Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th April 2022 Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th April 2022 Written Update (SNS2)

Gehna confronts Surya about his intentions since she is aware that he did not marry her with the intention of turning her into a maid. She also cautions Surya to keep away from her family. Bapuji slides from stairs. Surya comforts him by holding him and inquires about his well-being. Gehna is aware of this and believes that he is behaving in this manner. Chetan brings Guruji. Everyone offers him a greeting. Baa reveals to him that her daamad or SIL is experiencing some difficulties. Guruji advises Gehna that in order to protect her husband from problems, she should do the god’s parikrama by crawling up the temple steps on her knees. Gehna agrees. Baa informs him that Gehna is pregnant and demands that he provide an other option. Guruji has told Gehna that she is able to do the puja abhishek for her spouse. That is an excellent concept, according to Paresh. After then, according to Guruji, he will organise the pooja for you.

Gehna carries out the abhishek that guruji has instructed him to undertake for Surya. Pankaj is informed by Chetan that puja is in good shape, but Bapuji would not be able to mortgage their home for Surya. Pankaj acknowledges that he is correct and promises to discuss the matter with Bapuji after the puja. Following the puja, Surya will next take a bath. When Gehna sees Suhani’s call coming in on Surya’s phone, she immediately hangs up on her. Chetan and Pankaj bring the issue of Bapuji mortgaging the home for Surya to his attention. It is not improper, according to Praful, to assist SIL, and Surya has pledged to return the debt in fifteen days and have the home given back to him, he adds. They are concerned about what may happen if Surya cannot keep his commitment. Bapuji reassures them that he has faith in Surya but cautions them from telling Gehna about the home mortgage.

After using the restroom, Surya comes out and mocks Gehna. Gehna gives him no attention and then goes away. When Surya doesn’t react, Suhani becomes enraged and hurls her phone into the bed. Kanak reveals to her on camera that Gehna is attempting to entice Surya once again with pooja abhishek and tells her of this information. Midnight strikes, and Surya suddenly becomes aware that Gehna is absent. He goes outside the home to look for her and finds her practising parikrama by ascending the steps of the temple while she is on her knees. Gehna is under the impression that her family believes she is unable to conduct parikrama because she is pregnant; nevertheless, Gehna is aware that she is not pregnant and can, as a result, do anything for Surya. Pandit informs her that he is witnessing someone executing this difficult mannat/penance after many years, and that the person for whom she is performing this mannat is the happy recipient of her efforts. Gehna speaks for her spouse on this matter. Pandit prays that the answers to her prayers would come to her.

Surya discovers blood streaks on the stairs that were left by Gehna. He approaches Gehna and asks her why she is acting that way given that there is no one else in the room with whom to compete. Gehna tells him that she loves him before collapsing and says, “I love you.” Panditji believes that he is very fortunate to have such a wonderful wife. Concerned about Gehna’s well-being, Surya helps her up and carries her to their house. After that, he administers treatment to the damage she sustained to her knee. The song with the same name as the series plays in the background. Gehna wakes up. Suhani pretended to be concerned about Surya as she entered the Desai home. She is told by Baa and Bapuji to calm down that Surya is alright and is now sleeping in a room. Surya approaches her and inquires as to why she is at this location. Suhani has assured him that she has brought an ambulance for him, that she would have him treated by the greatest doctor, and that she will not allow anything to happen to him. She gives Surya a bear embrace while giving Gehna a sly grin.

Surya informs Suhani that she shouldn’t have gone to Seth’s home with the ambulance after they had returned there. She inquires as to whether he has completed his task. He confirms that it was her responsibility to contact him before going to that location. She claims that she phoned him at least fifty times, but he never picked up the phone when she did. He claims that he did not get any notice and demonstrates this on his mobile device. Hearing what they are saying makes Gehna smirk, and she suddenly remembers erasing the notice. She knocked on the door. Suhani demands indignantly to know the motive of her visit. Gehna explains that she came to acquire a blanket for Daadi and then climbs a chair in order to reach the blanket that is stored above the cupboard. Surya reassures her and promises that he will provide Daadi with a blanket before sending her on her way. Surya reveals to Suhani that he has obtained the property documents but that he would have to wait fifteen days before receiving the money.

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