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The Episode Start With:

Scene 1
Rajeev confesses to Amrita that he is no longer in love with her and that he wants his independence from her at this point. Everyone is astonished. Amrita has advised her not to mention that because it is possible to correct the errors. Rajeev has responded negatively, stating that this is the end of both us and our relationship. I am ready to end my marriage. Everyone is taken aback after hearing that. It is from there that Rajeev departs. Amrita runs behind him. When Lakshita arrives at her home, she is in the car. Amrita starts crying and begs Rajeev to stop punishing her in this manner. Rajeev claims that this is not a punishment and that he is simply sick of seeing how much you want a child. Alok urges you to give her at least some consideration. Amrita has stated that she will not pray for a child if the couple does not choose to have one. Why are you suddenly bringing all of this up? Rajeev claims that he has been trying to salvage their relationship, but all that the other person cares about is having a baby. Amrita states that you are the centre of my life and that all I want is for us to be together. Rajeev claims that this is what you believe; nonetheless, I am unable to be with you at this time. I am ready to end my marriage. Alok makes an effort to put an end to it. Amrita is in disbelief as she recalls him expressing the desire for a divorce. She experiences lightheadedness all of a sudden and passes out. The two men make a beeline for her. Rajeev is holding her close and pleading with her to come to. I am the one who will bring the car, according to Alok. Rajeev cradles her in his arms before helping her into Alok’s vehicle. All of that is clear to Lakshita.
Gopal, Gauri, and her family are attempting to flee from the gang when suddenly Gauri passes out. When Gopal finally reaches her, he yells at her to wake up and demands to know what took transpired. He asks his mother to take the children and depart with them. Gopal conceals Gauri among the bushes so that the goons won’t see them together.

Amrita is transported by Rajeev and Alok to the medical facility. She is transported to the examination room. Alok yells at Rajeev and tells him that if something bad happens to his sister, he will not spare him. Additionally, Maa Sa and Rajini go there. According to Alok, Rajeev made far too many taunts to her. Amrita is still considered to be our daughter-in-law, therefore according to Maa Sa, we should avoid fighting amongst ourselves and instead focus on doing what is best for her. She yells at Rajeev to take a step back.

Gauri is brought to the clinic by Gopal. The question is posed by the physician: has she consumed anything recently? Gopal loses his temper and declares, “She is my queen.” The people around her look out for her well. He begs Gauri to wake up even just this once. He yells at the physician, pleading with him to revive her. The physician tells him to take a deep breath and tells him to relax while he does an examination.

Maa Sa overhears Alok saying that you people are hypocrites and that all you perceive Amrita as is a baby making machine, but if something were to happen to Amrita, he would not spare you people. Sanjay claims that we are all siding with Amrita.

Maa Sa is seated next to Rajini, and Rajini tells Maa Sa, “You were right to ask for an heir, and I have two babies so that they can be heirs of your house.” Because Rajeev has always wanted a daughter, I am going to introduce my daughter Ishita to you. You are free to take my children if you so want. The attending physician exits the room and announces that further examination is required. Alok receives a phone call from his officer informing him that he has information regarding the crooks. The arrival of Lakshita at the medical facility. Rajeev tries to prevent her from leaving, but she insists that she is only there for Amrita because she is also her friend. Maa Sa arrives there and inquires, “Who told you that she isn’t feeling well?”

Gopal sobs for Gauri and implores her to come to him as she sleeps. Gauri starts to wake up and mumbles something about the loot. Gopal chuckles and says, “I was getting so scared, but we have everything with us.” Gauri says I am OK. Gopal encourages her to get some rest. They hear a knock on the door and turn to look. Everyone stays in hiding. When the doctor opens the door, some thugs are standing around Gopal and Gauri.

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