Sanjog [22th November 2022] Written Update

Sanjog 22th November 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.comSanjog 22th November 2022 Written Update

In Sanjog, Amrita tells Gauri to stop acting like a good mother, I know you have a plan but are you afraid to show your true face? Gauri says she knows me well so I don’t care if you tease me, even if I have to stab someone in the back I just want to win. My mission is still pending so be ready for my next attack.

Amrita comes to Chanda’s room and sees her trying to jump out the window. She saves him and says what are you doing she? Chanda says I want to go to Gopal.

Gauri comes to Lakshita and tells that beauty cannot shine in a married man for long, you can try more creams and Rajeev might choose you after all. Lakshita says I don’t need skin care advice from you. Gauri says don’t ignore me from now on or I can make your love story go viral.

Amrita asks Chanda why she jumped from here. You can contact Gopal at any time. Chanda says Gauri said she is not my family anymore. Amrita says you have many siblings so why not have 2 parents? They are still here and you can meet them anytime. Chanda says thank you Sethani.

Gauri asks Lakshita if she will be happy if Rajeev marries you. She says yes. Gauri says that even after marrying you, your wishes will continue to be granted. I have a right to be a part of this family, but I still want more and will need you. Gauri leaves from there. Amrita sees them and thinks about what Gauri said to Lakshita.

Sanjog Today’s Episode Online:

Pooja begins for Chanda. Tara thinks she will not let this pooja happen. He puts the dirty water in the pot to be used. Rajeev and Amrita are sitting in the puja but Rajeev is not holding her hand. Lakshita grins. The priest asks them to pour water. Rajeev takes the water bowl but there is no dirty water in it. Pooja is over, Maasa says we will announce Chanda as our granddaughter at a party. He presents Chanda with a necklace.

Amrita asks Tara and Chanda to do pooja but Maasa says this pooja is only for Chanda. Rajeev takes Tara but Maasa asks him to take Chanda as she is your daughter too. Rajeev takes Chanda but Tara gets jealous. She asks Chanda to use her hand. Chanda rings the bell and starts doing aarti. Pooja is done. Who does Tara think cleans the water?

Maasa tells Amrita that I invited everyone to the puja. Gauri screams and says I saved Chanda from Tara. I saw Tara’s water broke, but I changed it in time. Amrita says how Tara can do this. Gauri says it’s about upbringing. Maasa says Amrita’s upbringing is lacking but take a look at Chanda’s upbringing? He understood everything, but Tara could not learn anything from you. You must learn to raise children from Gauri. Thanks to Gauri, Amrita thanks to Gauri. Gauri says both kids are like me. Maasa asks Gauri to talk to Tara and try to make her understand the situation as Amrita is failing as a mother.

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Amrita says Rajeev made mistakes but does that mean you raised him wrong? Give me a chance and I’ll talk to Tara. Maasa says I gave you one last chance, Tara should do nothing at the party tonight. Amrita agrees and leaves. Gauri thinks I’m going to make Tara do something big at the party. I want Amrita to leave this house so that I can become a true queen of this house.


Chandani is walking downstairs in a clown dress. A guest disrespects him. Amrita asks Chandani why you are not wearing the dress I gave you. Chandani says, “I am not your daughter, nor do I want to be your daughter, I wear them to show that it is better to be a clown than to be your daughter.”

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