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The episode start with:

Lakshita is given the instruction by Rajeev to check out of the medical facility. Because Lakshita considers herself to be one of my friends, you can count on me to always be there for her. Maasa arrives at the location and inquires as to who informed you about your friend’s health. Rajeev says I told her. The nurse checks on the patient and reports that they have regained consciousness. They proceed to Amrita’s room together as a group. Rajeev inquires as to whether or not she is alright. Amrita sadly glances at him. It is possible that Alok will go there. Amrita is ready to touch Rajeev’s hand, when Lakshita grabs it from her and asks, “How are you doing today?” Maasa recommends that she take some time off at this point. Amrita is going to accompany me back home, according to Alok, who was just there. Amrita is brought back to the moment when Rajeev stated that he wishes to end their marriage. Maasa has indicated that it is a personal problem involving the family, therefore kindly ask Lakshita to depart. Rajeev asks her to depart. It is with great regret that she will depart from there. Amrita will be going home with me now, as Alok has instructed me to do so. It has been determined by the attending physician that she is unable to return home while we continue to await her reports. There are both positive and negative developments to report. The wise Maasa advises that you should share the good news with us first. She is going to become a mother, according to the doctor, who has confirmed that she is pregnant. Everyone is taken aback by what happened. Hearing it brought tears to Amrita’s eyes, and she responded with a “really?” The physician confirms your suspicions and nods, telling you that you are pregnant. Amrita congratulates Rajeev by giving him a bear embrace before revealing that the two of us are going to become parents. She continues by saying that we will have a baby immediately. The two embrace, and Rajeev flashes a grin.

The physician informs the thugs that there is no one on the premises. They all pack their bags and leave. Gopal is grateful to the doctor for preserving their life. Gauri extends her gratitude to her and then announces that she will lead us out. The physician advises you to refrain from all activity and get some rest instead. Gopal sat next to her and gently squeezed her hand while encouraging her to take it easy. Gauri suggests that we should leave this place, and I’d like to go somewhere where we will be treated with respect if we choose to stay there. I am doing well, and I have no plans to give up working for my goals until I achieve them. Gauri has been diagnosed as carrying a baby for a third time, according to the doctor. It appears that she is taken aback.

She is pregnant, but the situation is difficult, so the doctor informs Rajeev’s family that she shouldn’t let the news stress her out. I believe you, Rajeev, when you tell that Maasa has stated that we will look after her. It is confirmed by him. Rajini receives money from Maasa so that it may be distributed to those who are less fortunate. Alok storms away from the location in a furious rage. Everyone should get out of her room.

Sanjay informs Alok that he ought to be ecstatic because he is about to take on the role of an uncle. Maasa arrives at the scene and reassures everyone that whatever transpired took place for a purpose, that she will conceive a child, and that everything will be alright now. There are disagreements among family members, but you should talk to Amrita about putting the past behind us so that we may begin fresh.

Gauri’s mood has taken a turn for the worst since she found out she was expecting. Gopal forces her to eat and tells her not to feel guilty since God has blessed us with yet another good thing. Gauri claims that my ultimate goal is to attain the status of the king or queen. Gopal claims that we were able to acquire this house in order to remain here for a number of days, therefore we should be glad. Gopal is pleading with her to eat, but she has made it clear that she does not intend to. Amma, Gopal’s mother, counsels her daughter not to be resentful of the blessings that God has bestowed upon them. Gauri maintains that a blessing can also be a curse in certain circumstances.

Alok approaches Amrita and says, “I will count till 10, and if you say you are happy then I will agree.” Amrita listens intently as Alok counts down. He counts till the number four, at which point Amrita begins to weep.

When Maasa enters the room, Rajeev is listening to the voicenotes that Lakshita had recorded. She says that she has never liked Amrita and that she opposed your marriage to her because she did not meet our standards; however, you were adamant about marrying her, and so I consented to the marriage. She also says that now that you have consented to the marriage, you will retract any negative statements you have made about Amrita in order to protect our family. Forget everything, take care of Amrita, and go start a new life with her because our heir is on the way and you are going to be a father. Our heir will be your child. Although Rajeev is hesitant, she convinces him to comply so that they can pass their legacy on to their child. He nods.

Amrita is told by Alok that even if she has the greatest happiness, she must not forget the words that Rajeev spoke to her. I was asked by your future mother-in-law to tell you to forget everything, but I don’t want you to do that. I am aware that having a child is a source of great joy, but what Rajeev stated was certainly not something to be taken lightly. You are going to become a mother, but what about the fact that your status as a wife is being called into question? Remember that regardless of what you decide, I will always be right here by your side. This is your life, so make whatever choices you see fit. The door to my home is always open for you, so don’t be afraid to try anything you want to do despite the fact that I’m always here for you. Amrita expresses her emotions by crying and nodding.


Amrita receives an apology from Ranbeer for the manner in which he has been behaving. Amrita claims that you are not content, Rajeev. According to Rajeev, that information has only recently become public. Amrita maintains that individuals always speak the truth when they are angry; hence, you must not be pleased with me.

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