Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th May 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th May 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th May 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Suhani shooots Surya. When Gehna yells Surya’s name, she remembers that she was dreaming about her. Surya inquires as to whether or not she is doing well and gives her some water. Gehna examines him and determines that he was shot. Surya explains to her that it’s only a nightmare and tells her to try to relax. Gehna gives gratitude to God that he is in good health. Surya claims that he is sick and tired of all the drama, and he claims that someone is making a concerted effort to create a misunderstanding between him and his mother, but that person is unaware of the fact that Surya’s love and respect for his mother will never end. He questions whether or not a mother may give her son poison. Gehna contemplates the best way to break the news to him that Suhani is not his actual mother. She informs him that a biological mother would never intentionally poison her child. He claims that he has no idea who is working against them, but he is aware that this has caused a great deal of damage to their relationship, and he wants to begin their time together from scratch. She tells him to get some rest since she has to make puja preparations on the anniversary of the death of his father. She believes that a Suhani is unable to kill Surya, regardless of whether or not he is her real son, and she is determined to discover the reason behind this.

Dadaji sobs as he clings to a photograph of his son Veeru. Daadi travels to that location in order to convince him to stop crying. Dadaji claims that he is unable to exercise self-control and that he is too elderly and worn out to continue bearing the weight of his son’s passing and his secret. He swears that he would protect Surya and Veeru’s secret till the day he dies.

Viru’s puja practises began. Panditji asks Suhani to collect milk and sandalwood paste. Gehna brings it. Pandiji requests that she let her son and her DIL to sit in the puja with them. Gehna is now seated with Surya. After they have completed the rite, Panditji requests that they pray to God. Lamp flickers. Both Surya and Gehna keep a watchful eye on each other as they guard it jointly. After that, they add ghee to the havan kund. Panditji requests the deceased individual’s wife to come and pray for the deceased’s peace of mind. While on the phone, Suhani is really busy. Sarika yells out and inquires as to where she is lost. Suhani tells Gehna that she is contemplating the situation and requests Gehna to just wait and observe. After that, she prays. Panditji says pooja is complete and asks Gehna to put aarti plate next Viru’s image. Gehna repeats the process, and after seeing a note, he makes an attempt to pick it up.

When the police arrived, Inspector Dada informed them that they had discovered who had poisoned Surya. Another officer reports that they tested the poison bottle at a forensic lab and discovered Gehna’s fingerprints on it there. The bottle was transferred to the lab as evidence. Surya claims that Surya was the one who kept him alive. The inspector believes that Sikandar must have been responsible for a great number of crimes, but he is not a suspect in the poisoning case. Dada claims that Gehna can never behave inappropriately in any situation. The inspector claims that Gehna’s fingerprints can be found on the bottle of poison, and that his name can also be seen on the transaction from the pharmacy. Surya receives reassurance from Gehna that she would return to her soon despite the fraudulent evidence. Suhani is under the impression that Gehna would not show up again, and she is thinking back to how she managed to find Gehna’s fingerprints on the poison bottle. Gehna is taken away by the police. Surya implores Sarika to remove him from that location.

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