Samantha’s father Joseph Prabhu Pens An Emotional Note After Daughter’s Divorce With Naga Chaitanya

When they revealed that they were breaking up a year ago, everyone was taken aback, especially Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya. Now, almost a year after they divorced, the Yashoda actor’s father, Joseph Prabhu, posted a series of pictures from their wedding on his Facebook handle along with the post, “It’s been almost a year since they’ve been divorced.” “VERY VERY LONG AGO, THERE ONCE WAS A STORY, BUT IT DOESN’T EXIST ANYMORE!!! WHICH MEANS THAT WE SHOULD BEGIN A NEW STORY, AS WELL AS A NEW CHAPTER!!!”

Additionally, he said “I AM APPRECIATIVE OF EVERY FEELING YOU HAVE. YES, IN ORDER TO GET RID OF THE FEELINGS, I SAT DOWN FOR A VERY LONG TIME. Life is too short to waste time dwelling on one’s feelings and being bogged down in them.”

While working together on the set of the film Ye Maya Chesave in 2010, Samantha and Naga Chaitanya developed feelings for one another. In 2017, the two doting lovers went to Goa for their dream wedding location and sealed the knot there. They wed following the customs of both the Hindu religion and the Christian religion. In 2021, the pair decided to end their marriage after having been married for just 4 years at the time.

In an interview that was conducted exclusively with Pinkvilla, Naga Chaitanya was asked about the constant association he maintains with Samantha after their breakup, and in response, he said, “We both came forward and made our statements, and as a result, we have an incredible amount of respect for one another. I am in awe of all that she does. In addition, she will always command a great deal of respect. That brings us to the end. What we needed to say has been spoken. Beyond that, there is nothing more than individuals attempting to fill up columns, and there is no further content. It’s just that I’ve grown tired of it. Even after going through three releases, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m still linked to it.”

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