Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th April 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

When Gehna thinks about the threat that Suhani made, she becomes concerned for her family. She confronts Dadi with the hypothetical scenario in which Surya does harm to her mother and father. In the meanwhile, Praful extends his apologies to Surya and informs him that the most money he could get is 2 crore. Surya is grateful to him. He claims that he is in a difficult situation and that he is unable to make any financial arrangements. Praful encourages him to make an effort to speak with potential investors. He is alert enough to detect Gehna’s call, and he notifies Surya about it. He doesn’t want Gehna to know about the situation, since Surya has told him that Gehna is pregnant with their child. When Praful answers the phone, Gehna is on the other end, and he asks her whether she is taking care of herself. When she inquires about how he is doing, he tells her that they are keeping some things from her. He assures her that everything is going well.

Jamuna invites Surya to breakfast and he accepts. Gehna is aware of such, and he inquires of Praful as to whether or not Surya is there. Praful is dishonest with her. She makes sure that Surya is present by calling her on Dadi’s phone and speaking to her there. She informs Dadi that Surya is now present at the Desai residence. When she was on her way to the Desai residence, Dadi asked her to stop by, but she fell and injured her head on the staircase. She begins to experience a loss of awareness. Gehna implores her to open her eyes throughout the conversation. She solicits assistance from Suhani and Kanak. They go there, but they insist that they won’t call the doctor. After some time, Gehna apologises to Dadi. However, Dadi requests that she go to Surat.

Surya requests the blessings of Praful and Jamuna as they pass by the Desai home. Surya was assaulted by a small group of persons who had arrived there and claimed to be bank employees. They are urged by Praful and Jamuna not to assault Surya in any way. Praful assures them that he would give the money back to them. Surya begs them not to raise a scene and tells them to go since it’s not like he’ll be able to sell the home anyhow. They continued to beat him up. They explain to Praful that they would pick up the money the next day, and then they depart. They inform Praful that they want money the next day, and then they depart the location.

After some time has passed, Lawyer informs Praful that they are able to mortgage the home. The documents are signed by Praful. Gehna prays to God, pleading with him to spare her family, and then travels to the Desai home. Surya reveals to Praful that he considers the latter to be his “adoptive father.” He is told by Praful that he is able to do anything for Gehna’s pleasure. While everything is going on, Suhani is being cruel to Dadi and asking her where Gehna is. But Dadi declines to say. Kanak appears and advises Suhani to not spend her time on Dadi. She tells her that Gehna has already arrived in Surat.

Gehna storms into the Desai home and demands to know where the Desais have hidden Surya. Surya reveals to Gehna that this location also serves as their home, allowing the latter to come and go as he pleases. She takes note of his wound and inquires for its nature. He tells her that he was involved in an accident, which is a lie. Jamuna requests that Gehna cease his line of inquiry. Gehna receives a hug from Surya after she advises her that she shouldn’t go alone herself while she’s pregnant. Gehna can’t help but wonder what it is that he has in mind to accomplish. He believes that he still has the Desai home documents.

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