Sanjog [1st December 2022] Written Update

Sanjog 1st December 2022 Written Update On

Sanjog [1st December 2022] Written Update

In Sanjog, Gopal yells at Gauri and says what you say. Gauri says I am telling the truth, Chanda is not our daughter but our real daughter Tara. Remember when Amrita was giving birth in the same hospital as me and our babies were swapped? Gopal thinks I cannot believe it. Gauri gives him the reports. Gopal falls to the ground and says that this cannot be true, Chanda is my life, you cannot take it from me. He says Tara is my blood? Gauri hugs her and says that our fate is playing this game, our daughter is Tara and she will take the rights to us.

Tara will take everything from Rajiv and we will take everything. We must control Tara and convince her to take our side. We have to convince her that Amrita is not a good mother for her, we have to separate Tara from Amrita.

Gauri comes to Amrita in the kitchen and says that I can make milk for the children, but no one can take care of children like you. Amrita says I want them to be something in life. She says don’t be sad because of Anjali’s words. Gauri shakes her head and leaves. Amrita thinks she is planning something.

Gauri comes to Tara’s room and asks why she is pouting. Tara says I don’t want to do my homework, but my mom makes me. Gauri says you are a princess so you don’t have to do anything yourself. You can give something to others and they will do your job. Is Tara really speaking? Amrita comes there and asks what are you doing here.

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Gauri says that I just spent time as a mother. Amrita looks at him. Chanda comes here and Amrita gives her milk. She gives it to Tara and asks her to finish her homework. Amrita asks Gauri what are you doing with Tara. Gauri says I am also Tara’s mother, can I talk to her? Amrita says don’t do anything wrong. Gauri asks if she can show love to her daughter? Anjali hides and thinks Gauri is up to something.

Maasa and Anjali visit Amrita. Maasa asks why Meenakshi (Gauri) is talking about her daughter in Tara’s room. Amrita says she only talks about Gauri. Gauri comes there and says that I am touched that Chandini has given so much. Maasa asks him to go and do his job. Leaves the table. Gauri tells Amrita that we can do favors for each other. Amrita looks on.

Tara comes to Chanda and gives her a dress. He says he can keep it. Chanda thanks him. Tara says you should give me a return gift. Chanda says I have nothing. Tara says she can do my homework. Chanda speaks well. Tara smirks and makes her do her homework. Amrita arrives there and Tara returns her books. He shows it to Amrita. Amrita asks if anyone helped her.

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Gauri hides it and sees it. Tara says I did it. Amrita, are you lying? If you lie, you will be a bad girl. Tara says I did this homework, I’m not lying. Chanda says I did Tara’s homework, I’m so sorry I can’t lie. Gauri looks at him. Tara says she lied about not doing my homework. Amrita asks him to read his homework. Gauri comes there and takes Chanda from there. Amrita scolds Tara and says that she cannot lie.

Amrita tells Alok that Tara lies too easily. Alok says they are children so don’t worry. Amrita says that Tara usually doesn’t lie, she fills someone’s mind with these thoughts.
Chanda apologizes to Tara, but Tara pushes her away and says she is not my friend. Chanda says I will do whatever you want. Gauri and Hides see it all. Tara asks Chanda to pack her things. Gauri tells Gopal that Tara is our blood and the key of another. Gopal is upset and says we shouldn’t fly too high. Gauri says that I will fulfill my dreams at any cost.

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