Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd May 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd May 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd May 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Gehna reveals to Jamuna that she is pondering whether or not Suhani is capable of really poisoning Surya. She claims that it is obvious that Sikandar intended to murder Surya, but she questions if a mother could really attempt to kill her own child. Jamuna believes it is conceivable for this to happen if a mother does not love her son in the same way that she loves her other children. Gehna reflects on the fact that Suhani and Sarika’s blood types do not match with Surya’s blood group and notes that there is a possibility that Suhani is not Surya’s biological mother. Jamuna thinks Suhani can accomplish anything.

Gehna remembers that Suhani had said to another person that Surya is not her real son, but that she afterwards denied making such a statement and produced Surya’s birth certificate as evidence. Jamuna claims that it is simple to forge a birth certificate for a child when a mother is contemplating the murder of her child. She inquires about the means by which they will learn the truth. Gehna asserts this by means of a DNA test and orders placed over the phone for a DNA test.

Jamuna spots someone approaching the door and immediately alerts Gehna of their presence. Gehna conducts her search but comes up empty-handed. Jamuna asks again about DNA test. Gehna tells about it in detail. The next thing that happens is that she tells Surya to go home while she stealthily takes a hair sample from her for a DNA test. Surya opens his eyes and motions for her to join him by sitting next to him as he holds her hand. Gehna inquires as to whether or not he really cares for her. Surya claims that he loved her, but that she always put her responsibilities first. He feels grateful to her for rescuing him and supporting him up to this point. He acknowledges that he caused her and her family a great deal of harm and begs her to forgive him once again.

Gehna tells him not to feel guilty about whatever he did since she is aware that whatever he did was for the sake of his family. Surya believes that whatever Sikandar did was wrong, and he is certain that Suhani loves Sikandar more than he does, but she cannot poison him. Surya feels that whatever Sikandar did was not right. Gehna makes an attempt to elaborate. He tells her that he is aware that she has problems with his family, but that he has a responsibility to care for his family. He asks her not to mistrust his mother because he loves his mother very much, and the most important thing to him is that she maintain her dignity.

She nods her head in agreement and tells him to put these matters out of his mind so that he may get some rest. She claims that his mother is just like her mother, and she is well aware of the importance a mother plays in the life of a kid. She puts him to bed and then decides that she has to get samples from Suhani and Sarika right now.

Suhani is asked by Sarika how she can rest when Arjun and Sikandar are incarcerated. “How can you relax?” Suhani gets a package containing poison and a receipt in Gehna’s name. She informs Sarika that Surya ingested the poison, and now Sarika has to persuade Surya that Gehna is the one who is responsible for everything. Sarika compliments her strategy and becomes uncomfortable seeing Gehna standing. Suhani inquires of Gehna as to why she is there at this location. Gehna claims that since she is the DIL of this property, she does not need permission from anybody in order to access the residence. She goes on to state that she listened in on their chat. A nurse at the hospital requests that Praful complete the necessary paperwork for Surya’s release. Someone casts a glance in Surya’s direction, but when he glances around, he can’t seem to see anybody there. Gehna collects a sample of Suhani’s nail for the DNA test.

Precap: Suhani is being questioned by Surya about whether or not she is, in fact, his biological mother. Suhani explains why she kills Surya by stating that Surya discovered the truth about Gehna, which is that she is not Surya’s real mother.

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