Sanjog [22nd November 2022] Written Update

Sanjog 22nd November 2022 Written Update On

Sanjog 22nd November 2022 Written Update

In Sanjog, Rajiv tells Lakshita that I am sorry for getting angry with you earlier. Lakshita says I just want to be with you. They approach but Amrita appears there. Lakshita says I came here to show my iPad, it works again and leaves.

Chanda brings candies for Panna and Hira but they tell her they don’t want it, she takes the gold chains and they don’t. Chanda says I just want to be with you, I don’t need this new family, I don’t even need this golden chain. He is about to take it out but Gauri stops him.

Amrita tells Rajiv that Tara is acting weird, she should accept Chanda. His family needs support, please forget our misunderstandings. Rajeev says I am thinking what to do with them, I will tell you soon. He is leaving.

Gauri tells Chanda to keep this chain around her neck, this is their key to success. She tells Hira and Panna to appreciate everything they get their hands on. She asks Chanda to go to her family. Chanda says I have family too. Gopal comes there and says he is a member of our family. Chanda says I can’t sleep but Amrita read me a Mickey Mouse story. Gopal hugs her and says I will always support you.

Sanjog Today’s Episode Online:

Rajiv and Amrita are sitting with Tara. They are playing on the projector. Rajiv shows her pictures and talks about her memories. Amrita says we love you very much and no one can take your place. She asks her to accept Chandini as her sister, you are still our princess. Rajiv says you don’t need to be insecure. Tara says ok, I accept it and I will have no problems with it. She thinks Chanda will never be my sister, she’s just a maid but Gauri taught me not to show my hate and act like a good girl.

Tara ties a thread to the ladder and looks for Chanda. Gauri sees this and gets shocked. Anjali climbs the stairs and falls before Chanda. Everyone runs to him. Maasa asks what happened? Tara thinks I should hide it. Gauri sees that the thread is missing because she hid it. Amrita takes Anjali out of there. Gauri tells Tara that she did everything right? Tara says I just want to hurt Chanda.

Gauri grins and thinks she is just like me. Gauri tells him that he will be your equal in the platoon today. Tara then thinks I won’t let her be my sister and leaves. Gauri says he is the same as me, he has the same temper and sharp mind. She is my Tara. I don’t know what he is doing now.

Sanjog Latest New Full Episode:

The party begins, Maasa informs the guests that we have recruited new workers Gauri and Gopal. They have a very smart daughter, so we decided to adopt her, we will leave her family here, but now she will have a new family. We now have a new family member. Guests praise her for her big heart. Amrita whispers to Maas that this is like a charity for Chanda, we shouldn’t say all that. Maasa says we cannot tell them that Tara is not ours. She called Chanda. Chanda comes there disguised as a joker. Everyone is in shock.

Tara approaches and grins. The guests joke and say that he is definitely from a poor family, has good manners. Amrita asks Chanda why she is not wearing a party dress? Chanda pushes him away and says I am not your daughter and I don’t want to be. I put this in to show your daughter that I prefer to be a joker. Everyone is in shock. Amrita is injured.


Rajiv tells Amrita that from today we will not be sharing a bedroom with him. Maasa says you have to prove to him that you are not a good wife or mother, you are worthy to be Rajiv’s wife, I give you 7 days to prove it.

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