to unwind. Gehna claims she believes Surya and her are being attempted to be split apart. She is told by Agastya not to worry because Surya won’t experience any harm. Gehna declares that she does not wish to lose Surya.


A stunning woman exits the automobile and walks inside the Seth house. Suhani enthusiastically embraces her and refers to her as Shaku/Shakuni. Shakuni calls and introduces the lovely girl as Rhea. Rhea claims to be Ridhima. Suhani thanks Shaku for coming and declares herself to be Menaka for her. Shaku requests that she locate a dashing groom for her. After they resolve Surya’s problem, Suhani says. Shaku is referred to as maasi/aunty by Sikandar. Shaku requests that he refer to her as Soni and asks him to locate a hottie from his gym for her. Suhani queries Menaka about her plan to seduce Surya. Rather than Menaka, Ridhima claims to be her name. Shakuni asks Sarika to show Ridhima a guest room and says she will watch to see how Ridhima would cause a storm in Surya’s life.


Shaku is enthralled by the antiques at Seth’s home. If Ridhima is successful in seducing Surya, Suhani declares that she will abide by all of her requests. Ridhima, who Shakuni claims is the daughter of her driver and has an MA in Hindi, is immensely devoted to her. She asks Suhani if Urmila is her sautan who is bothering her after noticing her. She tries to intimidate Urmila, but Urmila responds appropriately and walks away.


Gehna is visibly anxious, and Agastya wonders why. Gehna claims she senses something is about to happen and surya must be experiencing the same thing as she is feeling nervous. She is not calmed down despite Agastya’s efforts. She calls Surya, but Surya can’t hear her since she is so highly intoxicated and wet from the rain. Agastya hastily conceals Surya’s wallet after noticing it. Gehna queries what he is concealing. He simply turns away and claims to have some essential task to do.


Ridhima likes her meal and remarks on how delicious it is. Suhani observes that she has been acting ravenously for years. Then Shaku and Suhani discuss Surya’s likes and dislikes. Ridhima ignores them and keeps eating. If she heard them, Suhani stops her and inquires. Ridhima believes that she will one day slap this middle-aged woman for preventing her from eating. They hear a car approaching and ask Ridhima to start working because they believe Surya has arrived home. They turn off the lights. Agastya enters to give Surya his wallet back. Ridhima rushes over and hugs him while feigning fear of the night. Who is she, he wonders. She claims that Ridhima and Shakuni maasi arrived here. Agastya believes he learned Shakuni is a woman for the first time.


Since Ridhima is unable to walk, she asks him to deliver her to her room. She is left in the room by him. She starts acting sexy around him. He claims to have come to return Surya’s wallet but instead takes it and walks away. With her eyes closed, she begins worshipping Surya. She is informed when Suhani and Shakuni enter. She claims to have been speaking to Surya while looking for him in the restroom but is unsuccessful.


The following day, Gehna goes to Sikandar’s office dressed as a journalist to collect proof. She tells the receptionist that Sikandar is being interviewed and that she is a journalist. She is asked to wait till Sir arrives by the receptionist. Instead of using the restroom, Gehna enters Sikandar’s cabin and explores the entire space. Sikandar enters. She is informed by the receptionist that he will be interviewed by a journalist. In the cabin, Gehna discovers Sahukar’s card and interprets it as a sign. Someone continues to touch her shoulder.


Gehna asks Surya to recognise Urmila as his mother in the precap. Surya claims he already has a mother and won’t allow another lady to take her place. On hearing it, Suhani smirks.

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