Sanjog [25th November 2022] Written Update

Sanjog 25th November 2022 Written Update On

Sanjog 25h November 2022 Written Update

In Sanjog, Amrita runs to Rajiv’s room and jumps out of the window. Throws water and puts out the fire in the room. Gauri and Rakshita are angry for saving him.

The doctor checks on Rajiv and says that he saved Amrita’s life in time, otherwise it will be a big disaster, he leaves. Maasa says I’m sorry I ask you to prove to Amrita that you are a good wife. If you can give your life for him, who am I to ask you to prove that you are worth something? I’m sorry that I offended you so much, but no one can be a better wife for him and a better mother for these children. Amrita says don’t apologize to me. She hugs him. Anjalis thanks you for saving his life. Rakshita says we should let him rest, everything is going well.

Rakshita says I’m afraid for you. Rajiv says we cannot continue this relationship. What does Rakshita say? Rajiv says I have to finish. Rakshita says we loved each other for many years and you ended up like this? you are wrong Rajeev says our relationship is wrong, I am ashamed of myself, I am a weak person and I hurt Amrita. He saved my life today, so I can’t cheat on him. He deserves happiness from me. I’m sorry, but please end this relationship with me, you know Amrita will be hurt if she finds out about us. Rakshita leaves from there.

Rakshita comes to Gauri and says I want Rajiv back. Gauri says you are useless now I will do something.

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In the morning all family members sit together. Amrita comes there and sees them laughing. Rajiv asks what happened? Amrita says I’m glad to see everyone together. Rajiv says kindness changes us all. Amrita says I just want my family to be happy, I don’t care if I die today. Rajiv says don’t say that. Amrita says I should go and deliver Chanda’s adoption papers. Rajiv smiles and says that I will be waiting for you. Amrita greets them and leaves. Gauri hides and grins.

Amrita is in the car. Gauri sees this and remembers planting a bomb in her car. Amrita hears the timer in the car and is shocked to see a bomb planted there. Gauri is counting and suddenly the car explodes. They all run out and are shocked to see Amrita’s car blown up. They cry because they know that Amrita died in a car explosion. Rajiv remembers how he said he didn’t care if he died today. They all remember how he always took care of the family. Gauri smiles seeing all this.

A few days later, Rajiv and his family are still upset. Maasa tells Rajiv that you need something to eat. Tara says I won’t go to school if my mom doesn’t come back. Alok comes there with the police, tells Rajiv that our investigation showed that someone from this house planted a bomb in his car. Maasa says who will do it. The officer finds a set of bombs in one of the rooms. Rajiv asks where you found him. He says he is in Rakshita’s room. Alok says you killed Amrita? How could you do that after trying to kidnap her husband? Rakshita says how to kill Amrita? Rajiv, please say something. Rajiv yells at him to stop it.

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He wanted to give happiness to others, and you take it away from others. I left you and you took my Amrita from me? Rakshita says I didn’t do anything. Gauri said she wanted to take Amrita’s life, and when you left her, she came up to me and asked for help. Rakshita says I didn’t do anything. Rajiv asks Alok to punish him and I will cooperate as much as I can. Alok is about to arrest him, but Chanda stops them. Everyone is watching. Chanda says that Rakshita didn’t kill Amrita but Gauri killed her.

They were all shocked. That day, I saw a man pass a box of bombs to Gauri, and I didn’t know what it was, but now I understand that he killed her. Gauri says you are lying. Alok asks his officer to match Gauri’s fingerprints to the box. They take fingerprints and match them to the box. Gopal is afraid. The officer says the fingerprints match the box. Rajiv screams why did you kill Amrita. He brought you and your family to this house, why did you kill him? What did you buy?

Tara screams why did you kill my mom. Chanda says you never loved me like a mother, but did you take Amrita who tried to love me like a mother?

Gauri says that I have done everything for my family. Gopal says that the family was created out of love and not out of greed. You never loved me and our children. Gauri says he can’t stay away from me. The inspector arrests Gauri and takes her away. Rajeev, tell Chanda that today you paid tribute to your mother, I am proud of you.

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