Sanjog [1st September 2022] Written Update

Sanjog 1st September 2022 Written Update On

The Episode Start With:

While Amrita and Rajeev wait for each other at the hospital, she suggests that I should be released.

Rajeev is visiting Lakshita’s residence when he remembers everything that has happened. He creates a check and then conceals it. Lakshita appears at that location and gives him a bear hug before saying, “Good morning, sweetie, we had a wonderful night together, and I wish for more.” She was presented with an anonymous check, to which Rajeev replied, “This is for you.” You are free to leave me at this time and begin a new life. Lakshita is astonished and demands to know what took transpired. Is someone trying to make me laugh? You were willing to divorce Amrita up until yesterday for me, so why are you saying this now? Rajeev claims that he is unable to continue in this manner; he has tried, but he is unable to be apart from Amrita. Lakshita yells at him, telling him that he is unable to carry out this action. This is a blank check, so you can live anyway you like, but Rajeev wants you to leave him immediately. Lakshita breaks down in tears and tells her boyfriend, “I love you.” She then asks, “You are giving me money for losing three years of my life on you?” The doorbell rings, and when Lakshita opens it, she is surprised to see Amrita standing there; she asks, “What are you doing here?” Amrita wants to know if this is the wrong time. Lakshita tells her “no” and then ushers her into the house. Amrita envelops her in an embrace and tells her, “I got the blessings I’ve been praying for for years, I am pregnant, and you are going to be an aunt.” Lakshita is taken aback, and she immediately begins to cry. Amrita inquires as to what occurred. Lakshita told me that I should just be happy for you. Amrita flashes a pleasant smile before continuing, “Don’t tell anyone but I had to tell you because you are my best friend.” Lakshita tells me that she has a surprise for you as well, and she wants you to come with her. Lakshita takes her inside her room, but Rajeev is no longer there when she arrives. Lakshita glances around and realises she is lost. Amrita inquires as to what occurred. What exactly was the unexpected result? Lakshita presents her with a necklace that Rajeev had purchased for her and tells her, “You got everything today; your love won, and now you have a kid.” Amrita expresses her gratitude before taking Rajeev’s call. She tells you that she is currently staying at Lakshita’s home and that she will come to visit you soon. After offering her gratitude to Lakshita, she exits. Lakshita is heard sobbing.

The passengers in the automobile are Rajeev and Amrita. Amrita expresses her regret that she had to be fired. Rajeev has informed me that you should have waited for me. Amrita claims that I met with Lakshita and informed her about the recent events. Rajeev believes that it is for the best that I was able to get away from there in a timely manner. Amrita reveals Lakshita’s gift, and Rajeev remembers how he gave it to Lakshita, prompting him to speculate that she may have come to terms with her predicament and be ready to go on.

Scene 2 Alok begins to sketch out Gopal and Gauri in preparation for their capture.

Gopal is currently making preparations to commit a robbery. Gauri has expressed her willingness to accompany you on this journey. According to Gopal, it might be harmful. Because Gauri claims that stealing is in my blood, I will come with you. Gopal draws her closer to him and tells her that from now on, they will spend all seven of their lives together. Gauri hugs him. His mother eventually showed up there and coughed. It is from there that Gauri and Gopal will depart.

Maasa is getting ready to give Amrita a warm welcome. Rajeev and Amrita have arrived safely at their residence. Maasa interrupts her and tells her, “I will perform your aarti for our heir.” She invites Amrita to come inside the house. Amrita nods, and then she walks up to the mandir. She offers a prayer to Mata Rani and tells her that she would address Rajeev’s concerns once the baby is born, adding that this child will transform their life.

When Lakshita arrived at the police station, she saw Alok walking away from the building. She claims that I would like to make a report. Then Alok appears again and asks, “Lakhita?” She gets scared seeing him.

Rajeev glances over his and Lakshita’s photos. He sets them ablaze. Since Amrita is about to arrive, he tosses them into the garbage just in time.

Lakshita is questioned by Alok over the type of report she intends to submit. According to Lakshita, I want to make a complaint about people cheating.


Lakshita is currently located in the police station. Alok wants to know who betrayed you. Lakshita says Rajeev did. When Alok phones Rajeev, Amrita is the one who picks up his phone and greets Alok. Alok asks about Rajeev. Amrita inquires as to what occurred. I hope everything is going well.

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