Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th April 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Gehna runs to doctor’s cabin and urges him not to do Surya’s procedure since the reports are fraudulent and Surya doesn’t have renal failure. Doctor turns around, and Gehna is astonished to see Abhay and asks what is he doing here. He claims he got freed from rehab for his excellent conduct, life drew him back to her. He threatens to execute Surya’s procedure which would be failed. Gehna says she will not allow him do Surya’s procedure. He says she will do anything only if she gets out of here and tosses a fake skull on her head. She collapses. He locks the door and goes away saying see you after the procedure darling.

Abhay meets Surya and Suhani and says he will do their operation. Surya asks to keep his mother secure. Abhay claims nothing will happen to moms. Daada and Daadi wait for Gehna and talk that she had gone to visit the doctor. They observe operation commencing. Gehna wakes up and knocks door. Abhay prepares for surgery. Suhani claims that they had a conversation in which she requested that he not do her operation. He encourages her to take it easy. When the nurse sees Gehna, she immediately opens the door. Gehna rushes at OT and interrupts Abhay just as the latter is about to administer an anaesthesia to Surya. Her assistants put a halt to it. She drives them and Abhay away, and then she tells Surya that he does not need surgery since all of the rumours are false, and that she just wanted to expose Suhani. Suhani claims Gehna is unfairly accusing her.

Abhay begins his performance by accusing Gehna of having duped him in the past with her love and then having him taken to prison so she could befriend Anant once again. He is certain that Gehna is now plotting against Surya. Surya is informed by Gehna that Suhani, with the assistance of Abhay, is plotting against him. He threatens to cut her throat with a scalpel and tells her that if anything had happened to his mother, he would have been forced to carry out his threat. Suhani both distracts him and leads him away from the situation. Gehna begins to weep immediately. Daada and Daadi soothe her.

When they got back to their house, Surya washed Suhani’s feet. Daada is taken aback and asks him what he is doing. Surya asserts that God created mothers since he is unable to be present in every location; nonetheless, there are certain individuals who do not appreciate having a mother because they have never had one. Suhani requests Gehna in an impolite manner to pass on the towel. Gehna performs sobbing.

Surya cleanses Suhani’s feet. After a while, Gehna cleans the floor with a mop. Suhani approaches her and tells that Kanak had Abhay sabotage Gehna’s plan, and that Gehna had accidentally revealed the truth, which made Surya despise her even more. She then places a begging dish in front of Gehna and orders her to start asking for money immediately after this point. Gehna issues a challenge to Surya, stating that once she reveals the truth to Surya, she would not be given the opportunity to beg for her forgiveness on a platter.

Suhani puts on a weeping act and tells Surya that Gehna is extremely dangerous and has the potential to do them damage. She suggests that they should use Gehna to get Sikandar out of the picture and then cast her out of their life. Surya asserts that she is correct and that the moment has come to release Sikandar from prison. He phones Bapuji and explains that he had previously put investors’ money in his new company, which he had formed in Gehna and baby’s name, but that all of his accounts have been frozen as a result of Sikandar being in prison, and that all investors want their money back. Bapuji inquires as to the amount of money he need from him. Surya says 9 crores. Bapuji has some anxiety and reassures them that they will come together and carry out some activity. Surya assures him that he would give back the money in a short amount of time and requests him not to tell Gehna about it. He makes up his mind to transform Gehna’s mangalsutra into a rope for her to hang herself with.

Suhani accidentally slips on the wet floor and asks the tailor master to take Gehna’s measurement. At that moment, Gehna is seen wiping the floor. Gehna is taken aback when she sees people wearing prison clothing. Suhani requests that her master create two clothes for her since Gehna will soon be in prison. According to Gehna, the person who ought to be in prison is already there; his name is Sikandar. Suhani claims that Gehna will end up in the same prison as she did, but Gehna is unaware that she and her family would soon be in a difficult situation. Gehna becomes scared.

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