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The Episode Start With:

Rajeev requests that Lakshita leave the hospital immediately. Because Lakshita claims to be my buddy, you can count on me to be here for her. Maasa arrives there and inquires as to who informed you about your friend’s health. Rajeev claims that I mentioned it to her. The nurse checks on the patient and reports that they are awake. Everyone makes their way to Amrita’s chamber. Rajeev inquires as to whether or not she is ok. Amrita sadly glances at him. There will be Alok there. Amrita goes to take Rajeev’s hand, but Lakshita grabs it and says, “How are you doing?” instead. Maasa advises that she take this time to rest. Amrita is going to accompany me back home, according to Alok. Amrita is brought back to the moment when Rajeev expressed his desire for a divorce. According to Maasa, it’s a personal problem, so could you please ask Lakshita to leave? Rajeev implores her to leave. She will sadly depart from that location. Amrita will be going home with me now, according to Alok. The physician has advised that she is unable to return home; nevertheless, we are still awaiting her results. There is both good news and negative news to report. According to Maasa, you should share the happy news with us first. She is going to become a mother, according to the doctor, who claims she is pregnant. Everyone is caught off guard. Hearing it brought tears to Amrita’s eyes, and she exclaimed, “Really?” The physician confirms your suspicions and shakes his head in agreement. Amrita congratulates Rajeev by giving him a bear embrace before sharing the news that the two of us are going to become parents. Rajeev hugs her and smiles.
The physician informs the thugs that there is no one inside the building. They all get up and depart. Gopal expresses gratitude to the physician for preventing their deaths. Gauri expresses gratitude for her before announcing that we will now depart. No, the physician advises you to get some rest instead. Gopal took her hand and encouraged her to take some time off. Gauri suggests that we get out of this place, and I wish to move to a location where we will be treated with respect. I am doing well, and I have no intention of giving up until I realise all of my goals. Gauri is apparently carrying a baby number three, according to the doctor. She is taken aback by it.

She is pregnant, but the pregnancy is complex, so the doctor informs Rajeev’s family that she shouldn’t worry too much about it. It was Maasa who said that we would look after her, is that correct, Rajeev? He has responded positively. Rajini receives money from Maasa with the instruction to distribute it to those in need. Alok storms out of there in a furious rage. Everyone should leave her room.

Sanjay encourages Alok to rejoice in the news that he would soon become an uncle. Maasa arrives there and tells them that whatever occurred had a purpose, that she is going to have a baby, and that everything will be okay now. There are disagreements in the family, but you should talk to Amrita about putting the past behind us so that we may begin fresh.

Gauri is displeased with the news that she is expecting. Gopal forces her to eat and tells her not to feel guilty because God has blessed us with another good thing. Gauri claims that my aspiration is to become a queen like that one. Gopal informed me that we have been given permission to stay in this house for a few days, so I should be glad. Gopal is pleading with her to eat, but she has indicated that she does not intend to. Amma, Gopal’s mother, counsels her daughter not to resent the blessings that God has bestowed upon them. According to Gauri, a blessing can also be a curse at times.

Alok approaches Amrita and says, “I will count till 10, and if you say you are happy then I will agree.” Amrita listens attentively as Alok counts. He counts till the number 4, at which point Amrita begins to weep.

When Maasa enters the room, Rajeev can be heard listening to Lakshita’s voicenotes. She claims that she has never liked Amrita and that she opposed her marriage to him because she did not meet our standards; but, he was adamant about marrying her, so I consented to the marriage, and now she demands that you retract your criticisms of Amrita for the sake of our family. Forget everything else, take care of Amrita, and go start a new life with her because our heir is on the way and you are going to be a father. Our heir will be your child. Rajeev is hesitant, but she urges him to do the task for the sake of their child. He nods.

Amrita is told by Alok that even if she is experiencing the greatest bliss, she must not forget the words of Rajeev. I’ve been asked by your husband’s mother to tell you to forget everything, but I don’t want you to do that. I am aware that having a child is a source of joy, but what Rajeev expressed was not a trivial matter. You are going to become a mother, but what about the fact that your role as a wife is being called into question? Remember that I will never leave your side, but ultimately, the choice is yours to make because it is your life. My door is always open for you, so regardless of what you choose to do, you shouldn’t be afraid to act on it. Amrita cries while she nods her head.

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