Sanjog [2nd December 2022] Written Update

Sanjog 2nd December 2022 Written Update On

Sanjog [2nd December 2022] Written Update

In Sanjog, Amrita combs Tara’s hair and asks her to do her homework. Rajiv comes there and plays with Tara. Gauri comes there and brings him water. Rajiv says I have to go to the office, Tara sends him away. Tara says I want to go to the park. Amrita plays with him and says we will go later. Gauri goes to the kitchen and turns on the microwave. Amrita runs to him and asks to stay away, asks him to leave. Gauri chuckles and leaves.

Gauri comes up to Tara and says let’s go play. You are a queen, so don’t worry. He begins to break up with Tara. Gopal looks up.

Gauri brings Tara to the park and takes her to the swing. She shakes him.

Amrita asks Gopal if he has seen Tara. He says he’s going to play. Amrita leaves the house and asks about Tara. Chanda says she went to the park. Rajiv comes to Gopal and asks for Tara. He says he is going to the park.

Tara is playing in the park with her hair tangled in the swing. Tara cries and says: let me go. Gauri says there is only one way. Tara says don’t cut my hair. Gauri says I have no choice, mom should think about it. He is about to get his hair cut when Amrita appears and stops him. He consoles Tara and untangles her hair. Tara is crying so Amrita sings for her. She releases him and says that he is fine now. Tara goes to play with Chanda. Amrita looks at Gauri and says she brings my daughter to tears trying to hurt me.

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Rajiv comes and asks why Tara is crying. Amrita says her hair is stuck but now she is fine, I am with her. She leaves with Tara. Gauri tells Rajiv that Amrita should have had her hair done but she didn’t.

Chanda comes to Gauri and says that I have done all the school work. Gauri says you only care about Amrita, why did you bring her to the park? He says he is worried about Tara. Gauri says stay away from Amrita, she is rich.

Amrita combs Tara’s hair. Tara says I don’t want to cut my hair. Amrita says I’m with you, you shouldn’t go to the park alone. Tera leaves. Rajiv tells Amrita that you have to be careful with Tara, your duty is to take care of her, but if you can’t, I can hire a babysitter. Amrita says she makes me look like a nanny? Why are you so rude to me? Rajiv asks him to just do his duty.

He tries to leave, but stumbles and falls. She says Ah Maa… Amrita runs up to her and says she called your mom instead of babysitting. Rajiv then tells Tara to be a good mother.

Amrita comes to Gauri and says she wants money? He gives 40 lakhs and says just take it and go. Is that what Gauri says? I don’t want to buy it, but you can offer me this secure password. Why are you showing your ego? You have nothing, your husband has everything, and your daughter is not even yours.

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I’m not a beggar, so don’t try to buy me. Amrita really talking? Selfish but want the key to the safe? I can send you back to jail. Gauri says then do it.

I have nothing to lose so do what you want but I will do what I want. Amrita says but you can’t hurt my Tara, she is my daughter because I raised her. Gauri says she is my daughter. Amrita says I gave them a good life, but you don’t care. Gauri says I will take everything from you. Amrita says you’re challenging my upbringing? I won’t let you get close to Tara. Gauri says I am Gauri and Tara is my blood, so don’t challenge me.

Gauri brings pillows to her room. Gopal asks where he got it from. Gauri says I took it from the warehouse, I am not afraid of amrita. Gopal says that I know that you are doing all this for Tara and us, but we must tell Tara the truth, she must know that she is our blood. He needs to know that we are his real parents. You will do this?” Gauri is watching.

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