Sanjog [24th November 2022] Written Update

Sanjog 24th November 2022 Written Update On

Sanjog 24th November 2022 Written Update

In Sanjog, Gauri is sitting at the dinner table with her family. Maasa comes there and Gauri says you promised that we will all be equal now. Amrita brings the food and says she deserves it all, thank you for blaming Chanda, so I prepared everything. Lakshita comes there and says I prepared food for Chanda’s adoption celebration, can we serve it? Amrita agrees and offers Italian food, but Gauri’s family doesn’t like it. They leave from there. Lakshita tells Amrita that I cooked these dishes as I know they will not eat them and Maasa does not want them to sit with her.

Rajiv says it’s a good idea. Gauri hears everything. Maasa tells Amrita that she might consider it, but won’t be a good wife or bride. Gauri thinks Lakshita is playing well. Since Chanda doesn’t like Italian food, Amrita feeds her. Tara gets jealous and calls Gauri, asking her to feed her. Maasa says you don’t need him. Tara says I want her to feed me. Rajiv says ok, calls Gauri and asks her to help Tara. Gauri grins and sits next to Tara. Rajiv calls Gauri’s family back and asks them to sit down. Gauri thinks my Tara will bring me honor. Amrita thinks Tara is jealous of Chanda.

Maasa brings gifts to Chanda and says it’s all for you, I brought too many toys. Chanda remembers how Tara said she was a beggar. She cries out to Maasa that I don’t want your charity, I don’t want all this. Tara was right when you saw me as a beggar, but I’m not. Maasa takes her and looks for Tara there. She looks at her and says she called Chanda a beggar and we are doing charity work for her?

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You will be punished. He draws a circle and says you will stop in it all day. Amrita says I will talk to her. Rajiv says don’t punish him. Maasa says she should be punished for telling all this to Chanda. He stops Tara in a circle and begins to cry. Chanda comes to him and says she is my sister so I will take the punishment with her. Amrita asks Maasa not to punish the children. Chanda says you are responsible for all this, you brought me to this house and separated me from my family and now Tara is angry with me too. Amrita was hurt when she heard this.

Rajiv comes to his room and realizes that Amrita no longer lives there. Looking for something, he finds notes from Amrita around the house. Amrita hides and sees him reading the notes. She goes out and thanks him. She leaves from there. Gauri is hiding and thinks I can’t let them get back together. I have to do something. He sees Amrita putting a plate of aarti in Rajiv’s room.

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Gauri comes to Lakshita and tells that Amrita is trying to get Rajiv back. She shows him a plate of aarti and asks him to spoil it. Lakshita shakes her head and hears Rajiv walking there. Gauri asks him to show what he has. Lakshita places and hides the aarti plate near the curtains. Rajiv enters the room and Lakshita locks him inside and takes the phone. Rajiv sees the burning room and starts shouting to open the door. Lakshita is worried about him. Gauri asks him to wait and let him feel some pain.

Tara takes Amrita out of the house at Gauri’s instructions. Amrita worries about Rajiv.


Gauri places a bomb in a car and says that when it explodes tomorrow, no one will know anything. Amrita gets in the car and tells what the sound is.
Everyone in the house hears the explosion.

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