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When Alok sees Lakshita arrive at the station, he asks her whether everything is fine. Lakshita replies that everything is. She then tells him that she would like to submit a report against a person who cheated her, and that the individual had pledged to marry her but then cheated on her instead. Alok inquires as to whether or not Amrita is aware of it. Lakshita has informed me that I am unable to tell her this because Rajeev is the one who deceived me. Alok is taken aback by this.
Amrita enters the room and asks him to have breakfast, so he goes to change his clothes, but then Alok phones him and tells him that Lakshita has arrived, so he should come immediately. She has the intention of bringing a formal complaint against you. Rajeev does not believe it. It is requested of him by Alok that he not mention anything to Amrita. He hangs up and adds that Alok wants to meet me, and she replies that she would accompany him to the meeting. Rajeev told me that he couldn’t take you right now but that he would tell me later. He is leaving.

It has been decided that Gopal and Gauri, along with the rest of their group, will rob another location. Even though the other members of the group warn her that she would not obtain anything and that we cannot take Gauri there, she does not listen. Gopal begs Gauri to pay attention to what he has to say by saying, “Please listen to me.” Gauri is upset, but she chooses to stay behind while Gopal follows the others out.

When Rajeev arrives at the police station, he discovers that Lakshita and Alok are already there. Rajeev claims that Lakshita is being dishonest here. You have been called a liar by Lakshita since you cannot dispute the existence of our connection. Alok orders them to remain quiet and accuses them of cheating Amrita. He then reveals to Rajeev that Amrita is going to be the mother of Rajeev’s kid, and Alok asks him why he would do such a thing with Amrita. Now I understand why you wanted to get a divorce from Amrita; you wanted to be with Lakshita, but since you are going to have a child, you decided to end your relationship with her. Lakshita says yes. He tells her to be quiet because they are both in the wrong. He reveals to Lakshita that Amrita mistook you for her sister and that the two of you engaged in this activity together. Both of you have reason to feel ashamed. Rajeev tells him to take a deep breath and think about Amrita while he regains his composure. Alok says that my sister had to put up with a lot while staying at your house, and now you want me to keep quiet about it even if you’ve been cheating on her? He orders them to leave him alone. Please pay attention to what I have to say, Rajeev requests that you put your faith in me because I have resolved everything with Lakshita. You are referring to trust, according to Alok, right? You betrayed my sister by having an affair with this other girl, and now she is taking legal action against you. He places Rajeev under arrest and locks him up in the facility.

Amrita is currently by herself and is conversing with her child. She believes that your father will have a lot of love for you. She considers giving Alok a call.

Gauri and Gopal had arrived back to their house. Gopal claims that he warned you not to come with us, but you disregarded his advice and came nonetheless. Gauri asks why I should continue to wait here. Why did you pay attention to what they had to say? Gopal maintains he was not mistaken. According to Gauri, he didn’t even want to give us our portion of the pie. Gopal informed me that you are pregnant; therefore, we could not put you in any kind of danger. Gauri begins to toss things around while yelling that we are unable to provide for our children and that we should all be killed immediately. Gopal is feeling down and comforts his girlfriend by hugging her.

Lakshita stops Alok from placing Rajeev in the jail by saying that she is withdrawing her complaint and that he should be left alone. Alok puts a stop to the conversation and declares that he can’t be helped in this state, and that he will initiate legal action against both of you right now. According to Rajeev, you shouldn’t continue with this since you should be thinking about Amrita; she can’t be stressed while she’s in this position. Alok takes a seat and begins to reflect on the situation. Lakshita claims that you are aware that Amrita will be devastated if she finds out the truth. Rajeev has told me that you are her brother, therefore I want you to keep her and the baby in your thoughts. Alok shoots him a look, and her mind flashes back to the physician’s advice that she shouldn’t be so anxious. Alok has given you just tonight as a warning that I would take legal action against you if this girl is seen hanging out with you again. What does Amrita say when she arrives there? Everyone is taken aback by the sight of her there. Amrita inquires about the current situation. When I called, no one answered the phone. Rajeev claims that we had been talking about a robbery before. Amrita inquires of Alok regarding the status of things. Alok claims that he was correct, and that there was a robbery, but that things are back to normal today. Because I am here with you, nobody will be able to harm you. Rajeev suggests that we leave right now. According to Alok, I will be the one to drop Lakshita off. Rajeev is the one who brings Amrita back from there. Lakshita is warned by Alok to keep her distance from Amrita at this time.


Amrita asks the doctor, “Tell me why you called us,” as the recap phrase. The spot has been diagnosed by the doctor as being on the baby’s brain. Amrita has stated that there will be no adverse outcomes, claiming, “I am the mother of my child, and your reports are inaccurate; there will be no adverse outcomes for my baby.” Manju walks up to Amrita and tells her not to worry about anything happening now because he has been blessed by Karoli Mata. She then puts a thread around her finger and adds that Karoli Mata is a very well renowned Goddess. Amrita promises that she would present gold bangles to me after everything is resolved. Gopal invites Gauri to come with him now, and promises that Karoli Mata will grant all of her wishes.

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