Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th April 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

While Gehna waits outside the door and cries, the doctor is examining Surya in the intensive care unit. Praful tells Gehna not to worry since she is a Savitri and would fetch back her Satyavan from Yamraj. Praful says this to put Gehna at ease. The doctor says that Surya is going to be okay for the time being since Gehna was able to rescue him by administering the antidote at the right moment; nevertheless, he will require a blood transfusion so that the poison can be removed from his body. Gehna begs him to carry it out in such case. The doctor has informed her that Surya has a rare blood type called AB negative, which is not kept in their blood bank. As a result, the nurse must contact Surya’s family in order to make arrangements for AB negative blood to be provided by them. Gehna explains that there will be no compatibility between her blood type and Surya’s blood group. On the other line, Suhani is now anticipating a call from Sikandar. She receives a phone call from Gehna, who asks her to accompany Sarika to the City Hospital if she want to demonstrate that she was not the one who poisoned Surya. Suhani asks about Sikandar. Gehna assures her that she will provide more information on Sikandar once she arrives at the hospital. Sarika hears through Suhani that Gehna is still alive, which indicates that Sikandar’s plot was unsuccessful.

Suhani and Sarika approach hospital and enquire about Sikandar. After doing blood tests, the physician discloses that the mother’s and sister’s blood groups do not match. As a result, they will need to locate another donor as soon as possible. Paresh lets us know that they looked for AB negative blood everywhere, but they were unsuccessful in their hunt. Gehna implores God to intervene and save Surya by sending a physician. The physician then lets them know that they have located a donor before going to begin preparations. Gehna arrives to see the donor, but the nurse tells her that the donor has already departed after giving blood. Gehna is disappointed. Suhani begins her performance while experiencing feelings of disappointment since she was unable to assist Surya. She shakes off the crocodile and expresses gratitude to Gehna. Because Gehna overheard her and Sikandar talking about poison, she confronts her and tells her to quit exaggerating the situation. Suhani takes vows on Sarika and denies poisoning Surya. After that, she inquires about Sikandar’s whereabouts. It has been revealed by Gehna that Sikandar and Arjun are now detained. Sarika gets upset with Gehna and protects Arjun. Suhani attempts to hit Gehna for putting Sikandar to prison. Gehna grabs her hand and whispers a warning that she will disclose all of their illicit dealings. She has been challenged by Suhani to secure Sikandar’s release from prison on bail. Gehna throws a challenge to her, claiming that she can’t accept it. Suhani and Sarika are seen leaving the hospital with frowns on their faces.

When Surya comes to, she finds Gehna unconscious and realises that she is bleeding from the stomach. Gehna assures him that everything is OK with her. He then places a call to the nurse and requests that she treat Gehna. The nurse applies a bandage on Gehna’s wound. When Jamuna sees Surya’s care for Gehna, she experiences an emotional reaction and prevents Praful from entering the room. Suhani and Sarika visit Sikandar and Arjun in prison. Sikandar claims he wants to murder Gehna. When they got back to the hospital, Jamuna began to feed Gehna while Surya continued to sleep. Gehna speculates on the identity of the donor. She remembers Suhani claiming that she poisoned Surya, and she wonders why Suhani or Sarika’s blood group matched with Surya. She considers the possibility that Suhani is not, in fact, Surya’s mother, and she wonders why Suhani or Sarika’s blood type matched with Surya.

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