Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd April 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

The dread that Surya’s doctor had been having was confirmed when it was discovered that Surya has renal failure and requires a kidney transplant; however, there is not much time left for them to locate a donor quickly. Concerned about the health of their grandson, Dadaji and Daadi ask the doctor to perform a kidney transplant using one of their own kidneys. According to the doctor, it is not feasible owing to their history of health problems. Because Gehna is getting set to give her husband her kidney, she wants him to check her out before the procedure. Surya claims that he would sooner pass away than give up and receive her kidney.

According to Suhani, if Sikandar had been free, he would have given one of his kidneys to his brother when the latter needed one. Because it is impossible, according to Gehna, Suhani ought to give one of her kidneys to her son. Suhani’s shocked expression as she asks whether she would donate a kidney Gehna said she agreed. According to Surya, he is unable to accept his mother’s kidney since it would cause her future health problems. According to Daadi, there would be no problems since Suhani’s blood group will match quite readily. Suhani gives a cautious nod in agreement.

Gehna admits to Daada and Daadi that she acted up the story of Surya’s renal failure in front of Surya so that she could show Suhani for who she really is. Both Daada and Daadi let their guard down and compliment her acting talents. Gehna tells them to be patient and see what she will do next before acting. Suhani finds a nurse who would care for Surya around the clock and employs her. According to Daadi, Suhani put a wrench into their plan. She is reassured by Gehna that she would soon be able to rest in Surya’s bedroom and is asked not to worry.

At night, with the assistance of Daada and Daadi, she terrifies the nurse by scaring her with ghost noises. Nurse becomes scared. She then goes to the nurse with the guise of bringing her coffee and informs the nurse that she hears strange ghostly noises in this room and that the nurse is welcome to remain with her if she so chooses. Nurse asserts that she will be OK. While playing the role of a ghost, Gehna continues to terrify her. The nurse scurries off in fear.

Gehna yawns as she emerges from her chamber and inquires as to what is taking on. Daadi says nurse went away, therefore someone should sleep in Surya’s room. Suhani explains that she is unable to since she is scheduled to give Surya one of her kidneys. Daadi responds that she will do it then. Surya asserts that Gehna will, and he gives Gehna the instruction to remain awake throughout the night. Suhani is insulted when Gehna tells her that she informed her that Surya himself would accompany her to his room, and then Gehna goes away after wishing Suhani a good night.

When Surya wakes up in the morning, the first thing he notices is Gehna sitting on the floor and shivering while she sleeps. This causes him anxiety. The shawl is wrapped around her by him. She begins to come to. He explains in a worried manner that he found the shawl laying about, so he put it over her. Then, since he is suffering from a headache, he requests that she bring him some tea. She promises that she will bring a remedy for headaches in addition to the tea. He maintains that there is no need for doing so.

Gehna goes, then comes back with some tea, and then he puts some pain balm on his forehead. Surya thinks back on the happy times they had together. Gehna inquires as to whether or not he ever loved her, even for a little while, and whether or not it was all a charade. He sits quiet. She claims that his silence was an answer to his inquiry and that a Surya who put his life in danger to rescue her would never think that she had the power to imprison an innocent person. He gazes directly into her eyes. They get rather near. She releases a balm. They come to their senses. It is his way of reminding her to bring him a cup of tea. After offering him some tea, she then left the room.

After a while, Gehna prevents Suhani from enjoying a typical breakfast and instead provides her with a bottle of smoothie and cheela. After that, she makes an attempt to scare her by describing how an operation involves needles and knives. Suhani insists that she is able to endure everything for the sake of her kid and wants her to bring up their appointment for today and do the operation as soon as possible. Gehna is anxious and asks Daadi and Daadi if she is missing anything. Both Daadi and Daadi believe that Suhani does not love Surya and that she would flee before the operation theatre can be reached. They are standing outside of OT.

Both Surya and Suhani are transported to the operating room on stretchers by the ward boys and nurses. Suhani requests Daada and Dadi to look for Surya in the event that anything goes wrong with her while she is undergoing surgery. Surya asserts that she won’t experience any negative outcomes. She claims that after seeing Sikandar in prison, she has a heightened sense of concern about Surya. She tells Gehna not to worry about her since her desire is going to be granted. Gehna tells Dada and Dadi that she has to go to the doctor immediately and that they must cancel the procedure.

Precap: Gehna urges the doctor to halt the kidney transplant that was scheduled for Surya since all of the stories were false. Gehna is astounded to see Abhay when the Doctor finally reveals his face.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd April 2022 New Episode Written Update on

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