Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th April 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Gehna wakes up in the hospital pharmacy and prays to God for assistance as she is certain that the injection is the only thing that will save Suray’s life. A little kid finds her bleeding from an injury to her stomach and explains to her that his father is a physician and can help heal her condition. She inquires about his name. He identifies himself as being known as Krishna. She offers him money and the injection’s name, then asks him to purchase it from the pharmacy for her. She then tells him that she needs an injection. After purchasing the injection, he starts walking in the direction of Gehna. She imagines Lord Krishna in him. She expresses her gratitude to the youngster and then continues walking down the road. Just as she is about to be involved in an accident, a taxi driver stops his vehicle and offers the woman a free ride. She decides to take a cab after accepting the offer. Sikandar, still looking for her, pulls up in his automobile at the destination.

After returning home, Gehna observes that Surya’s health has deteriorated more. She assures him that she will protect him from harm in every way that she can. She then becomes more concerned after noting that his body is turning chilly, and she hesitates before injecting him with the medication. Praful tells her not to give her thoughts too much attention and to just inject Surya. Gehna gives Surya the injection. On the other hand, thugs working for Sikandar apprehend the cab driver and bring him to Sikandar. Sikandar puts him through excruciating pain and demands him to provide the whereabouts of where he hid Gehna if he does not like to be killed. The driver of the taxi undertakes to provide all relevant information.

When Gehna sees that Surya isn’t responding, she breaks down and begins weeping. Jamuna urges her to take a deep breath and tells her to hold on for a little while longer. Gehna has informed them that they must take Surya to the hospital as soon as possible. According to Praful, the authorities and Sikandar’s thugs are looking for her. S. claims that she cannot allow Surya to perish. Sikandar, accompanied by his thugs, arrives there and declares that Surya must be killed without a doubt. He warns Gehna that she should go before he counts to three. Gehn exits the building and locks the door from the outside. The two of them beg her to unlock the door for them. Praful and Jamuna She walks to Sikandar. Sikandar claims that there is no longer any need to conceal Surya since her game has been won. Gehna claims that he is unable to do any damage to Surya as long as she is still alive. He claims that she has an unhealthy obsession with her own self-importance.

She explains that before she passes away, she wants to know why he murdered Anant and why he wants to kill Surya now. She also wants to know why he wants to kill her. He claims that he murdered Anant because the latter was ready to do damage to his business empire. She inquires as to the motivation for his desire to murder one of his siblings. He claims that Surya is becoming a threat to him since he wants to take over his company, thus he believes that Surya must be eliminated. He promises that everyone will perish, including her, and aims the rifle at her. She begs him to put an end to it. He aims his gun at her. She loses her balance and immediately contacts Surya. When Surya is dreaming, he summons Gehna.

When the police arrived, the inspector informed Sikandar that he was being placed under custody for the murder of Anant as well as the attempted murder of Surya. Gehna gets to his feet and tosses the bullet cushion jaket out of the room. She makes fun of Sikandar by making fun of the fact that he lost the game once again. She admits that she was the one who exposed him by exposing the taxi driver and also by calling the police to report him. She claims that he intended to murder Surya, and as punishment, she has permanently written a prison cell into his existence. He exhibits a response. And She hits him and then tells him that if his mother had smacked him when he was younger, he wouldn’t have gone down the road that he did. She slaps him multiple times for insulting womanhood, killing Anantji, troubling her, attempting to Surya, etc., and she curses him that he will die in jail and that if it were possible, she would have tortured him and not let him die easily. She also threatens to kill Surya if he does not stop troubling her and attempting to Surya. He cautions that this event is not over as of yet. She threatens him not to dare come again or else she would deal with him herself in the same manner as before. The police drag him along with his thugs.

Surya comes to and calls Gehna after he has regained consciousness. Jamuna and Praful make a beeline for him in order to tell Gehna that Surya is awake now, that Sikandar’s hate has been defeated, and that Gehna’s love has triumphed. When Gehna discovers that Surya is awake, he is filled with joy.

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