Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th May 2022 Written Update (SNS)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th May 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th May 2022 Written Update (SNS)

Suhani laughs out loud. Sarika, accompanied by Shreya, approaches her and inquires as to the source of her laughter. Suhani declares that she is extremely pleased with Gehna’s arrest and then inquires as to why both of them do not seem pleased with Gehna’s arrest given that she is responsible for their husbands’ incarceration. Shreya claims that she is unable to verbalise her anger and aggravation and that Gehna is the one who drove a wedge between her and her spouse. Suhani claims that she can empathise with what Shreya is going through since she has always been the model daughter-in-law and has never defied her as Gehna has done; but, in return, she has only received anguish as a result of Gehna’s actions. She embraces them and then requests that they collect evidence against Gehna and ensure that Gehna does not get out of prison for the rest of her life. After a while, Shreya goes back to her room, where she keeps her secret lair, and grabs a pendrive from there. She believes that she has already gathered enough evidence.

The inspector questions Gehna and claims that he has to do further research about her case. Gehna inquires as to whether or not he had evidence to show that she was the one who poisoned Surya. He claims that she left her fingerprint on the vial of poison. She asks him if he has any testimonies to share with her. He claims that she had a grudge towards Sikandar and that’s why she set all of this up to catch him in the act. She claims that she assisted his department by having a notorious criminal named Sikandar caught, and that since she is a lawyer, she has a strong understanding of the law. When Suhani entered the room, she said that she was going to report Gehna to the police for trying to kill Surya. She claims that Gehna is a lawyer and that he may attempt to destroy the evidence, thus she wants the police to swiftly arrest Gehna. The Inspector locks up Gehna and places him in solitary confinement.

Gehna is informed by the Constable that she has been released on bail. Gehna is curious as to who rescued her and immediately runs outside to investigate. When Shreya finally comes face to face with her, she admits that she saved her life. She inquires from her as to the means by which she saved her. Shreya demonstrates to her a surveillance video that exonerates Gehna of any wrongdoing. Gehna wants to know who it was who poisoned Surya. Shreya admits that she is the one doing it. Incredulous, Gehna inquires as to the explanation.

Surya is unable to find an attorney to represent Gehna, so he turns to Sarika for assistance in finding one. Sarika claims that Gehna is to blame for her husband’s incarceration; nevertheless, Gehna is a lawyer in her own right and is able to defend herself. Suhani urges him to come to terms with the fact that Gehna attempted to take his life. He argues that he does not accept it and that Gehna is essential to him just as Suhani and other people since she saved his life and took care of him.

Shreya is confronted by Gehna, who orders her to stop sobbing and explain why she poisoned Surya. Shreya admits that she was coerced by Sikandar into poisoning Surya, and she explains how Sikandar blackmailed her in order to get her son Kartik in return. She let Gehna know that she is prepared to face the consequences of her actions. Gehna assuages her distress by assuring her that she done nothing wrong and that the real offender, Sikandar, is already in jail.

When Suhani attempts to sleep on the couch, Gehna quietly comes home and teases her by telling her that she is sleeping soundly despite having just sent her DIL to prison. When Suhani hears her voice, she becomes anxious and gathers her family. Her loved ones console her and encourage her to get some rest. Gehna comes through the door labelled “pain.” Suhani puts on a show of happiness in front of Surya, gives her a hug and says that she is delighted to see that she is back, and then whispers something about how Surya got out of prison. Gehna mocks her by pointing out that she exposed Suhani’s plot and was released from prison. Surya claims to have known from the beginning that Gehna is blameless. Everyone gets a hug from Gehna.

After some time has passed, Surya adorns Gehna’s chamber with decorations. Gehna is taken aback when he emerges from the restroom after his bath to see that the room has been decorated. In the background, you can hear the song “Kyunki Tum Hi Ho..” A bouquet of flowers is presented by him. She expresses her gratitude before asking whether he has taken his medication. He explains that he couldn’t have done it since his doctor Gehna wasn’t there. She shows her feelings for him, then provides him medication, telling him that he should put his health before his desire for romance.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th May 2022 New Episode Written Update on

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